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My obsession over bats

How ironic that my dad is afraid of bats!

03/27/2015 by Carter Keith

Crobat/Golbat have been flying away with victories ever since St. Louis Regionals. But now, it's time to closely examine the bats.

First up is the Regional winning deck: Landorus/Bats

This deck is powerful because Landorus with Muscle Band+Strong Energy+Fighting Stadium is 90 to the active and 30 to the bench, but with Bats, you can set up knock outs and get OHKOs. But, it seriously struggles with Seismitaod, which is what we'll talk about next.

Seismitoad is just BROKEN. Oh my gosh, item lock with the potential to 2HKO, now easier with Crobat. Because Quaking Punch+Muscle Band+Laser+Crobat=90, or a 2HKO on most EXs. Also, Manectric can be a creat finisher for big damage output. 

Speaking of huge damage output, Wobbuffet can do massive damage for one energy.

Wobbuffet can do tons of damage, but only with tons of damage on the opponents Pokemon, but Wobbuffet can attack for one energy with Dimension Valley. So let's do some math!2 Golbat+1 Crobat+Wobbuffet=150 and with Muscle Band 170 or Silver Bangle 180. And Chandelure can set up KOs, and Mewtwo is just overall great. 

So what do you think. Thank you for reading.

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