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Night March Deck Profile and Gameplay!

Alexander Hemedinger shows the deck list that everyone should be playing for Night March!

05/02/2015 by Alexander Hemedinger



Hello everyone I hope you had a fantastic week as the weekend approaches for those of you off school or work! I am excited to show another tier deck that most if not all of you know of, that's right.... Night March!

When playing Magic one of my most favorite style of deck play was always being the more aggressive-aggro approach. The one thing this deck is the ability to KO practically any Pokemon, maybe not a whale.... but any Pokemon. 

For some of the Magic players the deck seems to have a style of "Dredge" to the mechanic and feels really consistant. 





  • Consistant draws and deck manipulation.
  • One hit KO just about any Pokemon.
  • Super fast and punishes slower build up decks.



  • Aside from Mew EX, low HP Pokemon.
  • Relys heavily on item cards - bad for Seismitoad variants.


I am sure there are more in depth reasons to play or not play this particular deck. But I feel the problem is with Seismitoad running around and the bats, it's really hard to win majority of the meta. Although I seen this deck creep up and win a couple of big events, I wouldn't make this my first choice going into a tournament. 



This article may be shorter than my others because the deck explains itself on how it runs. The main objective is putting as many night march cards while balancing a few on the bench to either attack with themselves, or using Mew EX. Hope you enjoy!

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