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Gardevoir EX/Aromatisse Deck Profile and Gameplay!

Alexander Hemedinger Provides His Thoughts On The Deck He Enjoys The Most And Provides Commentary On His Games As Well!

04/17/2015 by Alexander Hemedinger

Hey guys hope all is well! Thanks for the fantastic feedback I gotten from my previous article about my opinions on the difference of Magic the Gathering and Pokemon itself. I certainly learned a lot with your comments and personal messages on social media as well! Thanks!


Fairy Punch Deck Tech!


I wanted to be able to provide a video of the actual deck and my thoughts on the chosen cards and perhaps some ideas I was thinking of replacing. I also took the time to include a game that honestly took quite a while, but was really a great game! The matchup was almost mirrored, but he went with more of the Verbank Gym approach with Hypnotoxic Laser - BOO! 

I really enjoyed making this and hope to make some in the future for you guys. Here is the video and decklist below in case you need it. 

Also as a giveaway I have plenty of Online Boosters and would be more than happy to give some to the community for their support! Be sure to add me on Facebook or my username, "amarvelfreak". There is no catch and I appreciate you guys welcoming again to Pokemon! 

Editor's Note: I unfortunately left the gaming background music on, so it does affect the quality of my audio. in the future I will be sure to fix that. Also I feel the need to add a cough counter, sorry for being sick - haha!




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