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Jimmy review's Team Up and updates old decks

02/08/2019 by Jimmy Pendarvis


Hello everyone! My name is Jimmy Pendarvis, and I am now a writer for 60 Cards! It is exciting to write my first article for the month, and I am glad I get to do it at such an exciting point in Pokemon, the release of a new set. Team Up is finally here, almost tournament legal, and everyone in the community is getting prepared. Trying out new tricks in already established decks is what I prefer to start with, but I am sure many players are trying out all the new archetypes and all they have to offer. Well never fear, no matter which category you fall into, I have something for you here today! Welcome to my extensive review and analysis of Team Up. I will start off with a look at the new hyped cards, and give my general opinion of each card. I have 27 cards to talk about today, varying in quality, and these are ones that I see people talking about, so expect to see them in the near future! After I wrap that up, I will talk about decks that established themselves as tier one in the last meta, and how I expect Team Up to effect them. Strap in and get ready, it is time to get started.

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