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Marc Lutz

Fairy decks in the current metagame

Marc Lutz talks about Florges EX and other fairy types

01/19/2015 by Marc Lutz

Hello, 60cards readers!

This weeks article will I will feature fairy type variants, and will delve into what I feel are the two versions of the deck capable of achieving the most success; Florges EX/Aromatisse and Aromatisse/Rainbow Energy. Both of these decks were largely underrated until very recently, and I think they remain pretty well positioned due to their solid matchup against Donphan decks. Let's get right into the article!


Table of Contents


The Fairy Core


Florgess EX/Aromatisse

Tournament Report



The Fairy Core


Xerneas XY#96 & Xerneas EX


Xerneas is the main source of energy acceleration for any fairy deck. Getting two additional energy cards into play as soon as turn 1 is very strong, and gives you a great lead in the early game. The great stats and darkness resistance makes this a very viable Pokémon to open with as it is safe against almost everything in the current metagame. Its second attack 'Rainbow Spear' is also not too bad as it 2HKOs anything, if necessary. It is also an out against Sigilyph if your deck doesn't have a natural counter. 

Xerneas EX is a very solid card on its own. 170 HP is enough to tank a few hits and the darkness resistance is great against Yveltal. Its first attack 'Breakthrough' is a weaker knight spear. For three energies it does 60 damage to the active and 30 damage to a benched Pokémon. This is pretty sweet as it sets up a knockout on two different Pokémon with Xerneas EX's second attack 'X-Blast' which does 140 damage for four energies and denies Xerneas EX the use of that attack for the next turn.

That isn't a problem at all, because you can usually just retreat it for free. The 140 damage attack is also great against Donphan, as it just knocks them out in one hit. The 30 snipe damage from 'Breakthrough' also gets rid of a benched Robo Substitute, so it is all in all a very good card against Donphan.


Aromatisse XY#93


Aromatisse is probably the main reason why fairy decks are supposed to work. Its ability 'Fairy Transfer' allows you to move fairy energies around as you like. We know this from Klingklang and Hydreigon which have both seen a decent amount of play in recent formats due to the incredible synergy between moving energy around, and healing your Pokemon with Max Potion. 

Even though they were stage 2s they were both very viable even in an aggressive metagame. Aromatisse is a stage 1 which makes it a lot better as you don't need to combo it with a Rare Candy to get it into play reliably. The attack isn't too good, but that doesn't really matter because the only reason why you play Aromatisse is its ability.

After a turn 1 'Geomancy' from Xerneas you will have 4 energies available by turn 2 which allows you to use powerful high energy cost attacks, like that of Xerneas EX. This is also the main strategy of the fairy deck. Combined with Max Potion you can move energy cards around and essentialy heal your big basics for free after they took a hit.

Aromatisse also allows you to move Rainbow Energy around which is great in combination with several different techs like Landorus EX, Terrakion NVI or Yveltal EX for surprise knockouts.


Fairy Garden


You would probably play Fairy Garden over any other stadium in the fairy deck, even though it means you can't play the Hypnotoxic Laser + Virbank City Gym combo for additional damage output. Fairy Garden reduces the retreat cost of all Pokémon that have at least one fairy energy card attached to them to 0, even if they're not fairies themselves. This is a great addition to the deck, because most fairies have a retreat cost of 2 or more. It is also good to counter opposing stadium cards like Virbank City Gym or Fighting Stadium.

There are a few more fairy cards, but they usually see no play at all due to their low impact in the game.





This is by far the most popular version of the fairy deck. It follows a pretty straightforward gameplay in the early game. You use Xerneas's 'Geomancy' attack to get a bunch of extra energies into play as fast as possible. It also uses a heavy line of Aromatisse to set it up consistently. From there, the game-plan varies a lot depending on what you are playing against.

This deck plays a large variety of techs, and thanks to Aromatisse you should have an immediate answer to most situations you will be confronted with. One of this deck's biggest problems is Garbodor as it prevents you from moving your fairy energies around. Xerneas only attaches a single energy to a Pokémon at most, so without Aromatisse it will be much harder to stream your attackers, and keep energy in play if you want to use Max Potion.

This also applies to Lysandre, a card which allows your opponent to target down your Aromatisses. Always try to get at least two of those into play. Another card which will hurt your strategy is Enhanced Hammer. Since you're relying on a lot of different types you need to run Rainbow Energy to enable them and Enhanced Hammer stops you right in your tracks. Besides that, it is really strong against most other things thanks to the ability to heal up everytime with Max Potion.

Just watch out for anything that does 200 damage like Black Kyurem EX or Genesect EX with G-Booster, as they will be able to OHKO your Pokemon, and remove yoru energy from play! 


Tech Choices


Yveltal EX


Yveltal EX is a great attacker in almost all types of situations. Its 'Evil Ball' attack does pretty much an ulimited amount of damage regardless of the opposing weakness. Since you are able to provide a lot of energy for Yveltal EX in a single turn thanks to Aromatisse, you are guaranteed to get some good hits in with this card.

Its second attack, 'Y-Cyclone', isn't too bad either. It allows you to save the Rainbow Energy after you attack with it. Its darkness type is also pretty useful, because it allows you to hit M-Gengar EX for weakness and score a OHKO pretty easily if you happen to run into it.


Landorus EX


Landorus EX is great against Manectric EX which has become quite popular as of late. Even without the additional damage from Strong Energy and Fighting Stadium, Landorus EX still does a massive 100 damage with a Muscle Band attached to any Pokémon that is weak to fighting for only one energy.

Land's Judgment combined with Muscle Band knocks out almost anything else in the game, like Genesect EX, Virizion EX or even Florges EX. Keep in mind that this attack can't deal with Yveltal EX, Seismitoad EX or Gengar EX very well, but that's not really a problem since Landorus EX isn't going to be our main attacker in these matchups anyway. I would definately include at least one of these in my list, though.


Manectric EX


Manectric EX is mainly in here to counter Yveltal EX. Even though your fairy types resist darkness attacks, you still can't deal with Yveltal EX very well and with just a few more energy it OHKOs anything you put in front of it. Manectric EX does 240 damage to an Yveltal EX with a Muscle Band attached out of nowhere.

Against anything else it's still a solid attacker. You can use its first attack 'Overrun' to prepare knock outs on bigger threats or simply deal a good amount of damage with 'Assault Laser'. Just don't bench this thing against Donphan or other fighting based decks.


Virizion EX


This card is mostly used to counter Hypnotoxic Laser. With Rainbow Energy and the ability to move it around as you please you are pretty much immune to the otherwise dangerous Hypnotoxic Laser as well as any other status effects your opponent might play. You don't run any grass energies in this deck ever, so Emerald Slash is just a vanilla attack that does 50 damage for 2 energies.

It's still pretty solid against Seismitoad EX or any other Pokémon that has a grass weakness as it does 140 damage with a Muscle Band attached.




Suicune is your answer against Pokémon EX heavy decks like most Manectric EX variants or Yveltal EX/Seismitoad EX. Even though they sometimes run Garbodor, you can still use the Megaphone to get rid of the tool attached to Garbodor and then use Suicune to put them in a tight spot.

Other than that, its water type makes it a fantastic attacker against Landorus EX and Donphan. Being able to OHKO them with just a Muscle Band is great.


Other Options for the Deck


Kangaskhan EX & M-Kangaskhan EX


Some people also run a Kangaskhan EX line in this deck. It only requires colorless energy to attack which is a huge advantage since you don't have to rely on Rainbow Energy as much. The Mega Evolution has a good amount of HP which synergizes very well with Max Potion, because even Genesect EX's 200 damage (from G-Booster) can't OHKO this monster.

Its attack 'Wham Bam Punch' can technically OHKO most Pokémon in the game if you get lucky enough with the coin flips. The regular Kangaskhan EX has a pretty solid attack if you struggle in the early game. 'Triple Draw' lets you draw three cards for a single energy with no drawback.


Moltres EX or Delphox EX


Both of these cards are usually very bad except against Genesect EX. They both require 4 energy and a Muscle Band to OHKO Genesect EX which can be game changing if you manage to pull it off, but otherwise this just hurts your consistency. It is still a decent option if you expect to face a lot of Genesect EX.


Pros & Cons


It's very strong if you get your setup going and it also has good answers to most situations.

The fairy core already provides a very good Donphan matchup, even if you don't play any specific techs against it.

Due to the high amount of different cards you play, it might happen that you face a matchup where a lot of them are useless and get stuck in your hand.


Florgess EX/Aromatisse


This deck is pretty much the same as the teched out variant, except that you don't play any tech at all, but instead rely on Florges EX as your main attacker. Florges EX is a 160 HP Pokémon EX that does 20 damage for each fairy or grass type Pokémon you have in play.

If you have a full bench you'll do 140 damage with a Muscle Band attached for only two energies. It 2HKOs anything in the game if you get a quick setup.

This deck also play a high amount of Max Potion to prevent Florges EX from being knocked out. 160 HP is pretty weak compared to most other Pokémon EX, but that's not that big of a problem since most cards can't OHKO it eitherway. If you want to be really safe you can even include Hard Charm, though it's tought to fit with the deck already being pretty tight on room.

Florges EX's first attack 'Lead' lets you search your deck for a supporter card, which can be good in the early game if you get a bad opening hand. You also run a Xerneas EX in this deck, because Florges EX synergizes very well with its 'Breakthrough' attack. You can use it to prepare knock outs on any Pokémon with 170 HP or less.


The list below is the one that I used to get top 8 at a City Championship.



Pros & Cons compared to the Rainbow Energy variant


This variant of the deck is much more straightforward and thus a lot more consistent which is great for tournament play. Since you're not running any techs in this deck your gameplay is a lot more linear which gives you less options in certain situations. The Donphan matchup is a little bit better in my opinion, because you technically can't start with Manectric EX.


Tournament Report


Round 1 vs. Gengar/Techs (David Kirschbaum)


He couldn't OHKO my Florges EX with the cards he played. Also 2HKO's were almost impossible since I had endless access to Max Potion thanks to Lysandre's Trump Card. He had no chance to win. I played that perfectly.




Round 2 vs. Donphan (Dario van Meenen)


He took a 4 prizes lead before I could do anything. But then I got my setup with Florges, Armoatisse and some other fairy types and proceeded to knock out all of his Donphans until he conceded.




Round 3 vs. Donphan (Phil Schulz)


He offered me a draw which I declined. After that he immediately conceded. I was pretty happy with the result and didn't complain.




Round 4 vs. Manectric/Kyurem (Forgotten name, Sorry!)


After I knocked out his Black Kyurem EX which was the only way he could get rid of my Florges EX he immediately conceded.




Round 5 vs. Yveltal/Seismitoad (Merlin Quittek)


Even tough Florges has a darkness resistance he crushed me with his Yveltal EX's Evil Ball. I had no way to OHKO his Yveltal EX while he could do so with 4 energies and a Muscle Band.




Round 6 vs. Virizion/Genesect (Forgotten name, Sorry!)


Inentional draw.




Quarterfinals vs. Yveltal/Garbodor (Tobias Thesing)


Game 1: I didn't draw into my supporters for quite a lot of turns and couldn't even use Florges EX's 'Lead' attack due to Hypnotoxic Laser. I couldn't come back from this terrible opening.


Game 2: Same sitiation. Even tough I could make a comeback a little faster. He went ham with his Yveltal EX, but I couldn't punish him because I didn't draw the necessary energy to OHKO Yveltal EX.




I think fairy decks aren't too bad for tournament play, mostly because of their very good matchup against the everpresent Donphan deck. The only autoloss matchup I would consider for the fairy deck is Bronzong/Dialga EX, but its pretty rare (atleast in my area), so you'd just hope to dodge it.


See you all soon,

Marc Lutz

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