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The Bug's New Friends - Which Techs can help VirGen to keep up with the new format

David Hochmann talking about Virizion Genesect in the new format and which cards you can add in order to keep up with the speed of fighting decks.

09/21/2014 by David Hochmann

Hey guys, my name is David Hochmann and in this article I'm going to talk about the Virizion Genesect deck in the BrC-FFi format.

For all of you who don't know what the Virizion Genesect deck (VirGen) is here are the cards the deck is built around:

So you basically just try to attack with Emerald Slash turn two and then KO your opponents Pokemon with Megalo Cannon and G Booster. Red Signal is a huge advantage in every match up and Virizion EX' Ability hinders your opponent from playing Hypnotoxic Laser and you don't have to fear sleep, confusion and paralyze like other decks.
Here is a list which just contains the most important cards:


+17 other cards (at least one non ex pokemon)

Like I said the list only contains cards you really need.
Here are my suggestions for cards you can add:


1. Shaymin EX

Shaymin EX became an extremely strong Pokemon with the introduction of Muscle Band, because it can deal 170 damage after your opponent draw four prize cards. With it's energy cost it's a cheaper alternative of G Booster in order to one hit KO your opponents Pokemon. When you started with Shaymin EX, which is a bad situation because of it's 110 HP, you still have the option to attack with Synthesis. Another nice fact about the card is it's fighting resistance which might become game changing with the new fighting support making fighting a strong deck you can face.

2. Mr. Mime

Landorus EX is going strong and Kyurem is still a thing so Mr Mime should be mentioned. An important fact about building a VirGen deck is that there is at least one non Ex Pokemon, so you have the option to put it in the active spot and let your opponent step into the seven prize trap while gaining one extra turn.

3. Mewtwo EX

M2VirGen is a version of this deck I really like at the moment. With adding like two Mewtwo and two DCE you have easy outs to KO opponents Mewtwo EX and Lucario EX. I had some problems with Lucario EX because of the speed and consistency of this deck, they can easily two hit KO your Virizion EX so I really like the option to KO the Lucario EX back with my Mewtwo EX.
And you can still just hitting Pokemon for a little damage like 80 in order to get the second hit with Megalo Cannon.

4. Beartic

Just like Lucario EX, it's very hard for VirGen to keep up with Landorus EX' speed so I think a Landorus EX tech is a nice thing to add here. At the second place Beartic is able to OHKO opponents Pyroar while its hard for Pyroar to OHKO the Beartic again, so with a strong Beartic line and some Muscle Bands you can make your Pyroar match up even.

5. Seismitoad EX

Seismitoad is a very annoying card which can win you games in a lot of situations. With 180 HP and the fact that it can attack for a DCE its bulky, fast and can be played out very surprisingly. Just like Beartic it's like a Landorus EX counter, but it is a basic Pokemon and you can use it in more situations. Especially in combination with Red Signal, Seismitoad can win you some turns.

6. Jynx

Jynx is not the non ex Pokemon of the first choice, but I found out that it can be very nice in some situations. I tried out running three of them which ended up being surprisingly strong, but when you don't believe in Mr. Mime as a one off non EX Pokemon, try out Jynx.

7. Jirachi EX

Yeah this Pokemon can be played in pretty much every deck, with it's ability you can get a supporter when you just have an Ultra Ball. I personally don't really like it, because there is so much Lysandre around and I always run a low amount of Basic Pokemon which raises the chance of starting with Jirachi EX.

8. Deoxys EX

110 damage is very good, because it makes you able to Knock out an 180 HP Pokemon (like Landorus EX or Lucario EX) after you attacked with an Emerald Slash for 70. 130 is a very common HP for non EX hitter like Yveltal or Kyurem. Some Seismitoad decks run Reshiram against VirGen which can be countered by Deoxys EX as well.
(You can deal 210 with G Booster as well which is enough to KO every Mega Pokemon after you shot 20 on them btw)


1. Shauna

I am one of the people who prefer Shauna than Colress, especially in VirGen, because you really need a good turn one and in the late game you usually don't have a lot benched Pokemon anyways.

2. Colress

There are a lot of people who play three Virizion EX (I saw some people playing four as well) and when you have a lot of Basics in general, Colress is a nice additional Supporter card for the late game.

3. Lysandre

Even though you have Red Signal, Lysandre isn't that bad in the deck, because you don't have to waste the energy attachment and when you have a lot of other Pokemon in your deck this can be very nice.


1. Bicycle

Bicycle adds a lot of consistency to your deck, you aren't that vulnerable to N and you have an extra chance of drawing into Shadow Triad or any other card you need.

2. Startling Megaphone

This is a nice card against Garbodor decks, but it gives you a lot of advantages against every deck which plays Tool, which is pretty much every deck in the format.

3. Potion

There are a lot of deck which can easily and fast two hit KO you, an easy way to deal with that I Potion. The most common example should be Lucario EX and Landorus EX, which can be slowed down by potion very well.

4. Max Potion

While Potion prevents your Pokemon from being two hit KO'ed, Max Potion is usually used to heal up a Pokemon which got the first hit and then sat on the bench with a low amount of energy cards, in order to prevent it from being pulled in the active spot from by Lysandre, Red Signal or Pokemon Catcher. Max Potion is very nice when you run Mewtwo EX and/or Seismitoad EX, because they often end up on your bench without energy cards after they got hit by your opponents attack. With G Booster and Energy Switch Max Potion is a very nice card to play in this deck.

5. Hypnotoxic Laser (and Virbank City Gym)

With Laser, Virbank and Muscle Band Virizion EX can deal 100 Damage and then you can deal 70 again. When you just have Muscle Band and Laser you can deal 80, which is a nice number because you can deal 100 with Genesect EX. When you did the 80 damage and your opponent wasn't able to get rid of the poison you can deal 170 damage while attacking two times with Virizion EX and powering up your benched Pokemon. So Laser allows you to two hit KO opponents Pokemon with Virizion which is a huge advantage, because you can charge your Pokemon, but with Laserbank you can deal up to 150 damage with Megalo Cannon, which is enough for pretty much every non EX Pokemon and when your opponent already got 20 damage from Megalo Cannon you can KO 170 HP Pokemon (when you decided to run Deoxys EX you can KO 180 HP Pokemon that way too, and with more Deoxys EX, you know, more damage).
So both straight Hypnotoxic Laser and Laserbank can give you nice options. (When you just play Hypnotoxic Laser, you can get the extra 20 in match ups which play Virbank themselves)

6. Pokemon Catcher

Another card which is not really necessary, but Catcher can be very surprising and it opens you turns like, Catcher DCE G Booster and next turn you can Red Signal something. There are a lot of situations where Pokemon Catcher can be very huge.

7. Town Map

You always need G-Booster, so you should be able to get it fast out of the prize cards. And even though G-Booster is not prized, knowing your prizes cards gives you a the opportunity to draw the cards you need in the right situation when they are prized.

8. Colress Machine

With Colress Machine you can retreat your Genesect EX and you can charge it fast for a G-Booster. Depending on the situation a turn two Megalo Cannon can be more important than a turn two Emerald Slash, so I would consider running Colress Machine at least one time.

9. Energy Retrieval

You are constantly discarding energy cards, and without Super Rod Energy Retrieval is the best option to get energies from your discard pile back.


1. Double Colorless Energy

When you tech Mewtwo, Seismitoad or Beartic you should think about adding some Double Colorless Energy cards. They are not just charging these techs faster, they can used for Genesect EX' G-Booster attack.

2. Herbal Energy

First of all you have to keep in mind that you cannot attach Herbal Energy with Emerald Slash, but when you just play Grass Energy cards you can add like two or three Herbal Energys.

Additional important cards:

Virizion EX:

You need two, that's it. When you don't like it run three, but I would never run four. In fact the perfect few turns for VirGen is starting with Genesect, putting Virizion EX onto the bench with an energy card and then turn two you switch Virizion with Genesect EX, play another Genesect EX and grass energy to attack with Emerald Slash. This way your Virizion EX won't get damage and you can charge a Genesect EX without damage on it.

Shadow Triad:

Like I said before you really need G-Booster to win, but recovering Plasma Energies can be important as well. Not just Plasma Energies can be get back with Shadow Triad, but Genesect EX, Colress and Colress Machine as well.

Muscle Band:

Muscle Band is so important when you are combating with 170 HP Pokemon, but against the other decks you need your Muscle Bands. Because of that reason I usually run three Muscle Band, when you always get them in the right Situation two are enough, but three is the count of my choice.

Energy Switch:

Similar to Muscle Band, Energy Switch is a very important card which can be played two times, but should be played three times. I had some builds with four of them which was very nice, the only problem are the other cards you cannot have.

Switching Cards:

Without Skyarrow Bridge in the format, I started running more switching cards
like four or five. How many Switch ar Escape Rope you play is just play style I think, both have pro and contra arguments on their side.

Grass Energy:

There is no Super Rod in the format anymore so you will need more Grass Energy cards than before. I am running 15 energy cards in my build most common at the moment, so when you aren't running any DCEs play like 10 (when you run Energy Retrieval) or 11 (when you are not running it) Grass Energy cards.

This should be everything you should know about building a VirGen deck.
Here are some of my builds:

The Idea behind this deck was to have outs for healing damage against Fighting decks. Against other decks you can still use the Jynx and Potions depending on the situation, the reason why I decided to not play cards like Floette or Cherrim is that Basic Pokemon are more consistent than evolved Pokemon.

I tried to add some alternative hitter in this deck and with five different Pokemon EX there should be enough options. With Red Signal and Seismitoad you can lock up things and Mewtwo can OHKO some things or set up a two hit KO for just one Energy card.

The other lists didn't have any outs against Pyroar, but this list does. Like I said before Beartic is nice against Landorus EX as well and against everything else you still have the VirGen Stuff.

That's all what I want to say about VirGen, just try out some of the lists and make them fitting to your play style and Meta game or try out something complete new.
Thank for reading and have a nice day.


David Hochmann

Here you can find my YouTube channel:

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