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Chris Fulop

Gardevoir Gets A Makeover

Chris Showcases A New, Exciting Approach At A Powerful Archetype.

01/16/2018 by Chris Fulop

Hello again!

Today I am going to focus exclusively on Gardevoir-GX, the deck I have been putting a lot of work into the past few weeks! I wanted to try and update Gardevoir with a more consistent engine and a more aggressive approach to keep up with the new metagame, which is far more punishing than what it used to be. Gardevoir-GX is a comically powerful Pokemon, and in theory has all the tools to be able to compete with anything in this format. With its results tapering off, I felt it was necessary to go back to the drawing board and try something a bit more unorthodox with the deck since the old builds had been struggling.


First, lets look at the stock "Brokenvoir" list:

I've been a big fan of Gardevoir decks for awhile now, eventually fully embracing Seena Ghaziaskar's "Brokenvoir" approach, which utilized a full playset of Max Potion and a very defensive overall game plan. I firmly believe it was the best build at the time, but I also feel like it is no longer the correct approach to the deck, and is outdated. I think that the results at recent tournaments support this claim. Despite being one of the most notable archetypes in the format, it has put up weaker and weaker results as time progresses. This isn't even to suggest that the build was incorrect even, merely that other decks have evolved. The release of Zoroark GX in particular has really warped the format in a certain direction, and I feel like it is important to adapt in return.

Now, this is my build, featuring a more aggressive take and a heavier focus on Gallade to help combat the popular tier 1 decks in today's standard format.

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