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M Rayquaza Deck Analysis

Today we'll take a look at the new deck from Emerald Break, Mega Rayquaza! I hope you enjoy!

05/01/2015 by Carter Keith

Hi 60Cards readers.

I'm sure all of you are excited for the release of Emerald Break and Roaring Skies. I'll talk about the M Rayquaza deck.

P.S. I used the Japanese version of the cards because the english cards were blurry.

M Rayquaza

Mega Rayquaza's first attack does 30x the number of your bench Pokemon in play. "Do The Wave" Pokemon have seen some success in the past, for example, Empoleon, but M Rayquaza is different. It does more damage, has more HP, and has a lot of buffs for it.

Basics of M Rayquaza


M Rayquaza is a mega Pokemon, so it has a Basic, Rayquaza EX. I suggest the colorless over the dragon, because it's first attack for 1 colorless energy, it does 10, and if the defending Pokemon's and EX, it does 50 more. 

Another good thing about M Rayquaza is that it has Delta Evolution, so it can Mega Evolve on the first turn. Also, with Spirit Link, you can mega evolve without ending their turn.

What makes M Rayquaza Different

I honestly think that this is the most important additional card for Mega Rayquaza. It give Rayquaza the speed and consistency that makes it able to constantly get a one turn M Rayquaza. Shaymin's ability let's you draw until you have six cards in your hand. So, you can draw a lot without having to use your supporter for the turn.

I think that Winnona is almost as important as Shaymin. Winnona let's you search for three colorless Pokemon. This can get you Rayquaza, M Rayquaza, and Shaymin.


Next up is Skyfield. Skyfield lets each player have up to eight bench Pokemon in play. M Rayquaza can do up to 180 damage without counting your opponent's bench. Also, remember that Winnona can help fill your bench and Shaymin can run through your deck.

Last on my list is Mega Turbo. This item card let's you attach a basic energy from your discard pile to one of your Mega Pokemon. So now, M Rayquaza can get powered up in one turn with a Double Colorless and a Mega Turbo.


1. Altaria: Altaria prevents M Rayquaza from Lightning types like Manectric and Raichu. However, if Lightning isn't played much, then you could take the line out for consistency.

2. Virizion: Remember something, you still need basic energy in order for Mega Turbo to work, so why not use Grass, and if you use Grass, then use Virizion. Setting Rayquaza to sleep or Paralyzing it can really hurt it, so you can get rid of your worries with Virizion.


3. Aromatisse w/ Max Potion: If you don't run Grass and Virizion, then try Aromatisse with Max Potion. This strategy can make your Rayquazas last longer.


Someone commented in my last article about Yveltal against M Rayquaza, so I'll answer it.


M Rayquaza has a 65-35 matchup, in M Rayquaza's favor. The only thing that Yveltal has to defend itself is Seismitoad, if their playing it. Also if they play Hammers and Head Ringers, then if could be a tough matchup if you don't set up fast enough.


M Rayquaza has a 80-20 to a 20-80 matchup. It comes down to one thing, who goes first. If M Rayquaza goes first, they at least need a Spirit Link and anything else is great. But, then you can't spirit link any because Seismitoad starts Quaking Punching. But if Seismitoad goes first, they can Head Ringer the Rayquaza and they can't Spirit Link them and they need another energy attachment or another Mega Turbo. But Rayquaza can recover if they can get another Rayquaza and a Spirit Link right away.


Rayquaza has a field day with VirGen. It destroys Virizions and Genesects and it's faster. But, Red Signal can bring up Shaymins and Megalo Cannon can knock them out. But, then Rayquaza knock out the Pokemon that knocked it out.

Anything else

Rayquaza beats pretty much everything else because it's fast and powerful.

My list

In this list I'm running Virizion to counter special conditions. I feel this helps a lot against Seismitoad. Also, I'm running a higher than normal amount of Winnona because it's just so powerful on turn one.


I think that M Rayquaza will be a strong archetype once Roaring Skies is legal. You should definetly consider it when deciding what deck to play or play against. Until next time, I hope you do well at your upcoming tournaments.

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