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Looking Into The Future- A peak at Next Format

I'll talk about what I expect to be the top performing decks for next year.

05/15/2015 by Carter Keith


I am anticipating the next format to be XY-On for the following reasons

- Four sets come out a year, so they have to cycle out the four oldest sets, in our case, Boundaries Crossed, Plasma Storm, Plasma Freeze, and Plasma Blast.

- It can't be LGT-On because Lugia-EX needs Plasma Energy to attack and there will be no Plasma Energy to attack with. And since Pokemon makes most of it's sales off of EXs, I don't think they want a dead EX in the format.

Also, I don't know what will be in our next set, Bandit Rings or the set after that.

Moving On...

So, with that out of the way, let's start already!


Needed a little help from this guy!

What we loose

Probably the most important things we loose are Hypno Toxic Laser and Virbank City Gym, or LaserBank. This takes most of the damage out of Seismitoad and stops Yveltal from doing a ton of damage. 

Aside from that, we loose archetypes like VirGen, Flareon, Donphan, and Exeggutor. But let's look at what will change about our format

  • It will be slowed with no Landorus or Mewtwo
  • Non-EX decks could start to see play
  • Most decks will go for straight-foward damage because LaserBank can't support 30 damage attacks.

Speaking of 30 damage attacks...

New Seismitoad, or in our case, Worse Seismitoad

Seismitoad looses HypnoToxic Laser and Virbank, so it's harder to two shot EXs. However, with the help of Bats, it can. Bat drops can do damage to make it easier to do damage. But, I don't see it seeing a lot of play because of Trevenant...whoops, spoilers.

Hitmontop: Spinning it's Way to The Top

Everyone loves Donphan, unless you don't play it. But, Donphan is rotating, so let's use the next best thing, Hitmontop. Hitmontop does the same damage, and it's first attack let's you draw a card can get you out of bad situations. Also, it's a Basic. But, it takes more energies, but only a double colorless more. 

Team Magma: Bringing back the Top Deck From 2004

Team Magma is almost identical to the Team Magma deck from 2004. Your main attacker is Magma's Groudon and Team Magma's Hideout to place damage on your opponents Pokemon. To power up Groudon you use a combonination of Camerupt to get energy out of the discard and Claydol to move the energies to Groudon. And you have Zangoose as a non-EX attacker. A deck very similar to this won worlds for all three divisions in 2004, but that was in a different format. But, I think with less EX's in the format, the metagame will be slowed. 

Chopping the competition with Mega Gallade

 M Gallade does 110 and thirty to all bench Pokemon with damage on them. The problem is, they have to have damage on them. To combat this problem, I decided to run Forretress. Forretress's ability is that when you put it down, you can put a damage counter on all of your opponents Pokemon. This is a strategy where you do bench damage. But, if this deck gets too popular. People could start playing Mountain Ring to counter it.

The critters are marching!

Night March has seen play since it was released, and it dosen't loose a lot to the rotation.  The only thing is loses is Mew, but with Landorus gone, I don't think it's that much of a problem. Also, Joltik has a great matchup with Rayquaza(colorless) and Yveltal. But, Trevenant shuts down Battle Compressor, even it goes first...oops, I mentioned Trevenant again.

Drayquaza is heating up the competition

I compare Drayquaza to CMT from 2012. It uses Reshiram to accelerate energies to M Rayquaza and M Rayquaza OHKOs. Also, Mega Turbo can get energies back after you discard them. Also, with Max Potion gone, Fairy decks will go down in play. But, it's slow and runs out of steam easily.

The Dark Bird's Last Format

Yveltal has been ruling over the format for two formats, and I finally think that it's been taken down a peg. It gains almost nothing from Roaring Skies, but loses LaserBank, Darkrai, and Garbodor. Now these could be reprinted, but I highly doubt they'll reprint HypnoToxic Laser and Virbank while Seismitoad is in the format. 

The Haunted Tree's Lock

Trevenant used to see play in Donphan, but was dropped for basic walls. Now, with Wally in the format, it will probably start to see play. With Wally, Trevenant can set up an item lock even if it goes first, something Seismitoad can't do. And even though it can't attack when it goes second, it has better damage output that Seismitoad. Also, it's not an EX, so your opponent can't just knock out three. But, a Darkness weakness is horrible with Yveltal.

An interesting card in this deck is Absol. I love Absol so much, especially in this deck. Absol can move some of the damage you do to the bench so that with a Muscle Band you can two shot EXs.

Finally, Colorless Mega Rayquaza

Since my last article about it, I've tested with this deck more. First I can say, it is really strong, meaning that when I went second, I had no problem doing 240 on my first turn. With Shaymin and Skyfield, you are drawing tons of cards and keeping the Pokemon you need on the bench. Also, the only real weakness it has is that Dragon M Rayquaza one shots it, but even then you still usually get set up first. Is it as overpowering as people think. Almost. The only thing stopping this deck is missing the turn one Emerald Break, which you can do turn two with almost no downsides. But, with a consistent list, all you really need is a Shaymin and a Sycamore. 

For this version, I ran Arromatisse because if a Rayquaza is getting low on health, move the fairy energy and attach a double colorless.


As I see it, Colorless Mega Rayquaza will rule the format, but Trevenant decks will be played to counter them with the first turn item lock. But, if a deck can withstand Rayquaza's first turn and then come back and knock out Rayquaza, then you could do well. I think that Mega Rayquaza is too fast and powerful for any other deck to do well. But I thought I would tell you about what's out there. Until next time, this has been Carter.

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