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Toad: Still Quaking the Format

Everyone thought that after LTC was banned Seismitoad was de-throned from king of the Format and reduced to the peasants of Teir 2(no offense Flareon.) But, could it climb it's way back up and at least be in the same kingdom?

06/20/2015 by Carter Keith

Toad, hate it or love it, we all know that it's a force to be reconed with. With Lysandre's Trump Card gone, Toad/Shaymin and ToadPuff just deck out too easily, taking out two of it's best variants. But, now we still have some variants left that could help Toad make a surprising comeback. 

First one, the dreaded Toad/Crawdaunt.

Or as I like to call it, Toad/Crawfish. Never mind that sounds like a dish from Red Lobster.

That's right, everyone hates it, and now it's back. The strategy is to maintain a good board position by using Toad to lock items and Hammers and Crawdaunt to discard energies. And everyone though ToadPuff was bad. So, it takes the key to Seismitoad, disruption. The universal rule to Pokemon(from Black and White on) is that if you don't have any energy you can't attack. Don't worry, you're also Item locked so forget using Mega Turbo and Spirit Link to mount a comeback. Like I just said, you though ToadPuff was bad. But, if you get energy onto your field before your opponent can start streaming Crawdaunts, then you break that lock and usually win.

Carter Rating: 7/10

Love makes everything better in Toad/Jynx

Before we start, I have a question. In what world does kissing someone heal physical damage on them? If it was that simple then I would kiss my cards and no one could stop me. Is it magic or somekind of genetic thing or...never mind I don't think I want to know.


Toad/Jynx also tries to maintain a good board position, but in a different way. This time, it relies on healing your Toads using Jynx's ability and recycling Pokemon Center Lady with VS Seeker. Also, with Munna you can prevent your opponent from attacking for a turn and get a free turn of healing. But, Silent Lab shuts it off. Poor Jynx has to be locked in the lab away from it's love interests, or any Pokemon for that matter. 

Carter Rating: 5/10

Finally, Toad/Manectric/Bats

Ok, that title is too long. How about BatMan/Toad? That's easier so I'll go with it.

BatMan/Toad uses Bats to do damage to get easier kills with Quaking Punch. Along with that you have Manectric as a backup attacker, which helps some match-ups like VirGen and other Toad decks. Along with that, since you use Electric and Water types, why not run Rough Seas? So, the basis of this deck is just do damage while using Seismitoad's lock. But, if your opponent can heal damage then you pretty much lose.

Carter Rating: 4/10


Through the ban of Trump Card, these variants can still make a good run at a Nationals or even Worlds. Seismitoad is just too good to just fizzle out now and these decks could save this Seismic Amphibian. So what have we learned, Seismitoad is not dead. What have we not learned, why Jynx's kisses can heal damage. Until next time, this has been Carter.


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