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"Chaos Fairies": A look at Giratina-EX/Aromatisse

Marc Lutz talks about an exciting new Giratina-EX deck.

11/10/2015 by Marc Lutz


Hey guys it's your boy Marc Lutz again with another article. This time I'm bringing you one of the freshest decks in the current standard format. I'm talking about a Giratina-EX-focused deck with the Fairy support we already know from the XY base set. Without further ado, let's get right into the article! 

Even though most of the cards in this deck revolve around the Fairy support, the main goal of this deck is to attack with Giratina-EX. Giratina-EX's Ability Renegade Pulse protects itself from being damaged by opponent's Mega Evolved Pokémon. This is very strong as most decks that include Mega Evolutions generally heavily focus around those Mega Pokémon and preventing them from attacking with Megas can slow down their game tremendously.


However, that's not the main reason why you play this card in a Fairy deck. Giratina's attack Chaos Wheel is insane. It deals 100 damage, which is enough to 2HKO most things with the addition of Muscle Band. Chaos Wheel also prevents your opponent from playing any Pokémon Tool, Stadium, and Special Energy cards during their next turn. This is like an improved Quaking Punch in some ways. There are two cards which had shaped the meta game in the past: Muscle Band and of course, Double Colorless Energy. Some decks even revolve around only using four copies of Double Colorless Energy and nothing else. There are also a lot of very frequently played Special Energy cards in the format like Strong Energy and the Double Dragon Energy we're going to talk about later.

And of course, there are quite a few Pokémon Tools in the game as well, most commonly used is the good ol' Muscle Band, which is in nearly every deck, but there are also some others like Float Stone and Focus Sash in some Fighting decks. Preventing your opponent from playing all those cards gives you a huge advantage as this is arguably more impactful than Quaking Punch.

There are also quite a few Spirit Links in the game, but preventing them from being played isn't that important as Giratina-EX is already immune to Mega Evolved Pokémon. It also stops your opponent from playing any Stadium cards which is nice as it allows you to keep your Stadium in play as long as you can keep the Chaos Wheel chain going.

The Fairy Support

So 'Chaos Wheel' requires you to attach four Energy to Giratina-EX, including a Grass and a Psychic Energy. This would usually be a lot harder of a task if there wasn't a certain Special Energy card to make things easier. Double Dragon Energy provides two Energy of any kind as long as it's attached to a Dragon-type Pokémon. This allows you to set up a Giratina-EX very easily as you can just attach a Double Dragon Energy to it and then move two regular Fairy Energy from anywhere on the field to it.

That's why you play the heavy Fairy-type support line in this deck. You have the old Xerneas from XY, which lets you attach up to two Fairy Energy from your deck to your Benched Pokémon. Then you also have the Aromatisse from the same set which allows you to move those as you please. This is very interesting, as it also allows you to move the Double Dragon Energy between your Giratina-EX. Unfortunately, you can not move Double Dragon Energy to any of your Fairy Pokémon because they will be discarded.

Also, you are a little bit better equipped against decks that use a lot of Enhanced Hammers and Xerosic to remove your Special Energies, as you can just keep attacking with Xerneas, which only requires Basic Energy.

This deck also uses a single copy of Hydreigon-EX, which gives "almost" free Retreat to your Dragons, which is nice, as you can use it to attack with Xerneas earlier if you happen to start with Giratina-EX. Otherwise, you obviously also have access to Fairy Garden, which gives free Retreat to all of your Pokémon with a Fairy Energy attached to them. You can also use this Hydreigon-EX to attack in some cases, as you can use the Double Dragon Energy with it. Its Shred attack does 80 damage and pierces through any effects on the Defending Pokémon. This can be useful if your opponent has some Safeguard effect, such as Regice's Resistance Blizzard.

Getting Started

The Supporter and Item lineup of this deck is fairly simple. You use the maximum amount of VS Seeker, Professor Sycamore, Trainers' Mail and Ultra Ball to set up as quickly as possible. Generally you want to attack with Xerneas on the first turn, get your Fairy Energy in play, and then attack with Giratina-EX after that.

You also have two copies of AZ in this deck, which kind of act like Max Potions, as you can move the Energy to your other Giratina-EX before you pick up the damaged one. This makes it tough for your opponent to even deal with a single Giratina-EX.


There's also a Hex Maniac in this deck, which can be used repeatedly with VS Seeker to stop Ability-heavy decks that use Bronzong or of course, in the mirror match. Make sure you use your Fairy Transfer Ability before playing the Hex Maniac! Also be aware that your opponent could have a Hex Maniac too, which prevents you from moving your Energy around and in the end, could stop you from attacking with your big guys for a turn.

Of course, there are also two copies of Shaymin-EX in this deck. Shaymin-EX is the best card in the current format to get your setup going. It's not a Supporter, so you can still play your Professor Sycamore or whatever and it allows you to draw up to six cards. Usually you don't want too many weak Pokémon-EX in play, as they are easy Lysandre targets for your opponent, but Shaymin-EX's Sky Return allows you to return it to your hand and also reuse it's Ability at later stages of the game.


A huge advantage this version of a Giratina-EX deck has over some of the more common ones like Giratina-EX/Seismitoad-EX is that it has a much better matchup against those Tyrantrum-EX decks which also won the Supernova Blast in Italy, so you can expect to see more of those. Tyrantrum-EX is a 180 HP Dragon, which means it has a Fairy Weakness. While other Giratina-EX decks might struggle with that deck as it OHKOs most of your Pokémon, this Fairy version can simply use Xerneas' Rainbow Spear attack to deal with Tyrantrum-EX very easily.

In theory, this deck doesn't have a lot of bad matchups. Most of the "normal" decks, you can simply overwhelm with the Energy advantage you get from Xerneas and the healing you can get from AZ in combination with Fairy Transfer. The only problematic matchup should be Night March, as they are super fast and can OHKO your Giratina-EX. However, since they need Double Colorless Energy and Dimension Valley to function, you can stop them dead with Chaos Wheel.  This deck's best matchup is definitely any variation of Fighting decks, either with or without Focus Sash. They heavily revolve around Fighting Stadium, Strong Energy, and Pokémon Tools to do well, and Giratina-EX stops all of that!

So Many Possibilities...

One of the coolest things about the Fairy engine is that you can tech in almost anything you want. The ability to move around Energy freely allows you to squeeze in some interesting cards, as you can always charge them up out of nowhere. Depending on the metagame, this can give you the edge in some of your games if you find the right tech cards. Anything that can attack with Fairy or Colorless Energy, or is a Dragon-type Pokémon can be teched into this deck very easily.


Something that's also very good with this concept is Lugia-EX from Ancient Origins. Its Aero Ball attack does 20 damage for each Energy attached to itself and the Defending Pokémon. Usually you will have a good amount of Energy in play, so you could play this down and then move all of your Energies in play to Lugia-EX to deal an insane amount of damage and OHKO almost anything. This can be really good to end the game more quickly.

As you can see, you have a lot of options with this, but it all depends on the metagame.


All in all, I think this is a super fun deck to play, at least if you don't face it yourself. The Fairy engine makes this deck super consistent and it also allows you to make some great comebacks as you keep on healing your big guys with AZ and VS Seeker in combination with the Fairy Transfer Ability. I'm not exactly sure if this deck will do much better in tournament play than the Giratina-EX/Seismitoad-EX variant, as Seismitoad EX's Quaking Punch is still a super-insane attack and can win games on its own, but the improved matchup against Tyrantrum-EX might convince players to play this one.

That's it for now, guys. As always, I hope you enjoyed reading this short article of mine and I will see you next time!

- Marc Lutz

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