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Moving to the New Year of Cities

Wow it's been a long time since my last article. Well nonetheless let's go over what I've seen over these past few weeks of Cities and a few choices for the next ones.

01/07/2016 by Shiv Luthra

I honestly don't know what the relevance of this is. I've just been playing too much Undertale to write an article, for like 4 months. I guess we're approaching winter and there's snowflakes....agh nevermind - CITIES!



So I'm starting this article after going to my first cities in York, PA. Before I start let me just say I am not the person that will go to 2-3 cities a week for every week. In fact I'll probably do only 2 throughout this month of December.

I also decided that unlike Regionals I would find the time to write an article about the tournment regardless of how well I did (that should tell you how well I did at Regionals). So as for my deck choice, I came up with a Mega Gallade deck. Now before you close the browser and nullify the little credibility I have let me explain:

When I thought of I realized that it actually could perform well against most of the metagame at the time and I think it has gotten slightly better since then so in order to convince all you skeptical readers let me show you the list I played and why I thought it was a solid deck. I also just like spread decks and Mega Gallade in general.

The main focus of the deck is to use Mega Gallade to hopefully 2-shot the active while also applying pressure to the opponent's bench. At face-value Mega Gallade is really mediocre, it hits for 110 for 3 energies as a Mega with Unwavering Blade. But in addition you get to deal 30 damage to all of your opponent's bench Pokemon that has damage on them. That means 110 minimum, and if your opponent has Skyfield 350 maximum. Forretress is there to make sure everything on your opponent's bench has damage, as Thorn Tempest will place one damage counter on all of the opponent's Pokemon, making sure Mega Gallade hits all of them.

With bench damage stacking up, withing 2 attacks you knockout all bench sitters with 70HP or less, so Ariados, and Smeargle. Within 3 attacks, you knockout all bench sitters at 100HP or less, so Bronzong, Aromatisse, Eeveelutions, among others. With 4 attacks, you get to knocking out Shaymins which is a huge deal because it really opens up to turns where you take a stack of prizes.

Wobbuffet and Deoxys are just your standard roleplayers. This deck has trouble getting of the ground so drawing cards with Deoxys is nice and it can do alright against Night March. Wobbuffet is not only a nice option to stall your opponent by blocking Gallade BKT, Zoroark BKT, and Shaymin, but with Psychic Assault it's actually not a bad end game attacker to clean up Pokemon that have accumulated high damage.

Meowstic is another end-game option where Ear Influence can give you all your prizes in one turn. This would be nice with Dusknoir who does this as an ability instead of an attack but I was preparing for Standard and a Stage2 is too much space.

So other than that what basis did I have for picking the deck:


  • With no real Psyhic threat, decks like Lucario and Machamp started popping up, both of which are weak to Psychic
  • Forretress breaks Focus Sash on Lucario and Machamp
  • Mega Mewtwo (Psychic Infinity) can't hit for weakness
  • Can knockout Bronzong/Aromatisse without Lysandre
  • Tyrantrum can't one-shot it with a Muscle Band
  • Bench damage lets you trade alright with Night March and Vespiquen



  • Giratina is still a thing
  • Mega Manectric has Rough Seas to take away all your bench damage
  • Pumpkaboo hits you for weakness and easy knockouts
  • Mr Mime is technically in the format


So as for matchups here's what I got through testing this deck before going to the first cities:

Lucario/Crobat - 9/10

Machamp/Ariados - 9/10

Yveltal/Gallade - 5/10

Mega Manectric - 1/10

Mega Mewtwo (Psychic Infinity)/Bronzong - 7/10

Magnezone/Raikou/Pikachu EX - 5/10

Night March - 3/10

Vespiquen - 6/10

Tyrantrum/Bronzong/Giratina - 6/10

Raichu/Bats - 7/10

Manectric/Bats - 4/10

York (Week2)

In York I got pretty much what I expected: complete disappiontment.

The first round was pretty much picture perfect. I went up against a Machamp/Volcarona deck which is good because I had hoped fighting types would be around in strong numbers. I won turn 3 by knocking out the active Machamp and a benched Larvesta, clearing my opponent's board. My opponent pretty much drew dead but even otherwise, I would've started the game with a 3-prize edge.


Round 2 was the matchup I tested the most: Yveltal/Gallade. I got Judge'd into a bad hand and after my one Mega Gallade got knocked out I just drew dead. Wobbufet, Deoxys, Forretress just kept getting one-shot and I just scooped.


Round 3 was Mega Manectric and needless to say I lost. Manectric is just too consistent and once again: Judge. Drew dead again and because Wobbuffet and Deoxys both have the wonderful 110HP they just got continuosly one-shot by Mega Manectric. This game Mega Gallade didn't even hit the field nor did a Forretress. Didn't take a prize.


Round 4 was against Manectric/Bats. This deck had my two worst enemies: Rough Seas and Faded Town. One turn I thought I had barely scraped by with 10HP left on a Mega Gallade but no...Faded Town. Once again that was the only Mega Gallade that hit the field.


In Round 5 I played someone who I had pretty much followed around the whole day since we kept the same record throughout. So going in I already knew he was playing a Mega Gardevoir deck, with no Aromatisse or Slurpuff. Instead the mighty Carbink *shudder*. I could see the reasoning behind this as Carbink can hit for decent chunks of damage with Wonder Blast but why even put your energies on Carbink when Mega Gardy can do so much more? Anyway, this round I was able to get everything going smoothly like round 1. I took a three-prize turn by knocking out a Xerneas and Mega Gardevoir. Carbink was just unable to stall with Crystal Barrier.

Finished: 2-3


  • I saw one Night March deck on any table
  • Mega Manectric can't be ignored
  • Meowstic was never used
  • Just need more overall consistency
  • I didn't flip any heads on Birch


The next week I would be heading to my local league in Rockville so based on last week I made these changes:


  • 1 Espurr
  • 1 Meowstic
  • 1 Wobbuffet
  • 1 Tierno



  • 2 Pokemon Fan Club
  • 1 Deoxys
  • 1 Dedenne


I thought Fan Club would be a nice consistency option for this deck. You want a Mega Gallade and Forretress on the board turn 2 so making sure you have a Pineco and Gallade on turn 1 helps a lot. Fan Club can also get me my one Shaymin to help draw out of bad situations.

Wobbuffet was traded for Deoxys, Wobbuffet didn't come up much in the early game, at most I stalled that Mega Manectric matchup by preventing a Shaymin drop. As for its late game pressure, if I can't even get to the late game what's the point? Deoxys just gives me a good starter that I can play Shaymin under.

Lastly Dedenne was added because of the great and powerful Yveltal. While I don't run Muscle Band so Energy Short would at best be 160 damage on a 4 energy Yveltal, 10 short of a KO. But if you play Forretress for that one damage counter you trade very nicely. Dedenne's other attack Entrainment also makes it not a bad starter with the same effect as Fan Club except being unable to draw off Shaymin.

Rockville (Week3)

This run went a lot better, still not great but better.

Round 1 was against a Mega Houndoom deck which at first seemed like a problem. Mega Houndoom's inability to hit for above 160 damage doesn't hurt it against Mega decks. My start was a lot better, with a Fan Club making a convincing debut in my opening hand, making the setup a lot smoother. One thing about most fire decks that lean in my favor is the heavy reliance on Shaymin. Eventually my opponent scooped with damage piled on two bench Shaymin and Entei.


Round 2 was so close to the dream. It was against a Giratina/Tyrantrum/Bronzong deck and as mentioned before Giratina is a problem if you can't use Gallade-EX's three energy Piercing Prizes for 170. And if that wasn't annoying enough, Chaos Wheel preventing me from getting Mystery Energy or Spirit Links down definitely was. So eventually I had 5 prizes to go to his 1 and I knocked out Giratina with Mega Gallade and Hex Maniac and the main attacker on his field was an Aegislash-EX. I had a VS Seeker and Lysandre in hand. The dream was to Lysandre another benched Aegislash with no energy or Float Stone (also took out Zoroark early) do no damage to it and setup Shaymin and Bronzong for knockouts next turn. If Aegislash stayed put and he passed I could Lysandre a Hoopa-EX and take a 5 prize turn. But alas, twas just a dream as he AZ'd up Aegislash and took the game.



Round 3 I started with just Pineco. Got Judge'd into a supporterless and Pokemonless hand. That was it. Oh yeah this was against Yveltal.

All alone...



In Round 4 I was against someone who was paired down at 2-1 who played a Tyrantrum/Bronzong deck, this time replacing Giratina with Heatran. Heatran was actually very annoying at first. It becomes pretty hard to knockout given its psychic resistance and single prize gain. This matchup proved to be pretty favorable as I knocked out a Bronzor early with Unwavering Blade's bench damage to slow his Bronzong lines and the rest just followed suit. There was no way for him to knockout Mega Gallade in one hit so I mainly took prizes off the bench, knocking two benched Bronzong to take the game.



Round 5, ugh Mega Manectric. My start wasn't terrible I would hope Wobbuffet slowed my opponent down because it did so to me because I couldn't play the only draw in my hand: Shaymin. But with Fan Club on turn two this game actually became somewhat interesting and not a total dismantling. I had gotten two Rough Seas in the discard with 2 Dimension Valleys still in the deck. My opponent played what I would guess was his 3rd and last Rough Seas and going into my turn I was thrilled because he forgot to use it, leaving 110 damage on his Mega Manectric which I could actually knockout with Mega Gallade. So I Ultra Ball to further the setup and when I'm back his Mega Manectric is at 80 damage. I argued that he didn't use Rough Seas last turn but I just ended up conceding the argument, which sucks because next turn he played Parallel City and put himself down to 3 Benched Pokemon so he could discard that Mega Manectric with 190 damage. Man that hurts. With my last Dimension Valley prized and no lucky breaks this is just a terrible matchup and needless to say I lost.


I entered Round 6 still pretty salty after the Rough Seas fiasco but it wouldn't really matter because at 2-3 I'm just playing to play and so was my opponent who was playing a Mega Mewtwo(Y)/Groudon deck. I'm guessing this was just random and it would be an easy match with Mega Mewtwo unable to hit for weakness. However, not as easy as I wanted with all 3 Sprit Links prized. Wobbuffet and Dedenne were able to help secure these prizes to turn this into a pretty easy game. An issue with decks like these with few random EXs is that the matchup is very bad. My opponent never had more than 1 benched Pokemon the whole game so a big chunk of Mega Gallade's dynamic is useless. If Mewtwo wasn't weak to Psychic I definitely would have lost this game

3-3 18th

Anything New for the "New Year" of Cities?

Here I just have two decks that aren't common but can still be very good in the right tournament.

Mega Gardevoir

I mention this deck first because I really like this deck and have been testing it a lot recently. Mega Gardevoir is a mega from the Primal Clash set that can hit for 30 damage for each Fairy energy on your field with Brilliant Arrow. This obviously can be paired with Aromatisse, and while I tested a while with Slurpuff and Exp. Share, Aromatisse is definitely better. With Aromatisse, Xerneas XY becomes a lot more valuable when it uses Geomancy because then energy isn't stuck on Spritzee or other Xerneas.

Furthering the power of this deck, Double Dragon Energy came into the game. Mega Gardevoir's attack does not specify basic Fairy Energy so Rainbows and DDE are fair game. So with a dragon type, you can place two fairy energies on one turn increasing your damage by 60 immediately. The main candidate for the carrier of the DDE energy is Giratina-EX. Renegade Pulse helps a lot versus Mega Houndoom or Manectric and Chaos Wheel lock helps versus Vespiquen and Night March.

So anyway here's the list I've been using:


The one problem I've had is that the 2 Giratina-EX are the only dragon types, I would like to have another decent dragon basic Pokemon in the deck but there really aren't any that can attack using a DDE and more than a few fairies. The best candidate I found was Druddigon FLF who can use Revenge for two fairies or one DDE to hit for 90 damage which is alright. Its not that good since all dragons are weak to fairy instead of dragon now.


This is a deck I've seen quite a bit around on Tournament Results. I've seen it paired with Lucario and Houndoom but I've also head of variants with Giratina. So what Crawdaunt does when you play it from your hand to evolve Corphish, the ability Unruly Claw lets you discard an energy from your opponent's active Pokemon.

For lists I've seen, the decks definitely focus on disruption with Head Ringer and Enhanced Hammer. It also uses bulky EX basics so that you can use Faded Town for taking down Megas. In the versions with Lucario, I've seen them favor AZ over Super Scoop Up because not only are you guranteed the pickup, but with Lucario's Corkscrew Smash you don't need to play a draw supporter every turn.



Well hopefully this gave you some insight to my City experiences and some decks that you can think outside the box with. Anyway I'm going to try to go to more Cities now in January as there are more in Maryland but with an event in school that will take up almost everyday of the week, only time will tell. Hope you enjoyed and good luck at your Cities!

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