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The Electric Tail of Raichu-Looking at why Raichu may be the Best Deck of the Format

I love Raichu XY. It counters a lot of lightning weak decks, like Yveltal and Rayquaza. But now, could it be more than just a card to counter. I'll talk about different variants of Raichu and which one I think is the best.

06/16/2015 by Carter Keith

We meet again, 60cards readers. As you can probably tell, this article is about Raichu, but I don't know what gave it away. I made the title, perex, and header background as subtle as possible. Anyway, when Raichu first came out, so did Yveltal and people played it to counter decks, even sometimes appearing alongside the dark bird itself. But now, with Roaring Skies released it gets Sky Field to make it powerful enough to become it's own deck, with many variants, so let's look at some.

Starting off the list, Raichu/Bats

Everyone knows about the cat and the mouse, but how about the BAT and the mouse? I'm talking Raichu, Golbat, Crobat.

Raichu/Bats tries to do a lot of damage through Raichu's Circle Circit and Bats to do damage and get KOs easily.

Next is Raichu/Ninetales

This deck was piloted by the talented Andrew Mohone to a second place finish in Swiss at Wisconsin Regionals. The reason this deck is so good that is that Raichu relies on Sky Field, and even though you run 4, if someone bumps it, you have to discard three Pokemon. But with Ninetales, you have 8 Pokemon unless they get Knocked Out. You can also take advantage of Ninetales DRX, which was reprinted as a promo, which has the Bright Look ability, which is like a free Lysandre. Here's my list:

Finally we have Raichu/Leafeon

Raichu/Leafeon was created when Roaring Skies first became legal just purely as a counter deck, with Raichu countering Rayquaza and Yveltal while Leafeon was good against Seismitoad, Primal Groudon, and Primal Kyogre.

But now, Which One is the Best

If you want to play Raichu, I say test with all of these and see which one you like the best, but for now I'll tell you my opinion.

3. Raichu/Leafeon


-Counters a lot of popular decks

-Two attackers


-Rayquaza, Seismitoad, and Yveltal aren't as popular anymore

-If it comes across a deck that it isn't meant to counter, then it's at a disadvantage.

2. Raichu/Bats


-Large damage output

-Abilities are used by a Psychic Pokemon, meaning that Wobbuffet can't shut it off

-Bats all can retreat for free

-Easily gets a lot of basics


-If Sky Field gets bumped, you have to discard three bench Pokemon, meaning usually Raichus, Pikachus, or Bats

-Slow to set up


1. Raichu/Ninetales


-Locks Sky Field in play

-Takes advantage of Ninetales DRX



-One attacker

-Damage Caps at 180 with Muscle Band


With Skyfield, Raichu became a lot better. Not only does it do more damage, it lets it have more partners. Also, there's nothing wrong with using another partner for Raichu. Remember, these aren't the only parters that Raichu is good with, just some of the popular ones. Until next time, good luck at Nationals and Worlds and this is Carter signing off.

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