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Daniel Altavilla

Diglett Dig - A Trio Trio Trio of New Options

Danny goes over the Shedinja Control deck and his experience with it at CA Regionals.

05/23/2019 by Daniel Altavilla

What’s poppin 60Cards readers, we are sandwiched between two Regionals yet again, having just finished Santa Clara with a couple of weeks to prepare for Madison. There is also the Origins Special Event and NAIC that are all using the Standard Unbroken Bonds format. When you consider how many events are happening so close to each other, you can infer that the meta might just keep countering itself week after week. You could even argue for the sizeable card pool we have now justifying a constant switch in how decks are played. For example, a ReshiZard deck won the event. It feels obvious that ReshiZard with the Green’s engine is the fairest deck for the format and allows enough room to tech for any meta you expect. This means you have limitless options when considering the next meta, and you can just switch cards out based on what you want to lose to. Most decks can do this, with Zoroark-GX switching up the supporting Pokemon, Control and Stall shifting lists around as far as which Pokemon and combos they are utilizing, and the big Tag Team decks cycling through the endless tech options.
 We have a strong chance for the meta to be heavily influenced by the last event’s success and to take it a step further there can be people trying to counter what we just saw being played. There is not much time for League Cups in between to solidify what the more popular decks will be, so we must be as honest as possible about what decks are the easiest to counter and the most likely to be countered so we can follow the meta trends properly and pick the best option. It feels like people were mostly prepared for Vileplume at Santa Clara. There were a ton of random decks and unexpected decks being played, and even those decks were capable of pulling out some big finishes because the meta just wasn’t ready for them.
 That being said, I’d like to argue that a deck so abstract as the Shedinja Control archetype is capable of remaining relevant throughout multiple weekends in the same way. The deck can use plenty of different strategies to reach the same win condition, so it is very easy to adjust based on what you expect at the next event. I’d like to look back at this past weekend in Santa Clara to recount exactly what happened with my own tournament, where I ended up with a 4-3-2 record, and then go into how the Shedinja Control deck can change going into the future. It is important to be constantly updating a deck to work out the issues, and I think I learned a decent bit of the deck during this event.

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