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Cody Kressmann

60Cards Tournament Series - June 2017 Results

07/28/2017 by Cody Kressmann // Results from the biggest PTCGO Tournament Series for June 2017. (+1)

Sebastian  P.

Food for Thought: The August Ban List Update

07/21/2017 by Sebastian P. // We take a look at the newest entires for the Expanded ban list. (+0)

Ethan Buck

Burning Shadows and the 2018 Format

07/19/2017 by Ethan Buck // Today Ethan talks about some cards that either will or will not make an impact in the new Burning Shadows set. (+0)

Caleb Gedemer

"That's Un-Fair(y)!" — an Examination of Gardevoir-GX

07/16/2017 by Caleb Gedemer // Caleb Gedemer takes you for a ride with the new Gardevoir-GX from Burning Shadows. The card already has some hype... (+12)

Franco Takahashi

The Burning Potentials Hidden in The Shadows

07/13/2017 by Franco Takahashi // Since Burning Shadows is coming soon, Franco decided to pick a few cards from the set and go over why he thinks they... (+10)

Ethan Buck

Internationals 2017 Event in Indianapolis

07/08/2017 by Ethan Buck // Ethan talks about his time at Internationals 2017 in Indianapolis Indiana. (+0)

Gerardo Caballero

Whats new in the Meta!

06/27/2017 by Gerardo Caballero // Hello guys, Caballero is back again for another review, now we are going to review some of te most powerful decks... (+1)

Paulo Mimoso

Top 8 Madrid Special Event Report with Espeon/Garbodor

06/27/2017 by Paulo Mimoso // The biggest ever Special Event took place in Madrid this last weekend and Paulo shares his views of the deck he piloted... (+3)

Martin Janouš

1st place Austrian open with Mega Rayquaza/Unown

06/26/2017 by Martin Janouš // Martin Janouš talks about his unique Mega Rayquaza build that brought him victory at a special event in Austria. (+7)

Brandon Flowers

A Slew of Standard Selections

06/21/2017 by Brandon Flowers // Preparing for NA Internationals: the Primal Clash to Guardians Rising Format with both new and old archetypes (+9)

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