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Daniel Altavilla

"Amaterasu!" - The Black Fire Taking Over Standard

Daniel goes over his Dallas placement with Volcanion and a new deck for Standard, Turbo Dark.

01/12/2017 by Daniel Altavilla

Hey there, 60Cards readers! As you all probably know, Dallas regionals left us with less info than we were hoping for, yet we were able to get a couple important facts out of this tournament -- Gardevoir is not dead, M Mewtwo-EX has an endless supply of support, and Greninja is never going to die down.  The biggest takeaways from Dallas have to be the 4 Gardevoir decks that made top 8, and the 8-9 Mewtwo-EX decks that made day 2, with one of them receiving 2nd place.

What these results mean to me is that the Mewtwo players weren't unprepared for the meta, rather the Gardevoir players made a perfect call. Yveltal was being countered and it was well known that playing Yveltal for the tournament would be risky. Gardevoir was supposed to be dead, but with Volcanion gaining so much popularity and with Greninja having received a new build for people to toy with, players expected Yveltal, so players teched for Yveltal. This series of events led up to Mewtwo being played with cards such as Jolteon-EX or Fairy Drop specifically to heal Fright Night damage or to provide extra pressure for the dreaded Yveltal/Garbodor decks. It was also a situation where players took notice of the drop in Mega Pokemon archetypes being present, thus deciding to skimp on the Yveltal BKT in favor of a 4th Yveltal-EX, which arguably helps a ton of your Basic matchups.

So with a group of Gardevoir players thinking ahead for the meta and taking some strong placements, I would not expect the deck to be a large force at all in Georgia. I rather expect players to want to be prepared for Megas, whether through 2 or more Yveltal BKT, Magearna-EX making a comeback, or an influx of Regice decks. I think it's safe to say that in Georgia, the one deck not going to be hit so hard in the meta is Greninja. This is rather going to be put on the backburners for now, as either :

A.) Nobody will pursue Greninja for 9 rounds if they expect everybody to be running the newly released Giratina Promo

B.) Giratina Promo is a one-slot tech in any deck to take care of Greninja completely.

Players will more than likely be less worried (and less prepared) for the frogs than for any Mega decks. I'd expect things along the lines of multiple Faded Town in Volcanion, the new Turbo Dark archetype (which I will discuss more below), and even an increase of Gyarados AOR, as mega decks often struggle with it.

Anyways, now that I've preemptively guessed the Georgia meta, I'd like to go over the Volcanion list I ran for Dallas, with which I earned top 128 after a 5-3-1 Record, and then the updates to it which I think will have the safest bet in this tournament.

Pompeii but with Guns

So as you read in my previous article, Volcanion has been one of the strongest contenders in the Standard format since after the World Championships. With every tournament passing by, we see small changes to each list. The change I decided on from the list in my article was 4 Pokemon Catcher in the deck. I give full credit for the idea to Peter Joltik and the New York guys, as they tested the idea and shared some results. I honestly feel so strongly about quad Catcher in Volcanion that I purchased a ticket to Dallas just because I expected the card to carry me to a win. A little bad luck and some poor draws said otherwise, but I digress.

The idea behind Pokemon Catcher is fairly simple -- Volcanion almost never wants to use Lysandre. You have Olympia, Pokemon Ranger, Fisherman, Professor Sycamore out of N, or even your own N that you almost always would rather play. Because the deck has such a reliance on Supporter cards, and because you also rely so heavily on knocking out the right thing every turn, Catcher is a welcome addition to this deck that I'm sure nobody saw coming at such a quantity.  Some examples of the uses behind Catcher would be:
- Acts as a Lysandre on a Shaymin-EX turn 1 to put you ahead 2 prizes versus the decks you usually MUST trade first with, namely M Gardevoir-EX or the mirror match.
- A safety net for Garbodor BKP, the bane of our existence, which actually isn't even a threat anymore.
- Getting around Bursting Balloons in various matchups, but most likely Greninja.
- Catcher and then Lysandre to bring up a Jolteon-EX and KO it even after Flash Ray.
- Bench Yveltal BKT so you can retreat your Stone'd active.

These are some of the uses that will actually present themselves in tournament play. I doubt there are too many other ways to play catcher besides just to bring up whatever you want to KO. Joltik ended up switching out the 4 Catcher for 2 more Lysandre and 2 Enhanced Hammer, which I feel is a mistake. While you can lose off of a series of Catcher tails, you would lose just the same even with 3 Lysandre, as Catcher gives you some options you just normally wouldn't have with 3 Lysandre. Got Nd to two, can only hit 130 on a benched Shaymin-EX but your N only gave you a Sycamore? Play it, hit the Catcher, flip Heads, and win just the same. This situation presented itself way too often in Dallas for me to ever take Pokemon Catcher out of Volcanion again!

I strongly feel that these examples have made up your mind on running Pokemon Catcher, and your next question will most likely be "but how do you find the space for them?" and my answer to you is in my deck list:

To be fair, Ahmed Ali was already running just two Energy Retrieval in Volcanion. All Joltik took out was a 4th Elixir, a 2nd Lysandre, a 12th Fire and the one Tech card slot which Ahmed filled with a single Enhanced Hammer.

So the list still keeps all of its vital resources in enough quantity for you to close out any game you play, including the grindy ones. How could you not find a deck like that strong?! I'm half hoping this becomes the new way to run Volcanion, and the other half is hoping it doesn't, because it is way too good.

I'd like to share my matchups to really dig in to some of the times Catcher was clutch for me, and while I didn't do crazy well, in the games where I didn't brick, I had a commanding lead and I just couldn't be stopped.

Round 1 - Mark Yeager - Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Salamence-EX (LWW)

This round was a great one. The series came out very close. My biggest problem was actually setting up, as I tend to draw pretty awful in the first round of a tournament. Chalk it up to my deck being in order, or some deja vu variance, but I can never get an awesome hand in the first round. Either way, I was able to keep trading with my opponent when I could set up a Volcanion, but he had Salamence-EX raring to go with a Darkrai-EX behind it, pair it all with Hex Maniac and this game was going to be an uphill battle. Game 2 was the same exact way if my memory serves me correctly, minus the dead draws, and I was able to outspeed my opponent a tad bit more. Game 3 was literally an N to 2, me hitting a Sycamore into Retrieval/Catcher and hitting heads on Catcher to OHKO his benched Salamence-EX for 190 damage. No Pokemon is safe with 4 Catcher! 1-0

Round 2 - Carter Musgrove - Yveltal-EX/Garbodor (ww)

So this round was done fairly quicky. Carter is one of my friends so it was a very chill round. Basically what happened was game 1 he started Yveltal BKT and no other basics. He was able to find Shaymin-EX in time, but still hit nothing after that. I was able to beat him hastily. The next game was a normal game for both decks. I called out all of his Trubbish with Pokemon Catcher, so there wasn't much he could do. Burn the trash, cook the bacon. (2-0)

Round 3 - Dalen Dockery - M Gardevoir (ll)

I wasn't surprised to get savaged by Dalen. He was the one person during Winter Regionals last year to put my momentum to a screeching halt in top 8 of St. Louis regionals. I had to run pretty hot at that tournament, but he ran even hotter than me, and he tends to run hot very often. Either way, I actually dead drew against him in both games. It didn't help much that the matchup is already very tough for Volcano. If your opponent holds their Shaymin or if they T1 Hex, you pretty much lose. At that point it comes down to whether Rattata is prized so you can sneak a couple prizes in before they KO you. Pokemon Catcher is also dead in this matchup past their first turn, and so is Entei, giving us 5 dead slots for the matchup. I think Gardevoir will easily be the bane of our existence come Georgia Regionals! (2-1)

Round 4 - Ryan Wheeler - Jolteon-EX/Raikou/Electrode (wlw)

This matchup was really crazy. It's supposed to be easy, but games 1 and 2 I couldn't fish out my Ranger fast enough. I had to feed my opponent a couple prizes before I could gain traction. I used Pokemon Catcher to get around his Flash Ray and thanks to his Electrode I didn't have much to worry about with the prize exchange. Game 1 was essentially just my opponent being unprepared for my Catchers and benching too often. Game 2, Ryan was a bit more prepared for me, and he benched way less. This game came down to me drawing horribly and eventually I was able to KO his Jolteons, but he was setting up a huge Raikou in the back which cleaned up shop. Not much I could do about that one! Game 3, I ran hot and got a turn 2 Volcanic Heat KO on Jolteon-EX and a turn 3 Volcanic Heat KO on Jolteon-EX and Ryan scooped from there, as he couldn't ramp fast enough to even compete. If only every game I played Volcanion it ran that hot! (3-1)

Round 5 - Andrew Wamboldt - Volcanion-EX/Flareon-EX (ww)

Wamboldt and I sat down to play a mirror and though he didn't show it, I'm almost positive he didn't want to. Who wants to play a Volcanion mirror ever?! The mirror is usually played by getting the first KO on an attacker and then having a 2nd attacker to KO their 2nd attacker. Whoever has a 3rd attacker first (or a living 2nd attacker) wins the game. I distinctly remember using Pokemon Catcher on Wamboldt's Shaymin-EX one game. If I'm wrong, I might've just brought up a Volcanion-EX and 2 shot it, putting me in the lead. My Stadiums were 2 Sky Field while his were a Rough Seas and a Parallel City, so I feel as if I had the potential to run hotter. Not to mention Entei is a 2-energy attacker to clean up late game (which he did)! Both games were relatively similar, as they should be. I ran hotter than Wamboldt and took the win. (4-1)

Round 6 - Igor Costa - M Mewtwo-EX/Garb (lwt)

I misplayed hard against Igor and if I hadn't, I feel like both of our tournaments would have ended completely differently. Game 1 I was smashing up his Garbodor but he was setting up M Mewtwo-EX behind it. At some point I was in a situation where I had Fisherman and VS Seeker in hand with a Belted Shaymin-EX with one Energy attached on my bench and a non-Belted Volcanion active. Igor had Parallel in play and I used Steam Up 3 times to hit 200, forgetting Damage Change. Had I done one less, the math would've been 170 + 40 from Shaymin for the KO, or Igor would have to Lysandre something small and Damage Change. That would have given me a chance to use Volcanic Heat again but dig out my Sky Field/Pokemon Catchers for his benched Mewtwos. I ended up handing Igor that game like nothing.

Game 2 was similar to Game 1 minus the misplay. I burned his trash and from there I cooked his cats. Mewtwo can't keep up with Volcanion if they are KOing your only attacker.

Game 3 was stupid. Igor used Professor Sycamore to discard 3 M Mewtwo EX on his first turn, meaning he was out of them. His Super Rod was prized, but he faked that it was in deck. I played safely in case it actually was in deck, but I had my suspicions. He was burning through his deck too as if he was digging for it, and I was none the wiser. Had I caught on to the mindgame, I could've used Professor Sycamore to dig into what I needed and gone all out on him before time was called, but instead I kept using N to get out of triple VS Seeker hands and we ended up tying a game I otherwise would have won. It's upsetting, but my misplay and Igor's clever tactic cost me 2 valuable points, so I can't be mad at anyone but myself. (4-1-1)

Round 7 - Brian Ramirez - Yveltal-EX/Garbodor (wll)

This round, I drew poorly three games in a row. I stole game 1 because my opponent did not remember that Steam Artillery with a Fighting Fury Belt to KO a Shaymin-EX was a thing, so he went after a Volcanion-EX instead of my charged up Volcanion STS. Game 2, I used Ultra Ball for a prized Hoopa and it goes downhill. Game 3, I used Ultra Ball discarding a Professor Sycamore for Hoopa, and both of my Shaymin-EX were prized, so I put myself into top deck mode. In hindsight, I will never discard a lone Supporter without knowledge of my Prizes again. (4-2-1)

Round 8 - Kenton Anderson - Yveltal-EX/Garbodor (wll)?

Kenton had the most disgusting starts I've ever seen. Every game he was able to get 2 Trubbish on the board AND burn his entire hand before a Set Up or a Sycamore. In Game 1, I hit enough heads on Catchers to overcome it; but games 2 and 3 combined, I had 7 chances to flip a heads and I needed 2 out of these 7 to win either game. Only hit 1. If you flip tails that much, you can't beat Yveltal, as Catcher is supposed to be your hard counter. My final hope in game 3 was to N Kenton to 2 and hope he whiffed the Lysandre he needed, but naturally he drew into it. (4-3-1)

Round 9 - Calvin Humphries - No Show (ww)

Calvin had no reason to not show up. The winner of our game was awarded the top 128 placement and the Championship Points to go with it. I understand being 4-3-1 and sad, but the 16 or 18 Championship Points (the proper amount earned escapes me) could be the difference between an invite to Worlds or not.

At the end of the day, I think I took 94th place. This meant that I was getting my handful of points, missing another day 2, and taking the walk of shame back to my room. It was alright because I know the 4 Catcher variant is a strong one, and it's even better knowing a very close list to mine and Joltik's made top 16. In hindsight, I wouldn't have run the deck any differently. I think the list was perfect for the meta, minus maybe a Hex or Parallel or something for the M Gardevoir matchup.

So that's how my Dallas regional went, and I think I've given enough examples of the importance of Pokemon Catcher. Now I'll get into the base of the Volcanion deck for Georgia. The list I would probably run is:

This might be personal preference, but I'm positive that Volcanion STS is useless most of the time. It kind of loses it's allure when paired with 4 Max Elixir, which is why I dropped the 3rd one for a 4th Max Elixir. The only thing Volcanion has been good for is a one-prize starter, but I started with Volcanion-EX so much more throughout the tournament that I think it just doesn't matter to have more than 2.

My other change was dropping Entei for Giratina promo. I don't think you need the promo in here for Greninja that badly, as they can still hit for 160 every turn due to weakness, but it's not a horrible inclusion to turn a poor matchup into a 50/50. Greninja would otherwise be an autoloss because they run multiple Silent Lab now, so without the potential to have Giratina against them, as soon as you whiff one OHKO, you lose. I feel Tina can be cut for Entei or Flareon-EX, but you really don't need anything else taking up that slot.

The final change would be dropping the 2 Sky Field for 2 Scorched Earth. While I love Sky Field and I find it to be a wonderful card for this deck, you simply need to have a counter stadium for Gardevoir now. The potential for them to whiff their own Sky Field and whiff an OHKO is too big for the matchup. Scorched Earth also can act as a Shaymin-EX late game when you've already used them up or it can just help you dig into your Pokemon Catchers more efficiently. You may have to sacrifice your bench slots and you will usually not have 4 Volcanion-EX on the field, but the tradeoff is worth it when you consider the possibility to draw better and to turn another matchup just a pinch more positive.

I think this list, spare Giratina which is a meta call, is perfect for this format. Whether you play it for a League Cup or for Georgia Regionals is up to you, but this would most likely do equally as well in either tournament. I truly cannot wait to see the amount of Volcanion decks in Georgia that will be running 4 Pokemon Catcher!

So now that I've discussed Volcanion, let me go over the new deck that is really taking Standard over slowly thanks to my good friend Phinnegan Lynch -- Turbo Dark.

Darkness Falls

My boy Phinn has been testing out a Standard version of Turbo Dark which is simply 4 Darkrai-EX, 3 Yveltal XY, 3 Shaymin-EX, and a bunch of consistency with some techs for certain matchups. After Connor Pedersen won Dallas Regionals with it in the Senior division, plenty of known names have piloted the deck at League Cups and taken wins. Personally, I would not play this deck for Georgia. I think it is a weak deck versus the Mega matchups, even with Faded Town, and I can't fathom running a deck that would take a loss to those right now. I think the deck is perfect for League Cups though, if you haven't seen too many Mega decks in the area. Let me jump into the basic list and how this deck has become so strong basically overnight.

The list is very aggressive. It completely messes up your opponent while fueling you with 190-210 damage consistently. An Attacker with a 2-energy requirement paired with Exp. Share means you are only going to lose 20 damage on each knockout, or less. That makes this deck very attractive in a 2-shot format. When you set up, you OHKO like Volcanion would, without the problem of having to constantly retreat and without taking a hit from Garbodor. The deck was already strong, but when paired with Delinquent and Energy Removal cards, it applies too much pressure for your opponent to deal with.

I feel that this deck is amazing in a field without Mega Pokemon, but sadly it has too much trouble with every Mega deck to survive. It resists Mewtwo, it resists Gardevoir, but it still loses these matchups consistently. I can't explain it besides the fact that damage output just comes too slowly for you to compete with them. Against other slow decks, your late game is impeccable. But against Megas, letting them set up is deadly. This deck also has trouble with Volcanion, because you always have a target for them. The matchup is even, at best, if you don't whiff Hex, and it gets worse from there. I'm not sure how to explain it, but you just get outsped too hard in the early game and you have to burn through your Elixirs to hit the 220 damage to compete. On paper it seems like an awesome matchup but in practice it is god awful.

The other deck this struggles with would be Greninja. There really isn't much you can do to alleviate this matchup. Giratina Promo, a Hex Maniac, and 2 Escape Rope are your best chances, but you have to set up, which means they are allowed to set up; and when Greninja sets up you cannot stop them. Not to mention they have the potential to control their knockouts more than most decks, meaning if they want 3 or 4 energy off of the board in a turn they can more than likely manage that.

Our last difficult matchup is Rainbow Road. The deck is mostly dead, but if you see it, you have Energy Removal cards and you have Delinquent to try and alleviate the matchup. I don't think it's too stellar even with all these cards, but it's not a complete loss. I'd probably give it a 70/30 for Rainbow Road.

The trade off is that we have a very good matchup, too. We will virtually never drop a game to Yveltal/Garb. We have too much Heal and too much Switch to worry about Fright Night, and we OHKO Yveltal-EX without them being able to OHKO us. It doesn't get much better than that, and I applaud Phinnegan for coming up with this deck and controlling the amount of Yveltal/Garb we will see in Georgia. And not to mention that each of the poor matchups are winnable if they don't run as hot as they need to, because you usually always run hot. Now that you know the matchups, let me explain the counts for those who may not know the deck.

4 Darkrai- EX
This count is because we don't run Super Rod. We can't prize a Darkrai, lose two, and then be out of the game just like that. We need 4 of this attacker because he is our only real threat. Think 4 Yveltal-EX/0 Yveltal BKT in an Yveltal/Garb list.

2 Yveltal XY
For the same reason as Volcanion STS, this card is rarely going to be used late. You use Oblivion Wing to set up your damage output early and to get some chump hits in late when you don't have an ohko. Yveltal XY has always been annoying for someone to try to hit into. You almost always would rather Lysandre a benched Pokemon. I use 2 in here because in my testing 3 was always very excessive. I understand how great starting it would be but most of the time I always just started Darkrai anyways.

1 Hoopa-EX
Hoopa is mostly just a card to thin our deck. One Hoopa turns into 2 Darkrai and a Shaymin and burns 4 cards out of your deck with one Ultra Ball, making Max Elixir that much more effective. In a deck where whiffing even one Max Elixir can be detrimental to success, Hoopa is almost a necessity. I hate that it's two free prizes all game for decks like M Mewtwo and Gardevoir, but the positives outweigh the negatives pretty greatly here.

4 Professor Sycamore/ 3 N
This is a testament to the consistency of the deck. You run as many energy as Volcanion, you run switching cards, energy removal, Delinquent and you still have room for 4 Sycamore 3 N comfortably. It really is great!

1 Delinquent
Delinquent is in here for a different reason than Yveltal/Garb. Delinquent is in Yveltal/Garb to give you a way to discard other Parallels so you can play down your own. It also can disrupt, but that wasn't the main purpose for it. In this deck it is completely meant to disrupt. Your opponent will often need to play a ton of cards in order to get around your strategy, and they just can't play the cards they need safely. They'll be stuck at 4 cards all game if they don't just want to lose. Not to mention you can Delinquent away some vital cards in some matchups and cause your opponent to lose because they can't keep up in the war of attrition.

1 Pokemon Center Lady
I run this card for a couple reasons. My first reason behind PCL was the Gardy matchup. A good Gardy player will know not to discard too many Pokemon if any to KO you because your Resistance will never allow them an ohko. This means it's a two shot war and you can simply just go Despair Ray discard 2 twice for 110+110 or Despair Ray discard 0 and then discard 4 for 90+130. Either way Pokemon Center Lady completely destroys your math as a Gardevoir player and forces you to burn more cards to get the knockouts. It can also require two Rattata which is sometimes not easy to hit. If you waste two Rattata on one Darkrai and then get hit with the Delinquent and then another Darkrai/Fighting Fury Belt you probably do not have the resources for the second Darkrai.

1 Team Flare Grunt
Grunt is here mostly to mess with the early game. I don't always hit it early but when I do my opponent needs more cards while I'm using Oblivion Wing and it makes it easier on me in the early turns. It can also discard Splash Energy from an opposing Greninja or it can be paired with the single Enhanced Hammer to take all of the Energy off of M Rayquaza or any other attacker you can't ko but you don't want to have retaliate against you. I think Grunt is also great to remove the Fairy against Rainbow Road and prevent them from using Exp. Share after you get a knockout which is why I prefer Grunt in a 9 round tournament over something like 2nd Enhanced Hammer.

1 Hex Maniac
If you even want to have a chance against Greninja you have to run Hex. If you even want to have a chance against Volcanion you have to run Hex. You literally cannot beat these decks without Hex Maniac, so we are definitely never dropping this card. I kind of want 2, but I also feel like it's too excessive to burn 2 Supporter slots on Greninja when the matchup isn't very favored either way.

4 Max Elixir
Obviously in a deck like this you can't go down to three Max Elixir. Volcanion could because we needed space for Catcher and Power Heater compensated by helping us to set up multiple attackers but this deck works much different therefore you have to build it as a completely different entity. Never drop the 4th elixir.

3 Trainer's Mail
I prefer 3 Mail in here to help us dig through our deck and find Max Elixir. I doubt you need mail in here at more than a 2 of in the same way Yveltal Garb didn't need it, but you still have plenty of cards worth digging out and Mail makes it so easy to do so. I would only cut a mail for either a Giratina Promo for Greninja (if I was THAT worried) or a Pokemon Ranger for Plumebox (a matchup not mentioned above because the deck isn't played but still one to consider a comeback for).

2 Exp. Share
Exp Share is what brings this deck over the top. You have to run two of them because if you can get two onto two benched Pokemon you will lose 0 energy from a Darkrai ko thus losing 0 damage. If they Lysandre an EXP Share poke you lose one energy or X amount of energy attached to the Pokemon minus one which is perfectly okay. This was really the selling point of the deck to me personally. I hated it until I realized if you played exp share you just always have a strong and consistent damage output.

2 Escape Rope/ 1 Switch
You need Escape Rope in here for Jolteon decks, but they also help you get around Bursting Balloons and to push a baby Pokemon onto your opponent's bench in favor of a normal -EX. Switch is in here because we always want to be able to get our Yveltals benched and our Hoopa benched and we just don't run any Float Stone. I think my biggest consideration is dropping Switch for Float Stone but it may not be necessary. I don't want to take a loss to getting trapped with a Stone on Hoopa vs Fright Night though so it is definitely a meta call.

1 Enhanced Hammer
The Enhanced is in here to discard Splashes versus Greninja, Double Colorless versus M Rayquaza or Rainbow Road or even M Mewtwo-EX, and Double Dragon off of Salamence-EX. It's just a card to bide us time while we get set up to hit big numbers and it can save us in sticky situations.

2 Reverse Valley / 1 Faded Town
  We have 2 Valley in here to hit bigger numbers in certain matchups. It's way easier to hit a Reverse Valley and one Max Elixir than it is to find 2 Max Elixir and hope to hit both of them. We have Faded Town for the other situations where we want 20-40 damage on a Mega. Faded also helps us apply pressure early when we are using Oblivion Wing, though I doubt it will stay in play too often to matter much then. It is definitely a late game math card. It cancels out M Gardevoir-EX's resistance and that is a wonderful thing for that matchup.

12 Darkness Energy
I don't know if I'd ever run a thirteenth Darkness Energy. I think it can be unnecessary. 12 is really strong already and if you find yourself whiffing Elixir often (somehow) you can shoot up to 13. I would never go below 12 as this deck needs the energy for damage output, not even just to attack! It would be a different story if we could simply get away with hitting our Elixirs but the truth of the matter is for the first 3 turns we want to be able to hit Elixirs, attach Energy, and have an Oblivion Wing target. This isn't too simple to accomplish so we must stay at the hefty 12 energy mark.


That's pretty much all I have for you all today. Going into Georgia Regionals, I'm stuck between Volcanion-EX with 4 Pokemon Catcher, a version of Turbo Darkrai that can beat Megas (I haven't found the silver lining yet but if I can I might do that) or Greninja, which I really wouldn't want to play but it just won't be receiving enough attention to get hit too hard by the anti meta. As always if this article helped you I would give it a (+1) and if you have any comments or questions feel free to comment below or message me through Facebook. Hope to see you all at Georgia Regionals this weekend! Until next time,

- Daniel Altavilla


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