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Zoroark Makes an Appearance Again!

Marc Lutz talks about a great new deck featuring one of the new BREAK Evolutions!

12/07/2015 by Marc Lutz

Greetings, fellow travelers, it's Marc Lutz again with another short article. This time I will talk about a new deck that seems to be working very well with the new cards from XY BREAKthrough. A new mechanic got introduced with the BREAK Evolution Pokémon and this one is actually playable. Zoroark BREAK seems to be one of the only playable BREAK Evolutions so far. Without further ado let's get right into the deck!

The Deck's Core

This is a deck for the Standard format, so keep in mind that there's no Dark Patch. However, Yveltal-EX is still a very strong attacker and it can easily deal with anything that's not Manectric-EX. Also, the Fighting Resistance is pretty good as there are still quite a few Fighting decks even in the Standard format. Other than that, the regular Yveltal from the XY base set is a great support Pokémon for this deck. It helps you to get more Energy into play and it is a non-EX with a lot of HP so it's tough for your opponent to get rid of it sometimes. All in all, both Yveltal-EX and the regular Yveltal are so powerful that you can get carried by them even if you don't have the best setup.

The main attackers of this deck, however, are Zoroark and Zoroark BREAK. The regular Zoroark from XY BREAKthrough is actually a real powerhouse. For only a Double Colorless Energy and a Muscle Band, it can deal up to 180 damage, which is enough to OHKO any Pokémon-EX in the game. If your opponent plays Sky Field, you can do up to 260 damage and also OHKO the big Mega Evolutions which play Sky Field, like Mega Rayquaza-EX. However, if your opponent plays around this and doesn't put many Pokémon into play, this attack will do less damage. That's where Zoroark BREAK comes into play. It gives you a nice 40 HP boost, which gets you out of range of something like Giratina-EX, Mega Manectric-EX, and basically anything that does 100-110 damage. But the reason you play this is actually its attack. It is a reprint of the original Zoroark from Black & White, but this time the attack costs only a single Energy! Foul Play allows you to copy any of the Defending Pokémon's attacks basically for free.

This is really good if you can copy some huge attacks like the one from Giratina-EX. You can also use this in combination with Lysandre to copy any attack from your opponent's Pokémon in play. Another thing that's also really nice about this BREAK mechanic is that you can still use the attacks and Abilities of the regular Zoroark. This is really cool, as the regular Zoroark has the same Ability as Keldeo-EX from Boundaries Crossed, which is really good because then you don't have to pay the Retreat Cost to get Zoroark in the Active spot. Sometimes you can make a surprise attack with Nasty Plot if you have the regular Zoroark on your Bench for a few turns if your opponent doesn't pay close attention.

Something that I'd like to mention briefly is that you should play the 60 HP Zorua. Neither of them really do much and you're most likely never gonna attack with them, but with the 60 HP ones, you can play around Crobat/Golbat.

Combating the Meta

Decks like these usually have trouble dealing with Mega Manectric decks because both Yveltal have Lightning Weakness and Zoroark still dies to Manectric-EX most of the time. That's why we have the new Gallade from XY BREAKthrough in this deck. We don't play the entire Evolution line, but we have Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick to get it into play. Gallade is a pretty simple card, but very effective. Its attack can be used with a single Double Colorless Energy and does 130 damage if you played a Supporter card this turn, which will be the case if we get it into play, as Maxie's is the only way to do so. This is our counter to Manectric-EX, as it allows us to OHKO Mega Manectric-EX and also any other Pokémon Weak to Fighting out of nowhere and your opponent can't really play around this. Gallade also has a nice Ability, which is like the old Pokédex. You get to rearrange your top five cards every turn, which adds a little bit of consistency to the deck, especially if you can get it out during the early stages of a game.

Bringing Consistency to the Deck 

In order to make this engine work, this deck plays a lot of fast Item cards like Acro Bike and Trainers’ Mail to get through the deck as fast as possible. You also play a full set of Battle Compressors to get the Gallade into your discard pile. With all these Items, you should be able to get out a Gallade on turn one and then start using its Ability to set up your future plays so you should never have a dead turn. Battle Compressor also fuels your discard pile with Darkness Energy you can use for Yveltal's Oblivion Wing to get your attackers going. Against any non-EX decks like Vespiquen, you don't really have to set up a huge Yveltal-EX. You can also just keep attacking with Gallade as the 150 damage output with Muscle Band should be enough to OHKO anything they put into play.

Other than that, this deck also plays full playsets of Ultra Ball, VS Seeker, and Professor Sycamore to get the fastest setup possible. There are also two Level Balls you can use to get your Zorua into play. All in all, this deck doesn't have much room for wild cards, as you want the perfect opening every time. If you struggle with your setup in the early game, it is really hard to make a comeback with this deck.


Overall I think this is a really cool deck as it makes use of the new BREAK mechanic and I hope we get to see more BREAK Evolutions that are actually playable because they somewhat remind me of the old LV.X mechanic, which I really liked. From a competitive standpoint, I also think this deck is very viable as you can get carried by Yveltal-EX most of the time because it is just so powerful, even without Dark Patch. This deck is probably much better in Expanded because there you still have access to Dark Patch and also Archeops, which is great with Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick.

That's it for now guys, as always I hope you liked the article and I will see you next time!

- Marc Lutz

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