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Is Toad Playable Next Format?

Alexander Hemedinger Take a Look Into the Deck Everyone Thinks is Dead. Or is it?

08/09/2015 by Alexander Hemedinger

Hey guys it's been awhile since my last article and video of any deck techs etc. I been so busy lately with personal endevors and of course my own business. I do a lot of lead generation (if that matters to you) and it becomes a lot more traveling requirement to set up new relationships and business. That said, I wanted to thank everyone who has been patient and hopefully I can be more consistant with my articles! 


So is Toad a Dead Deck in the Next Format? 


Well the thing is, I don't want to believe it - nor do I wish too either. I been working on a list and looking to see what the meta decks are and how it can affect the play style of trying to play Toad.

Here is my list I came up and I will discuss the possible matchups with pros and cons for each:



Hex Maniac

I feel if anyone had to do some thinking of a deck to play it's what has been doing well in the past. We really haven't had to use any real new cards except for the one-of Hex Maniac. This card is so needed right now with the possibility of Vileplume played which can hurt this deck quite well. It also helps slow down senarios with opossing Shaymins, Unkowns, and more.

Birch over Shauna

The reason for Professor Birch is self explanatory since we lost N. The debate is whether to place Shauna or Birch, but there is a great explanation as to why Birch should be played statistically here. Other than that... The deck really remained the same with it's previous success. 

Faded Town/Rough Seas

These stadiums I originally didn't think I needed, but after testing and learning more of the format they are! Rough Seas is a great choice and again a no brainer since we are running both an Electric and Water Pokemon. This also helps with matchups against Tyranitar since it's heavily involved with needing damage on your Pokemon. It also just offsets the overall game since even if you get one extra turn due to your disruption, your able to have that extra 60HP healed and can possibly withstand against certain matchups.

The Faded Town is just a test since we need to have some sort of punishment (except you Groudon!!!) and try to get in some more damage sort of like Virbank City Gym did. This is clearly not as good, but it's a test and seeing how popular the Megas become. Either way the stadiums also just help disrupting what is currently in play like Sky Field, Steel Shelter, and so on.  

Manectric and Bats

This was an easy choice to pair with Toad as it has done well in the past. Normally you rather try to make Toad the main core of the deck but you need to cut one to make more room with a better attacker. "Megaman" has been quite fierce and always will be due to the damage output it can produce. With so many possible Mega decks being even more popular I think this card will still be doing well. Everyone knows the megas need the spirit link to become even better and now with M Sceptile, M Tyrantor, M Rayquaza, and let's not also forget Primal Groudon too. So being that it helps with Manectric's second attack, Assault Laser - you can be sure it can be consistant. The head ringers also do help as well pairing with him, so overall it was an easy choice to place Manectric here. 

Now some may disagree with adding bats, but as we know Toad without laser and Virbank City Gym, we need some sort of additional pressure to be able to still warrant the play of Seismitoad. So I went with the 3-3-3 line up and so far has been doing well. If there were more lower HP Pokemon I may have included a Level Ball, but we ultimately have such a diverse of Pokemon and HP that 4 Ultra Balls is a must at the moment. The bat lineup is again a proven deck style to work with Seismitoad and Manectric even by themselves. So again an easy choice to be able to place these all together. I have spoken to some others and they do say to cut Toad entirely, I just can't seem to aggree at the moment. 

Toad is Weak to Grass Pokemon!

Of course he is! But that shouldn't stop you from playing this deck entirely! Yes we will see Sceptile (which is the best deck to play in my opinion) and perhaps the Vespiqueen. But that shouldn't stop you from playing a deck just because of that. I understand the decks may be faster than Ginesect decks, but we have to look around that and think based on matchups and how item lock can affect the outcome and overweigh the weakness. 

I don't have a great reason to debate whether Toad is perfect in the meta, and heck it may not be tier one - but testing and learning the meta it's a perfect time for Toad at the moment as no one knows what to play yet without any huge results from big tournaments. Let's also not forget how reliant quite a bit of decks are without the ability of playing trainers period....

 Seismitoad Alexander Hemedinger



How does this deck list fair against the possible decks still around today? I also placed the average stats of a win/loss percentage to kind of giving an idea how the deck will perform against these matchups. 

Rayquaza Variants

Well the fact the deck is so reliant on items, this really does help a bit to slow down the matchup. Not to mention the weakness of electric provided by Manectric certainly helps even further. With the addition to bats it's even more pressure on benched Pokemon as well. So this clearly should be an easy win if played well.

Primal Groudon

This matchup isn't too bad either, the deck really needs a lot of items to be able to be even more consistant. The abilities from bats certainly further damage the Groudon to help us and be able to hopefully stop a Focus Sash even if we go first and cannot item lock. 

The weakness of course is Manectric weakness to ground type. Just bear in mind by the damage output we may affect the deck is a lot slower than ours and able to put more damage before Groudon can attack. I of course an speaking out of statistics, any situation can vary and certainly if no item lock the mega turbos help the turn count on energies. So i wouldn't say this matchup is clearly overwhelmed. 


If this deck becomes popular then it becomes interesting playing this. Seeing as I haven't had enough testing against this list, the Vespiqueen is quite interesting as it plays like the old Flareon list. The benefit playing against this deck is how reliant on items it needs to be able to really go off. Not to mention if we Hex Maniac them, even here Unkowns now become worse and the abilties of their evee evolutions. 

The only real negative is if the deck quickly goes off first turn like Night March and able to set up with no disruption following your turns. Without the ability to coin flip the sleep, you certainly have other ways to hurt the deck. The certain lists are reliant on special energies, so the Enhanced Hammer and Crusghing Hammers certainly help. Let's not forget the Team Flare Grutn too - haha!

Night March

Just like the Vespiqueen it certainly plays the same style. I don't see this being a popular deck like Vespiqueen, just because the loss of Mew EX. I could be wrong, but either way the deck is very reliant if not more then needed items. I don't see this deck being  an issue overall, just because the damage with Manectric and Bats certainly KO additional Pokemon with low HP. 

Tyranitar EX

There are some pretty cool deck lists but this deck is certainly a fun match up. The deck sort of plays like a Primal Groudon as it needs to be able to utelize it's biggest attacker. I feel this deck is slightly worse than Primal just because it's normal EX form is not quite hurtful to our deck. Losing an energy on a coin flip from Groudon is not fun....

So just like other decks discussed above this one certainly needs to play items. The deck abuses the ability to place two tools on the Pokemon. Since we can possibly item lock them, it really helps our match up immensly. The other thing that helps is even if they get one tool on the Pokemon, we can actually still place a Headringer on them since it's allowed two tools. The other thing is that since the deck needs tools, it against helps us with Manectric's second attack doing even more damage. The fun part will be abusing energy disruption since the deck is really reliant on 4 energy to be able to attack. And it also uses some special energy with DCE like us - so Xerosic and Enhanced Hammer give us even more of an edge. If I need to go on any bat variant certainly doesn't hurt this deck too much as we can heal with Rough Seas. This certainly puts a damper on Tyranitar as he needs to have some damage on the Pokemon already to be even more effective.

I don't really like the deck personally, but perhaps someone will find a way to make it harder. The main pair with Tyranitar is bats of course. 

Sceptile EX

This of course is our nightmare by far. It's quite the best deck and I feel this would be the only reason I would never pick up this deck. The deck is just so good being able to abuse the healing and have high damage output. I don't even think the item lock really even hurts them that much either. Even the energy disruption can't hurt them too much as they energy acceleration. Oh man - this would only be the worst match up ever. I don't think I have a positive way of saying we beat this.... Prove me wrong.

 Sceptile Alexander Hemedinger


I really enjoy this build and look forward to playing new decks from the set and seeing how everything changes. I am really excited to see even possible changes to my deck list. Perhaps you have a Seismitoad list that you would like to share/discuss? Comment below and let's get some discussion going! I wan't to hear your thoughts on deck ideas and maybe some I didn't place on this article. Take care!

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