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How to find cleaning service in Singapore?

webreatta@gmail.com 27.07.2020 09:17

How to find an honest and quality cleaning service in Singapore? Since I plan the clean time on Saturday mornings, it would be better if this company wasn't too far from my house.

[+0] okko
anaisfargo@gmail.com 01.08.2020 18:47

I know that finding the cleaning service isn't difficult, it's much more difficult to choose quality service at an affordable price. In addition, I would like that it be the company with good reputation and decent employees, because I have read many times on the Internet about owners that couldn't find jewelry or new tablet after cleaning. An unpleasant situation. Therefore, I choose only cleaning companies with high rating and large number of reviews on the SGHomeNeeds portal, because I'm sure that here I will not end up in the scam and I have honest reviews from real people on the basis of which I can make my choice.

[+0] okko
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