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Gengar EX "Spooky Switch" Deck Profile and Gameplay!

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04/20/2015 by Alexander Hemedinger

Gengar EX Deck - Why?


Growing with Pokemon since the beginning, one my favorite Pokemon was always Gengar. I was always fond knowing that it was a ghost Pokemon. What really took the cake for me was the personality and fun pranks he would always pull. I had the same personality growing up in middle school and always could relate! Even to this day I will still be a big kid at heart with my two children. 

When I just started getting into the Pokemon game, the first thing that came to my mind was there Gengar in this format? To my suprise not only a Gengar (normally a stage 2) but an EX! And boy was the abilities amazing! I started going online, doing research and wanted to see if it was possible to make the deck and can it be tier 1 for the game or perhaps a "sleeper" deck no one would know about till it became sucessful.


I really hope you guys enjoy my list and some of my reasons of my choices for it:


Card Choices In The Deck.

Gengar EX - Well let's just admit the deck wouldn't be called a Gengar deck if it the main focus wasn't around this bad boy. The card is just amazing because of the Dark Corridor and ability to poison and switch with a benched pokemon. The other ability Night Attack, is still great as can potential become free to use with Dimension Valley.

Mega Gengar - I just only run one copy and the reason is because not many people like it, but I certainly do at least as a one of. The ability to manipulate any attack including Seismitoad and Exicutor is very crucial agains't your opponent.

Mewtwo EX - I really needed to be able to have another way to attack and become aggressive so why not the easy answer and go for the Mewtwo EX? 

Sigilyph - I think this goes without saying why it's in the deck. Some ran one, but I always felt the need for two because it does not have a huge HP to deal with non-ex's either. It's attack Psychic (how original) helps as well against Suicines. 

Jirachi EX - Only to get a supporter.

Mr. Mime - Pesky cards that hurt our bench, yeah I am talking to you BATS!

Wobbufet - Was a tech decision and has worked well, but not often. I don't want to cut this as it can be game changing in certain situations/decks. As a one in the deck - I can live with that.


Some of the trainer choices are quite obvious so I will states some of the ones' probably that may stand out to you. 

Xerosic - I questioned this too since we had the hammer, but after consideration of Seismitoad we want the ability to cut off their DCE if at all costs and in doing so is with a Supporter instead of an item.

Teammates - This card has served me quite well and it's all because of Robo Substitute, and yes the ruling does work since it is a Pokemon.

Pokemon Center Lady - I really enjoyed this card since we can't take the full advantage of Max Potion like Gerdevoir decks can. The ability to also remove any special conditions certainly helps too with lasers running around. 

The engergies should also be pretty self-explanitory since double colorless is for Mewtwo EX and I guess you could say when you Mega Gengar or try to do "Psychic" attack from Sigilyph. Overall the special engeries are what's needed to be able to "combo" off hitting with Gengar and putting up a Sigilph or some other threat. 

Deck Tech / Game Play Video:



Hope you guys enjoyed another article by me, and look forward to hearing some comments below and suggestions. Be sure to send any requests about a deck tech or gameplays you would like to see in the future! Have a good one guys! :D

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