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Found my Worlds Deck in Area 51 - New Mew x2

Danny goes over 2 different MewMew variants in the UPR-UNM format.

07/27/2019 by Daniel Altavilla

Hey there 60 Cards readers, it has been a short break not only with me posting articles but with the actual Competitive scene as well, with a long month separating us between Worlds and now. This break has been pretty good for allowing us Stipend chasers a well-deserved rest after the incredibly long year, and is raising morale before worlds as people are constantly grinding games of post-rotation to see what decks can become top tier archetypes and which engines are the most consistent. I know I have been non-stop grinding games both solitaire and normal just to figure out the intricacies of engines, the new interactions cards will have in our meta and just fully dissecting this new meta. It has been pretty difficult to fully cover the expansive card pool, which seems small with the rotation, but with these 200-card sets we are facing one of the biggest card pools after a rotation ever.

This means we now have to test even more combos, even more engines, different Supporter counts, basic Energy or Specials, Beast Rings or Welders…so many different ways to play so many different decks right now that it is going to be a wide-open World Championship with plenty of different archetypes. People are quickly clinging to Pikachu & Zekrom as it has the best engine and the best Ball Search options in the game right now. Along with a card like Volkner, Pikachu is going to be your best pal yet again as you burn through your entire deck and deal heavy damage, with the new Alolan Raichu & Raichu GX helping with Damage Output. Other popular decks are going to be the Greens variant of Charizard, which translates so well from last format into this format, Blacephalon/Naganadel which is also pretty well brought over to this meta, and then Dark Box which is a huge deck right now that nobody is respecting well enough.
 My personal favorite out of all of these is probably Dark Box, just because I like to have the option to go ham with Umbreon & Darkrai or to just get the deck out with Mega Tyranitar-GX. Something cool about the deck is that no matter which way you build it, most of it is going to remain the same so you aren’t changing too much out to try out different versions of the deck.
 But I’m not here to talk about Pikachu, Charizard or Dark Box, today I’ll be discussing a version of Mew & Mewtwo-GX Box that I think is the best way to beat a LOT of decks in the current Standard format and will need to be heavily respected in everyone’s testing and going into Worlds. I also want to go into a different version of Mewtwo that tries out a different engine, and is a bit more aggressive overall.


The reason Mewtwo is so worth talking about is the benefit of being able to have a Pokemon with multiple different Attacks. If Reshiram & Charizard-GX had Flare Strike, Outrage, Double Blaze GX, AND an attack that stopped it from being hit by other GX Pokemon, it would be the clear best card to ever exist. You have it all, heavy damage output in 3 different ramping ways and an invincibility attack. What more could you possibly want out of that? Even though that was a rhetorical question, I have one simple answer: even MORE attacks.

Why do we Care About Mewtwo?

Mewtwo is going to be a versatile Pokemon with a weakness that isn’t very popular outside of the Malamar matchup, and sometimes no Weakness at all. This is going to mean we can run two different versions of Mewtwo:
a Mewtwo deck that uses a ton of Invincibility attacks to survive long enough to finish off your opponent’s Pokemon
a Mewtwo deck that uses a lot of different pressuring attacks, to give yourself multiple aggressive options on a single attacker.


These two decks will function completely different from one another, with Mewtwo/Invincibility wanting to last as long as you need to, while the other deck is closer to ReshiZard as far as aggression but allows itself more options than what ReshiZard has, just to divide your hypothetical eggs among multiple hypothetical baskets. Awful analogy aside, the decks are so different in Engine and Win Condition yet have one huge thing in common – they both play Welder and Fire support! Fire has received so much support recently that with all of the Colorless energy costs in attacks nowadays we are really going to be filling in gaps with Welder the way Double Colorless Energy did, which is going to open endless possibilities for attacking options. My job has been to sift through all of the attacks that are “pretty good” and just streamline the decks and keep them smooth, as they should be. If you have some ideas that work then all you are going to need to do is smooth those out, and a lot of Mewtwo lists are running 5 different 1-of GX Pokemon which is cute yeah, but not very good for efficiency which is the name of the game.

Silent but Deadly: Mew & Mewtwo-GX/Venemoth-GX

This deck is going to be the first out of the two Mewtwo decks that I cover because it is the one I like the least out of the two, but it is still pretty fun and strong even if it can lose to a lot of different things. I say that because Venomoth only prevents Damage, which means certain Effects of attacks, like GG End, can completely destroy the strategy you were trying to go for, which means the deck simply is going to have some really good Tier 1 matchups with polarizing ones elsewhere. That is fair for a deck, but not the spread I’d want to play this deck at worlds, but this is also one of my earlier drafts and it is definitely very consistent. 

Pokemon - 11
4 - Mewtwo & Mew-GX UMI
2 -  Dedenne GX (UBO; 57)
2 -  Venomoth GX (UBO; 12)
1 -  Pheromosa & Buzzwole GX (UBO; 197)
1 - Dragonite-GX UMI
1 - Jirachi-GX UMI

Trainers - 38
4 -  Lillie (UPR; 125)
4 -  Welder (UBO; 214)
4 -  Janine (UBO; 210)
1 -  Lt. Surge's Strategy (UBO; 178)
1 - Misty's Request UMI
4 -  Pokégear 3.0 (UBO; 233)
4 - Cherish Ball UMI
1 -  Mysterious Treasure (FLI; 113)
1 -  Net Ball (LT; 187)
4 -  Custom Catcher (LT; 231)
3 -  Acro Bike (CLS; 178)
1 -  Fiery Flint (DM; 76)
1 -  Fire Crystal (UBO; 230)
2 -  Viridian Forest (TM; 156)
2 - Giant Furnace UMI
1 -  Heat Factory Prism Star (LT; 178)

Energy - 11
Fire - 8 
Grass - 3 

The Attacking Options

Venemoth-GX: Venemoth is going to be really good for letting you spam Janine and keep yourself free of damage while you set up for a big Beast Game-GX to take the last few prizes you have remaining. Another option you always have available is to Ten-Card Return GX, which isn’t going to be the best attacking option for you to use but will get you a pretty hefty hand which might stay that way long enough for you to finish setting up.
Pheromosa & Buzzwole-GX: Beast Game GX is the main goal here, either hitting 110 into 50 with 7 extra energies attached to take 4 Prizes, or Jet Punching to set up a couple KOs, and then Elegant Sole is just a 190 attacking option that is available whenever you want it. Some Tag Teams won’t be able to heal at all so you will completely annihilate them with the Beast Game strategy, which may be the only way you have enough time to close a game out.
Dragonite-GX: Dragonite is simply an attacker that is meant to KO a big threat whenever you need to. For example, I can’t see my Mewtwo getting bodied very easily when it is at staggering 270 HP after I’ve just Custom Catcher KO’d a 5-energy Charizard or 6-energy Pikarom, and in return I’m going up 3 Prizes which is already broken, setting up for a 2nd turn in a row of 270 damage, or just go straight back into your lock for a couple more turns while you keep setting up.

This deck is going to have a pretty good time setting up against a lot of decks when you are literally buying yourself turns and will probably have some of those weirder games where set-up is a bit difficult and you just fizzle out early. There are also going to be some games where there is literally nothing you can do against the specific attackers your opponent is using, but any deck has bad matchups so if you are expecting a really Basic Attacker-heavy meta you will have a wide array of strong matchups.       

 Something about this list that I have really been enjoying is the Lt. Surge and the Misty’s Request, as they add a little bit of flare to some of your PokeGears, and if you ever open Misty turn 1 you can just have the option to search out your next 3 turns of Supporters which is insane for a deck where your Supporter is going to determine whether you receive invincibility for a turn. The Stadium split is actually really good for this deck, and I have not been having the worst time with finding the Grass energies when I need them. Jirachi-GX seems like a staple in any Mewtwo deck, as shutting off Weakness is going to be something that really gets an extra turn or two out of a Mewtwo, which obviously means maximizing your potential to win Prize trades.

 Janine is just a slightly buffed Bill, or Mom’s Kindness, or a worse Tierno. The card is kind of a Welder because even though it is only giving you 2 cards, it compensates by showing you four, so it is quite literally just going to be a deck that runs 4 Lillie and 8 glorified Hau, so the Fire engine and heavier Custom Catcher/Acro Bike counts will help you fill in gaps where your hand is either too small or too awkward to keep pressuring. It is also very nice to just not have to use a Supporter to find one of the 8 broken Supporters in the deck, so that you can stay invincible. Something that may have to be pointed out is that the Invincibility is not always something that you need to hit every turn, in fact it is not going to happen more than 4 times a game without any Supporter recovery in here so you need to know when the best time is to slam Janine. If a Charizard is slapping me for 240, you know I’m not going to waste a Janine just yet, because 240 is not enough to get there. But when an OHKO is being threatened you want to start slamming down the Janine to keep getting some damage in. Keep in mind, the deck idea is that you’re going to win in enough time to not need more than 4 Janine, which is why Buzzmosa is so welcome in this deck.


BIG BEEFY Aggressive Mewtwo/Reshizard

Now we are hopping into the more aggressive, nasty, filthy, broken and any other adjective I can think of deck, Mewtwo with the DDG Zard engine to let you start getting up into the 270 range ASAP to start taking OHKOs, and shutting off your Weakness so that you have a shot against all of the Mally variants.

Pokemon - 15 
2 -  Jirachi (TM; 99)
4 -  Volcanion (UBO; 34)
2 -  Dedenne GX (UBO; 57)
2 - Mewtwo & Mew-GX UMI
1 -  Reshiram and Charizard GX (UBO; 217)
1 - Dragonite-GX UMI
1 -  Mew (UBO; 76)
1 -  Magcargo GX (LT; 198)
1 - Jirachi-GX UMI

Trainers - 34 
3 -  Lillie (UPR; 125)
4 -  Welder (UBO; 214)
3 - Cherish Ball UMI
2 -  Pokémon Communication (BLW; 99)
1 -  Mysterious Treasure (FLI; 113)
4 -  Custom Catcher (LT; 171)
4 -  Switch (BC; 135)
3 -  Acro Bike (CLS; 123)
2 -  Escape Board (UPR; 122)
2 - Reset Stamp UMI
2 -  Fire Crystal (UBO; 230)
1 -  Pokégear 3.0 (UBO; 233)
2 - Giant Furnace UMI
1 -  Heat Factory Prism Star (LT; 178)

Energy - 11 
11 - Fire 

This deck has been performing wonderfully in testing so far and really has a great shot of being the go-to Zard build in this meta, even though it is a Mewtwo deck. The consistency is matched only by Pika, the attacking options are hitting heavy enough to OHKO anything relevant and the option to switch between a one and two-prize deck is absolutely bonkers. Let me get further into the list explanations to make things a bit more clear.

4 Volcanion/2 Jirachi – The idea here is that we want the option for 6 REALLY good starters, either starting an energy accelerating one-prize attacker, or starting a consistency machine that we can abuse for the entire game when we start the thing. Volcanion is really good, and you normally just want to go first all of the time and then if you drop a game you get the MEGA crutch of going second on Volcanion. The split of these two broken starters has been absolutely insane for the early game of the deck and is really good in some of these matchups where they keep throwing one prizers at you.

2 Mewtwo & Mew-GX – MewMew is going to use any of the other attacks in the deck to either set up a KO with Outrage or get a big 270+ swing in after taking a hit, doing 240-300 with either of Zard’s attacks or getting in the whopping 270 damage with Dragonite GX. You can offset things like Choice Helmet with the Volcanions and Custom Catchers, and Magcargo can sneak wins with the GX attack when your opponent thins too heavily or to autowin Shedinja. Mewtwo is also going to abuse it’s Psychic/No weakness to give you a chance to beat Froslass and some of the other Water-type options people are starting to tech to deal with Charizard.

1 Reshizard/1 Dragonite-GX – These two chubby bois are going to be your main attacking options, providing a 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 ramp of attacks that will give you enough options for every turn of the game and every situation. The deck is absolutely filthy when you don’t prize these guys, and sometimes you prize both and have to resort to Magcargo being your main attacker or just spamming Volcanion for Prizes until you find one, but by then your Mewtwo should be ready to go anyways.

1 Magcargo-GX – Ligmacargo is going to be the best Shedinja option any fire deck with Mewtwo has, and it lets you go from 4 energy up to 6 to hit up to 300, effectively allowing you to get around Choice Helmet and giving you an option to OHKO anything after using Double Blaze. Magcargo is really nice in here because it can be a third attacker even if discarding Energy is not ideal because you can just set up 2 tinier Mewtwos and then unload both to get some big KOs.

1 Jirachi GX – Jirachi is just a Weakness Policy that only works for Mewtwo. It serves no other purpose than allowing you to have a bit of a fighting chance against Malamar, and I know 2nd Reshizard can sort of do the same thing but there will be games where you face other Mewtwo decks and Reshizard will not save you there, so the Jirachi is worth the space in the deck.

2 Dedenne-GX – Dedenne is a chonkster because all it does is sit on your Bench all game building up those couch abs, but being able to dump a useless hand, thin, have a fighting chance off of Stamp, discard a GX you had no other way to discard and plenty of other things is just going to make Dedenne one of the most useful cards in the deck. Great card to have two of in here, but I couldn’t see any more because you really don’t want to start the mouse.

3 Lillie/4 Welder – I don’t think Lillie matters very much in this deck, I just have 3 as Stamp Recovery and because the 5 off of Jirachi is going to rip a Lillie enough times turn 1 for me to want a thicker number in here. Most of the time you want to Welder to set up for these big KOs which is going to obviously make your hand size too big for Lillie to matter much in between and a bit too large a part of your main strategy to not prioritize. The deck is definitely going to have better games when you Welder all 4 times than when you don’t unless you go 2nd and get the Volcanion off, so you really need to get those babies into play often.


3 Cherish Ball/2 Pokemon Communication/1 Mysterious Treasure – The search is interesting, I honestly have had a hard time figuring out what the optimal count is for search in this variant of the deck, but I like the Treasure and Comm options and Cherish Ball is obviously going to be giant in here. I don’t have a lot of room for actual Ball cards but you will also just raw draw some Pokemon with all of your support in the Draw department.

4 Custom Catcher – I think this is almost just a staple in everything. The cards are way too good to ignore, not playing them is giving any opponents who play them an inherent advantage in that game.

4 Switch – Switch is just the printed effect plus Stellar wish’s text, making it actually the best card in the game when you use it to get an extra Stellar off. The card also gets you out of those pesky Status conditions that are sweeping the meta right now, which is a bonus effect and another great reason to have max copies.

3 Acro Bike – The card literally says “I become one of the next two cards in your deck” so when you only want Welder in hand every single turn you will want a bit extra thin. I cut down on Acro to up some other important counts, because there is a point where more copies of relevant cards is going to trump Acro Bike every time.

2 Reset Stamp – The bounce back effect this card has is going to win you so many more games than people have been letting on. Your opponent, after taking their first KO on a mewtwo after beefing through 2 Volcanion, is going to go from whatever their current hand size is to 2 cards. 1 for turn and 1 from Stamp. If you’re hitting the golden combo off of that then variance was not kind, but any card like this is going to see it’s way into the meta in heaps and bounds.

2 Escape Board – This card is just good for Jirachi, and doesn’t really do much besides give Jirachi the free retreat option. It can also save you in a pinch versus some Status conditions but isn’t meant to be such a card.

2 Fire Crystal – You are going to use this card, get 3 Fires, Heat Factory one away and then Welder the other two enough times that this card is absolutely a great 2-of. Maybe 3 could fit in the deck but I’ve been liking 2 as the magic number since UNB came out.

1 Pokegear 3.0 – Gear is a card that is just basically a 5th Welder and 4th Lillie at the same time. My philosophy with this card is that eventually my deck is going to be so thin that a Jirachi is going to find me either a Welder or this Gear, which is just a 2nd Stellar Wish with a bit more reach. Great card, but not enough Supporters to warrant 4 because you don’t want to clog up your hand with these just to fail them.

2 Giant Furnace/1 Heat Factory <*> - Factory is a draw 3 discard 1, Furnace is a tutor 2 discard 1, both cards plus your hand size with the cost being necessary for your deck, absolutely the best Stadium split for this build of Mewtwo.

11 Fire – You can try 12 like the Madison DDGZard list, but 11 has been passable without having Kiawe because you just have less of a chance to be stuck without 2 Fires in hand at any moment because of all the targets Jirachi has off of Stellar, and Volcanion only searches 3 Fires out instead of 4 so you are kind of just matching the -1 on that exchange.

 This is the absolute filth list, try it out and give it a couple runs. Your one-prize matchups are going to be closer than most decks but that is fair when you consider how strong the prize trade will be against the GX-based decks, and Stamp can completely flip your one-prize matchup singlehandedly by forcing them to fizzle out against 2 or 3 rotatiing 270-hp attackers. You can just keep retreating to buy time in those matchups so I really think a deck like this is going to be bonkers in this meta. These two lists are all I have for you today, one is a bit more on the fun side and not insanely competitive but has enough to potential to grow, and the aggressive version should simply become it’s own Reshizard variant soon enough. I put some solid time into both of these decks and I don’t think it would be a disappointing experience trying them, so please feel free to incorporate them into your testing at any point. Make sure to check out my Twitch stream at, my Youtube channel “No Leaks”, and you can sign up for Coaching with me through Facebook messenger. Thanks for checking out another one of my articles, drink some water and until next time,

-          Daniel Altavilla

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