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Alexander Hemedinger

Professional Magic Player to Pokemon.

10 Years of Magic to Pokemon. My opinion of one of the best decks in the current format and introduction of myself.

04/15/2015 by Alexander Hemedinger



Hey guys! This is my firs time writing an article for this particular card game and boy am I excited. I first wanted to say what a fun experience it is to be around such great parents like myself who understand the needs/wants that my child has for the game.

My name is Alexander Hemedinger and I am a ten year veteran and currently active in the Magic the Gathering community, I don't wanna go on about all that stuff since most of you may not understand the different kind of tournaments or possibly don't have an interest.... 

Magic The Gathering

I basically wanted to give my take on the game compared to what I am normally used too. For one, there is literally no interaction between you and your opponent. You simply have your turn, and theres. The one thing I will say is to most Magic players seems like it's easier, and it truly isn't. The game still requires in depth knowledge of a format, the pokemon, etc. I give a lot of credit to people who play this game often. 

Personally my only issue with Pokemon and my neglect for certain cards to play are involving the coin flips. I mean let's be honest without Pokemon Catcher being nerfed would anyone wanna play it? For example I chose to add an AZ to the deck because it's like a Super Scoop Up but guarantees me to play it, yes it may be a supporter but I don't like taking chances on luck personally. 

Why I decided to play Pokemon:

I have a nine year old daughter that has taken a liking into the game and I of course am supportive since I currently play card games myself and also had collected Pokemon back when it first came out from Wizards of the Coast - Ironic eh? I have invested plenty of time and effort into the game already, and especially enjoy the online aspect since as a husband/father I don't get that much time outside of the house anymore anyways. 

After reading plenty of articles and research I basically sleeved up and tested online the majority of the current decks in the format. I must say two cards like Seismitoad EX and the Executor are quite annoying when having the ability to control your opponent from what he/she is doing on their next turn. I tried to find ways to work against it and here is what I came up with: 



Now I don't know the exact 60 in the deck that won our states in Florida recently, but I do know it was a Fairy deck very similar. I feel this deck has the best possibility against the meta and it's weakness to Metal just seems okay as I haven't seen any particular decks that enjoy metal often. Let's not forget that Gardevoir EX's attack does prevent us of having weakness anyways. And the resistance sure helps when you see quite a bit of those Yvetel EX decks running around too. 

The hardest way to play this deck truly is to manage your energies in the right position so that you don't have any suprises when being knocked out or having too many energies devoted to a certain pokemon that may cost you the game. So be sure to always keep your head in the game and think one step ahead of your opponent, otherwise this deck may not be for you. 

My picks on some of the cards made sense in the current way of playing, some may disagree with choices: 

Skyla - I wanted one because there are times when you just need to find the right card including your Stadiums.

Startling Megaphone - Let's be honest we see quite a bit of floatstones and muscle bands running around, this card has value no matter what your playing against. 

Escape Rope/Exp. Share - These cars were taken in by cutting the hard charms. These cards actually did help when needed when certain situations came up. 

AZ - As I explained before it's great in situations when you don't have the Max Potion and certainly is better than a Scoop up as I hate requiring luck. Don't get me started on the Hypnotoxic Laser...

Pokemon and How It's Harder Than Magic The Gathering.


When you think of the Magic the Gathering and Pokemon together the extra step of considering the deck is how to make your deck meta tech in the main board, since there is no sideboard in Pokemon. My personal opinion since Pokemon plays best two out of three games there should be a way to do that to bring more cards in your favor against other decks. I assume Pokemon did that to not make the game more difficult or less "fun" for the younger crowd that they cater too. 

I am glad to join this community and excited to learn more from individuals that obviously play more and get there take on my list. I want to continue to improve and be able to stay ahead in the meta. I plan on going to more bigger events to see the difference in skill/playability I have in this game than I do in Magic. 

Thanks for having me everyone! And look out for upcoming streams! :D


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