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Seismitoad EX everywhere?

Marc Lutz talks about Seismitoad EX in the current metagame.

11/02/2014 by Marc Lutz

Hello 60cards readers! There are a lot of deck choices out there, in this article I will cover the most popular ones featuring Seismitoad EX to help you figure out which one you like the best!

The most commonly used Seismitoad EX varient is probably the Yveltal EX/Garbodor one, but there are also some Pyroar/Seismitoad EX decks as well as good old big basics using Seismitoad EX. Let's get into the article:


1. Yveltal EX/Garbodor/Seismitoad EX

This is most likely the best use of Seismitoad EX. Yveltal EX/Garbodor is already one of the strongest decks and doesn't really have a particularly bad matchup. Adding Seismitoad EX to this powerhouse can only bring benefits, right?

Since this deck already runs the maximum amount of Double Colorless Energy you can easily fit in some Seismitoad EX's. The strategy of the deck is pretty simple, you usually want to get out your Garbodor as soon as possible to shut down abilities.

If your Garbotoxin is active and you attack with Seismitoad EX's 'Quacking Punch' you prevent your opponent from using their abilities as well as taking away all their item cards which leaves them with very limited options.

This is extremely powerful against decks that rely on their abilities such as Pyroar decks and Eelektrik varients in expanded. You also have Yveltal EX to deal with the bigger guys as Yveltal EX's 'Evil Ball' attack can do a lot of damage especially if you have the Virbank City Gym/Hypnotoxic Laser combo and a Muscle Band.



(Tobias Thesing, Top 8 Arena Cup Berlin, Expanded Format)

This is a decklist for the expanded format, but if you are planing on playing this in standard tournaments you can easily swap the Dark Patches for Energy Switches and the other rotated cards for some extra supporters and Megaphone.

So what else is good about Seismitoad EX?

Seismitoad EX also gives you a different set of weakness. In the straight Yveltal EX/Garbodor varient you attacked mostly with Yveltal EX which made you quite vulnerable to lightning types. This changes with Seismitoad EX as it is NOT weak to lightning which is great due to the release of Manectric EX in the upcoming set Phantom Forces.

The water typing of Seismitoad EX is also good if you're facing a Landorus EX/Fighting deck which have become more popular since the release of the new fighting type support in Furious Fists.

2. Pyroar/Seismitoad EX

This is another deck that makes great use of Double Colorless Energy. It plays a 4-4 line of Pyroar EX which is great against most decks in the current metagame as they mostly use Basic Pokémon to attack.

Seismitoad is a fantastic backup attacker in this kind of deck because Pyroar really struggles against anything that can deal damage to it as it is not the bulkiest Pokémon around. If you get out your Seismitoad EX and start using 'Quacking Punch' early in the game you can also prevent your opponent from setting up their Garbotoxin ability.

Some of these decks also run Mewtwo EX or Charizard EX (Combustion Blast) as secondary attackers since you can set them up easily with Blacksmith and Double Colorless Energy.



(Fatih A., Arena Cup Berlin Champion, Expanded Format)

This deck's strongest feature is probably its consistency. With such a small amount of Pokémon you have a lot of room for supporter cards and additional draw like Bicycle and Roller Skates.

If you plan on bringing this to a standard tournament, you have to find a good replacement for Level Ball and Super Rod. Since there are currently no cards other than Pokémon Fanclub that can search out Litleo, I recommend you playing additional supporters such as N.

3. Big Basics/Seismitoad EX

Big basic decks have been a part of the metagame ever since the release of Dark Explorers. Wether or not they are successful depends on what you are playing against. One of the best thing about these big basics decks is the flexibility of the decklist. If you feel you have a bad matchup against a specific deck you can just include some techs to counter those.

Also, this deck is very consistent. Since you don't necessarily have to evolve any of your Pokémon unless you are playing Garbodor.



(Standard Format)

This deck has one of the strongest openings in the game. For just a single Strong Energy and Muscle Band/Fighting Stadium Landorus EX's 'Hammerhead' attack can hit for 90 damage and 30 damage to a benched Pokémon. This is equivalent to a turn 1 Night Spear.

This is pretty good as it not only sets up a two-hit-knock-out on any Pokémon EX, but you can also pick up benched Trubbishs after a few Hammerheads for a free prize.

Hawlucha is also a great attacker. With a single energy it has a base damage output of 60 against any Pokémon EX. If you add the bonus damage provided by Strong Energy, Fighting Stadium and Muscle Band you can hit opposing EX's for 80-120 damage turn 1. Hawlucha's free retreat cost is also pretty good.

You can run Garbodor in this deck, however if you do you need to include at least 3 Float Stones and also cut one of the fighting type attackers – probably Lucario EX.

Unfortunately this deck has a very bad set of weaknesses. A lot of decks nowadays run Mewtwo EX and Seismitoad EX due to their synergy with Double Colorless Energy. Both of these Pokémon hit either Lucario EX, Landorus EX or even your own Mewtwo EX for weakness.

If you have problems facing Pyroar with this deck, you can always include a M-Lucario EX to counter those.

4. Phantom Forces

So what about Phantom Forces? Will Seismitoad EX still be viable with this expansion? The cards most people are hyped about are probably Gengar EX and Manectric EX as well as their Mega Evolutions. With the new Spirit Link item cards these Mega Evolutions are much more viable than the older ones. 

One of the newer 'archetypes' Phantom Forces gave us is a straight metal type deck with the new Bronzong. Similar to Eelektrik, Bronzong lets you attach a metal energy from your discard pile to one of your benched Pokémon. Combined with heavy metal type basics like the new Dialga EX, this can be pretty good.

However, this is were Seismitoad EX/Garbodor shines. Shutting off their ability to recycle energies is very good as it will ruin most of their strategy.

With the new Mega Evolutions being mostly viable due to their Spirit Link item cards, Seismitoad EX will be great as it prevents your opponent from using M-Manectric EX's 'Turbo Bolt' attack turn 2 as well as giving your opponent the opportunity to evolve and attack with M-Gengar EX in the same turn.

Besides all those big EXs the set also brought as a lot of great item cards. VS Seeker will probably see a lot of play in many different decks as it basically allows you to play up to 8 Professor Juniper or even N.

Also available in Phantom Forces are a brand new type of Pokémon-Tool cards. Pokémon-Tool F (Team Flare) cards can be attached to your opponent's Pokémon. Head Ringer is like a reverse Energy Gain as it increases your opponent's attack cost by one colorless energy, which can be devestating. Jamming Net is like a reverse Muscle Band, it reduces the damage done by that Pokémon by 20.

As you can see most of the newly released item cards will probably see a ton of play, so Seismitoad EX will still be very viable after the release of Phantom Forces, even if Virizion EX/Genesect EX decks will rise again as Seismitoad EX will not be your main attacker most of the time.

But how can I include Seismitoad EX in my Phantom Forces decks? It's basically the same as it was before. Since Seismitoad EX only requires a Double Colorless Energy to attack, you can include it in almost every deck. Especially Manectric EX decks will benefit from Seismitoad EX, because it counters its main counter in Landorus EX. Also you can use M-Manectric EX's 'Turbo Bolt' attack to even attach Water Energy to Seismitoad EX to use its 'Grenade Hammer' attack.


5. Conclusion

The reason why Seismitoad EX is included in a lot of decks nowadays is not only because of Double Colorless Energy. If you take a look at most decklists they run a lot of item cards. The ability to prevent your opponent from using about a third of his or her deck is just insane. 

The low damage output of Seismitoad EX's 'Quacking Punch' attack is not a huge problem as you can easily increase it with Muscle Band and the Virbank City Gym/Hypnotoxic Laser combo.

Seismitoad EX will probably stick around for as long as it is in the format so be sure to prepare yourself!



That's it for the article guys, as always I hope you liked it and I will see you next time!


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