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Top 10 Decks from States

Hey guys. Remember that this is my list. Feel free to disagree in the comments.

04/18/2015 by Carter Keith

Hey guys. This is my second article and this time, it's about my top 10 decks from States 2015.  Now, to the list!

Number 10

Number 10 is Night March. It's fast, powerful, yet fragile.

Pros: Fast, Powerful, OHKOs

Cons: Fragile, Bad Against Decks That Do Bench Damage, Bad Against Toad, Bad Against Non-EX Decks

Overall: It isn't as good as people think it is, but still an OK deck to play. 

Number 9

Number 9 is Primal Kyogre. This deck has started popping up around the end of States.

Pros: OHKOs, Powerful, Flexible, A Lot Of Good Matchups, Long Lasting Attackers, Bench Damage

Cons: Slow, Bad VirGen Matchup, Runs Out Of Energies Fast

Overall: Strong and bulky, but is slow and runs out of energy fast.

Number 8

Number 8 on the list is Fairy Toolbox. This deck used to be on top, but then Phantom Forces came out with Enhanced Hammer.

Pros: Can OHKO, Flexible, Long Lasting Attackers, Lot's Of Different Types To Cover Weaknesses, Heal Damage

Cons: Slow, Bad Toad Matchups, Relys on a 90-HP Stage 1

Overall: If your opponent is playing a fast deck, a deck that does 180+ damage, or an Item lock deck you probably won't win. But if your opponent isn't playing one of these decks, you have an even to favorable matchup, most of the time.

Number 7

Landorus/Bats is number 7. Some may remember this deck from my last article. This deck is powerful, strong, and fast.

Pros: Fast, Strong, Bench Damage

Cons: Bad Matchups, Needs A Lot Of Cards To 2HKO

Overall: It's strong, KOs easily, but it has bad matchups and needs a large amout of cards to OHKO 

Number 6

Donphan used to be the best deck in the format, but now it's number 6. Oh well.

Pros: Strong, Walls, Non-EXs

Cons: Bad Matchups, Slow

Overall: A great deck, but its cons outweigh its pros.

Number 5

Now we're at number 5, half way through! Number 5 is Exeggutor. This deck shuts off supporters for your opponent with Blockade. 

Pros: Blocks Supporters, Virizion, Genesect, Dragalge, Electrode, Hammers, Cancer Engine, Probagation, Non-EX Attacker

Cons: Super Slow, Inconsistent

Overall: This is a great deck if you get it set up. If you get it set up, you will probably win, but if not, Exeggcutes only have 30 HP, making it a bad starter.

Number 4

Flareon. I remember before Florida regionals Flareon was a budget deck. Now they cost the same amount as Yveltal-EX.

Pros: Non-EXs, Type Advantages, Versitile

Cons: Lysandre's Trump Card, Almost Unwinable Against Seismitoad

Overall: A great and fun deck to play. This deck really depends on the kind of deck your opponent's playing. For example, Seismitoad/Slurpuff with Lysandre's Trump Card and Hammers is almost unwinable. But against Virizion/Genesect, Flareon will almost always win.

Number 3

Virizion/Genesect has been Slashing and Canonning and Boosting since Plasma Blast became legal. It even won worlds. So it's been doing well for almost three years.

Pros: Energy Acceleration, OHKO With G Booster, Red Signal, Verdant Wind, Great Against Toad

Cons: Bad Matchups, Slow

Overall: With some good matchups and powerful attacks, this deck is great if your area is right. If your area is full of Seismitoad, then expect to do well with this deck. But, if your area has a lot of Night March, Flareon, and other non-EX decks, then you probably won't do well.

Number 2 

Number 2 is Yveltal/Seismitoad. This was been one of the most popular decks for more than two years, so it's great but expected.

Pros: Evil Ball is one of the best attacks in the format, Y Cyclone Preserves Energies, Seismitoad Locks Item Cards, Resistence to Fighting, Free Retreat with Darkrai, Basic Yveltal Can Accelerate Energies

Cons: Lightning Weakness, Hard To OHKO, Mewtwo Can Revenge Kill If You Have Too Many Energies

Overall: The deck is pretty good at getting set up. It also is great at doing damage. And, Yveltal has a resistance to decks like Dohnphan and Landorus/Bats. But it has come weaknesses that makes it number 2. 

Number 1

Raise your hand if you saw this deck winning. Uh-huh, almost everyone. Great. Anyway, Seismitoad is probably the best Pokemon in the format right now. I chose the Slurpuff variant because it's seen the best results and I personally have the most experience iwht it. But what makes it so good? 

Pros: Item Lock, 2HKO with Band and LaserBank, Slurpuff Draw, Water Makes It Good Against Landorus, Flareon, and Donphan, OHKOs Joltiks and Pumpkaboos

Cons: Bad against Virizion/Genesect, In a Disadvantage If Your Opponent Quaking Punches First


So what do you think. Please comment with your opinions and like if you want to see more of my articles(maybe a top list for Spring Regionals?). Until then, have a good time Pokemoning!

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