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Carter Keith

Na Na Na Na BATMAN!!!

A deeper look into Manectric/Bats

05/08/2015 by Carter Keith

Let's look at BatMan!

See, he has the hat, and the face, and oh never mind.

Why BatMan(other than it's cool name)?

Manectric is a lightning type, which means that it's great against Yveltal and M Rayquaza(colorless). Also, Bat's can snipe knockouts that your opponent might want to avoid. For example, 3 Crobats KOs a Jirachi.

How about my BatMan?

Card choices

4 Manectric: Simple, do damage with Manectric.

4-3-3 Bat Line: I wanted to have 4-4-3, but I needed Jirachi. But, the current line works just as well because you have AZ and Super Scoop Up to help.

2 Seismitoad: BatMan has a bad matchup against Seismitoad decks, so this helps your Seismitoad matchup. Also, it takes advantage of Rough Seas.

Rough Seas: We need a stadium to counter Virbank City and Skyfield. Rough Seas takes care of the poison and other damage done to Manectric and Seismitoad

Other choices

Thundurus w/Silver Bangle: This combo is Head Ringer your opponent and attach a Silver Bangle so Thundurus can OHKO Yveltal for a non-EX.

Shaymin: Shaymin adds consistency to your deck to help stream Bats. 


BatMan isn't just fun, but also powerful. 

Why should I play it?

[+3] ok


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