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The Complete Guide of Fates Collide – Part 1

Gabriel talks about almost every card in Fates Collide with ideas, possible strategies and decklists.

06/10/2016 by Gabriel Semedo

Hello! Today I start a Complete Guide of Fates Collide that I will divide in two Parts. This Guide have as a goal analyse almost every card in the set, even it aparently  all of them are playable in the competitive scene. I like to do this because I Always find something new in the set, even if in the first impression the ideas don’t have too much value. The set is big and I want to analyse with a good content all the cards, so I decided to Split in two parts, and the first part will start now.



My Vision about Fates Collide


Fates Collide (FCO) is a set that already looks foward to the next rotation that will happen after Worlds Championships, with some old collection being rotated. I believe the rotation will be until Phantom Forces, but a lot  some people believes that will be only to Furious Fists, so there are a lot  of cards in FCO that will make sense only after the rotation or with the new coming sets.

In this set we already can see a few reprints that isn’t “normal”, like Strong Energy  that is the best Special Energy focused on Pokémon types.


There is bellow a list of  other reprints:


- Fairy Garden

- Scorched Earth

- Strong Energy


- Pokémon Fan Club

- Shauna

- Ultra Ball


In the end, I think this set has a little bit of focus on cards to deal with Pokémon EX and Mega Pokémon EX. In the current format this sounds strange, because a good part  of the metagame is dominated by Non EX decks like Night March, Trevenant BREAK, Greninja BREAK and Vespiquen. So I believe after rotation the Pokémon EX and Mega EX will be back to the spotlights in the metagame.


Here is a list  of cards that have focus against Pokémon EX and Mega Pokémon EX:


- Omastar BREAK

- Carbink Safeguard

- Umbreon EX

- Lugia

- Mega Catcher


Ok, I already did the introdution, so let’s go for the complete analysis of the set:


Fates Collide Analysis


Mothim + Wormadam

There are 3 types of Wormadam and all of them have much sense if Mothim is in the bench. Mothim has the Ability of transfer damage of Wormadam to another of your Pokémon as offen as you like.

The Grass Wormadam is the worse of all, but your attack Solar Ray let you heal all of your damage that is on itself with the help of Mothim to spread the damage. In general this attack is bad and I only see some value in this card if you really need a grass Pokémon counter some Pokémon with grass weakness like Seismitoad EX.

The Fighting Wormadam is the best of them all, with 3 colorless it hit for 120 if Mothim is in the bench. I see Wormadam playing with Focus Sash to keep it Alive and then transfer the damage with Mothim. Another advantage is this Wormadam Works with all those fighting “features” like Strong Energy, Fighting Stadium, Regirock EX, along with Muscle Band to increase damage.

The Metal Wormadam has a very interesting attack, but depends a lot of the strategy between fighting wordamam + focus sash and Mothim. With just one metal energy this Pokémon can hit for 180, but for this dream come true you will need 9 damage counters on it. I see this strategy becoming sucessful if Fighting Wormadam stay alive thanks to Focus Sash and then transfer the damage for Metal Wormadam.

This is a strategy that in pratice I can’t see good results because it depends on a lot of things but it can still a fun ideia to play in PTCGO.


Score: 4/10



Now we are talking about something good and consistente. Not really good, but it has Worth. Serperior has a good attack and is very fast to build with a good amount of HP. Thanks to the Forest of Giant Plants, Serperior can give pressure on opponente in since turn 1. Servine is the special touch in the deck, because it Paralyze with your Ability. In General Serperior is Ok, but it has nothing amazing to write your name in Tier 1 of the metagame. I think there is missing something in this Pokémon to become really good and compete with Elite Pokémon in format like Trevenant Break and Greninja Break. Serperior’s attack is good, HP is good, Servine’s ability is good but in the end is just this. A good deck.


Servine’s ability can be Game Changer but in general this deck is so Linear, with no Big Threats and only hitting for 80~110 damage per turn. That’s all. Maybe a possible Serperior Break in a near future could bring the “touch of gold” that Serperior is missing?

Score: 6/10



When we talk about Delphox it’s already come in mind the Delphox XY and your Ability that is almost the “Setup” of Shaymin EX. Of Course Delphox XY can’t be compared with Shaymin EX because you just need to Ultra Ball and it’s done, your hand is full again. Delphox need a lot of things to become playable. The main reason is because it is a Stage 2 Pokémon. Now with Fates Collide Delphox Break has come and it has an amazing ability, but it’s hard to bring to the table. In order to use a “Stage 3” Pokémon, that Pokémon must be very Strong and even being so Strong, it’s need an extra help. Greninja Break is the best example because it’s a very Strong Pokémon with your stage 2 evolution also Strong (Greninja BKP and Greninja XY), and have the extra help of Dive Ball and Water Duplicates to do Setup. In the case of Delphox, we have the Delphox XY Ability “Mystical Fire” to acelerate the setup.


Delphox XY needs to be done as soon as possible to the rest of the strategy Works. It’s attacks is Ok and it will be useful in some moments of the game. The Delphox FCO is your best attacker, it’s attack do 20 for each energy in play. When the card says just “energy”, it means that Double Colorless (DCE) and Double Dragon Energy (DDE) deal +40 damage, this is the reason we run 4 DCE. The Delphox Break is importante to the deck but your energy aceleration isn’t 100% needed to the deck strategy, that’s why we use only 2 copies. Lugia EX is in the deck to cover the worst weakness of the deck, the early game. With the option to Aeroball since turn 1, your oponente will need to take care of Lugia instead of hunt the little Fennekin on the bench. The same goes to Jirachi, that will discard some Special Energies while you buy some time to build your setup.

Score: 5/10


Dewgong lock

I know this isn’t a competitive Pokémon right now, but it’s attack caught my attention. With one water energy it deals 20 and if heads, your opponent is paralyzed and if tails, it’s asleep. In other words, this is a 75% chance of stop your opponent of attacking. This attack with some mil cards like Team Rocket’s Handiwork and Trick Shovel can be annoying. Or with Vileplume.


Score: 3/10


Omastar + Omastar Break + Fossils


Omastar can bring to life Aerodactyl  and Kabuto. Kabutops isn’t so good and Aerodacytl is a good Pokémon but nothing more than this. I don’t believe that all the work to bring Omastar to the game has Worth only to bring Aerodatcyl in play. There are two ways to put Omastar in the bench, through Archie and through Fossil. Of course Archie is better and spend less slots in the deck. The Omastar BREAK it really caught my attention because I think it can be Worth do Archie/Omaster and then evolve to Omastar Break. In other words, I like Archie/Omastar to use Omastar Break, but if you are already  running Archie/Omastar, make sense run 2 Aerodatcyl to use Omastar Ability either.

Score: 5/10


Glaceon EX

Glaceon EX Always was the Pokémon I dreamed for my Water Turbo deck. When I created the deck, I missed a lot a Pokémon that deals with Vespiquen, Mega Rayquaza and Mega Sceptile. It seens the Gods  of Pokémon heard my prays and bring to me Glaceon EX, that cover all those three bad matchups of the Water Turbo. For sure this card is what was missing and now I see Water Turbo going very Strong to Worlds Championship.

Score: 9/10



Here is another very Strong Pokémon. This is one of the best techs to deal against Night March, without dedicating a hole deck for this (and even with this you are still losing). It’s Always good to remember that Barbaracle only Works if the stadium that is in the game is your, so if the stadium in the game is of your opponent, then your opponent will be allowed to drop Special Energy normally. That’s why Barbaracle will work better in decks that runs a lot of Stadiums Like Greninja and Trevenant. This card is so versatile that could enter in almost every deck in format and it advantage are too much good in the meta.

Score: 8/10


Mega Alakazam EX

This is the most Hyped Pokémon of the set, probably when this set came out almost all player went behind Alakazam’s Cards to playtest and see if it’s good. In the first impression is that Alakazam has a lot of Potencial, but it loses to Night March because of the Weakness. After some time it seens that Alakazam also have a bad match against Greninja because of Shadow Stiching, blocking Alakazam’s Ability. To Finish, Trevenant is also a bad match because of the weakness. Now I can say the best partner of Alakazam is Wobbufett and the beauty of Alakazam is to do a lot of Abiliies through the Wobbufett lock.

A month ago I read a report from a Player called by Michael McClure and he showed a diferente version of Mega Manectric. I liked very much how he built his deck. I loved the 3 copies of Wobbufett in the deck because they give so much trouble for the opponent to setup. Even against Night March Wobbufett was amazing, but this strategy has a big weakness because at some point in the game you must hit with Mega Manectric and then open the Ability lock, letting Night March do those big monster turns that we already know.




In the Alakazam deck is pretty diferente because you don’t need to take wobbufett out of the active position to do damage. Now I believe that the Michael McClure’s Strategy applied in Mega Alakazam can be so good, better than with Mega Manectric.

Score: 8/10


End of the first part of the Guide

Now we come to the end of the first part of our complete Guide of Fates Collide. I hope you all have enjoyed and prepare yourself for the second part, that will be much bigger and will cover all the resto f the set.

That's all Folks!

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