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The Germans strike again!

an ECC 3rd place report

02/13/2015 by David Hochmann

Hello 60cards readers 

The ECC has come and gone, and I was able to finish 3rd, making the top cut a 4th time in a row. Though, this wasn't the only success, as my friend and testing partner Niklas Lehner-Rappel won the entire event! Guess our “Rappelmann” project turned out to be quite the success. In this article I will discuss the evolution of our Virizion/Genesect/Golbat deck; why we chose to play the deck like we did, and of course the details of each game I played this weekend. 


The Deck Idea

Meta Game Predictions Final List

The Tournament

Final Standings

Final Thoughts 

The Deck Idea 

On the first of January I made the trip cross country and visited my friends Philip and Robin. There were other decent German players too, like Merlin Quiteck and Nico Alabas as the aftermath of our New Year celebrations winded down. We began by playing older formats, like MD-CoL and HL-HP, but quickly decided it was time to test relevant formats. We started playing standard, and I was on a Virizion/ Genesect deck (with a 1-1 Drifblim line). I don't even remember why but, while I was playing against Donphan I wanted to use Golbat at some point, so I cut the Drifblim for a 1-1 Golbat line. Then we played with the Golbat inclusion. 

It was actually pretty cool, though, most of the time Drifblim would have had similar effect.

So good

A few days later I told Niklas the idea and he thought it had potential, so he tested it a bit. Though I felt it wasn’t strong enough, and focused on what type of Donphan list to play for the ECC. 

While doing a live stream for 60cards I remembered my idea and played a heavier Line with 3-2-2 Crobat and a few Super Scoop Ups. It turned out to be pretty bad so I abandoned the idea. 

Later Niklas messaged me again and said that the deck worked well with a 2-2 Golbat line, and I trust Niklas’ ability enough that I immediately rebuilt the deck another time to test it again. I quickly realized how strong the 20 damage could be in other match ups, like Yveltal or the mirror match. No one seemed to run any healing cards, so the fact that you can nearly knock out Pokemon and take knock outs later became what I loved about the deck. I always hated N and Golbat was in my opinion the best “counter” that I could think of. Compared to Electrode, it has offensive power as well. Also, my favorite thing was Zubat's Free Flight Ability which gives it 0 retreat cost, making it the best starter Pokemon in the history of Virizion Genesect. When it dies, it's good because of the 7 prize trap, when it survives you have free retreat. Win win. 

The last step my deck surpassed was the testing weekend with Niklas Lehnert-Rappel (who won in the masters division), Marc Lutz (the 2014 ECC champion), Phillip Hombach (who won in the Senior division) and Chriso Amanatidis (He whiffes the Top Cut every year, but is a decent player, who doesn't have so much time). 

Marc Lutz had his very own version of the deck, with Bicycles and Lysandre's Trump card and Niklas and me had our list, which after Niklas hyped it, involved one Crobat as well. After the testing weekend I added Crobat and Town Map to my deck, cutting Colress Machine and Colress. Town Map gives the deck more consistency in the late game, since you can always get the cards you need from the prize cards (I think I don't need to mention the obvious synergy with G Booster) and during the testing I was able to draw 4 prize cards in one turn 50% of the time, because I was able to see my prize cards.

We tested my “Perfect Donphan”, which in hindsight was far from perfect, Marc's Fairy Toolbox and we helped Phillip with his Straight Yveltal deck as well. Ultimately though, the only deck we liked was Virizion Genesect, because of it's extreme consistency.

So my deck was pretty much finished and I felt very confident after all. 

Meta Game Predictions

Of course there were still a few changes I could have made, so I tried to think which decks would most likely be played. I actually just read Joao Lopes' Article in this blog, and as I thought, the most played decks from cities were Straight Yveltal, Donphan and Virizion Genesect decks. Mega Manectric decks were very common in Germany and other parts of Europe, so I needed to prepare for them as well. So with a 2-2-1 Crobat line instead of Deoxys for using G Booster to deal more than 210 damage in order to against Manectric decks, I had some good outs. 

The only decks with Flare Tools I expected were Seismitoad decks and Yveltal decks. Attaching your own tools as soon as possible is the only valid play against Seismitoad, and it worked very well against Yveltal Ex as well.

I thought Donphan would see some play as well, so I decided to run the 2-2-1 line for consistency and to use Golbat's ability multiple times. Against Donphan we found out that you just have to target all the ability damage to a Hawlucha to draw 2 prizes at once at some point. Crobat dealing 50 damage with a Muscle Band while having Fighting Resistance was a very nice Hawlucha counter as it is able to annoy your opponent, when you employ it while there is a substitute active.

I didn't expect much Yveltal Garbodor at all, and I thought decks like Night March or Tool Drop would be very unpopular too. 

the 3 bad boys

Final List VirGenBat

So the reason for the 2-2-1 Crobat line was explained above. Forconsistency, there was no question for me to play anything other than 4 Skyla, 4 Sycamore (not a huge fan of Juniper’s hairstyle), 4 N (so good in the Crobat version), 3 VS Seeker and a Jirachi EX.

I only played 3 Virizion EX in my first Virizion Genesect deck, I won the Arena Cup with, but I realized that you only need 2. With Head Ringer’s introduction to the format, I decided to run a 3rd one again, because I want to get them more often and I need to attach a Muscle Band early to them in a lot of match ups - and when my Virizion EX get's a Head Ringer I'd need another Virizion EX and an Energy Switch so I went for 3 Virizion EX. The original list had 4 Genesect EX, because I don't want 2 of them being prized and to have one to get damage in the first turns. But I cut the 4th one for a Town Map, which I explained earlier. 

So I had 28 cards left to put in the deck. I hate the idea of running Energy Retrieval so 10 Grass and 4 Plasma Energy is a must, and I already told you that I am relying on Muscle Band so I had to play 3 of them as well. In order to facilitate G Booster better and just move dead Energy cards around 3 Energy Switch was also staple. I played 4 switching cards in every of my Virizion Genesect decks, but with Zubat being the best starter and having an additional Virizion I decided to cut one down for a total of 3. During testing I always had 2 Escape Rope and 1 Switch, but I talked about it with Niklas and we decided to go for 2 Switch and 1 Escape Rope one day before the tournament. G Booster, at least one Shadow Triad and Professor's Letter are a must too. So the whole deck came down to 58 cards that I have to play. And the only 2 not must cards I played in the end were Enhanced Hammer for the Donphan and Yveltal Match Up. 

Niklas cut a 1-1-1 Crobat line out of the deck to add a Colress, a Lysandre and Tool Retriever, which was the main reason why he won in the finals. He told me that he is playing the deck this way, but I was still convinced by Crobat's strength, which was going to win me more games than Tool Retriever would have.Marc Lutz completely scrapped everything from the Zubat line for 3 Bicycles, a Shaymin EX and a Max Potion. He played Trump Card, too. 

The Tournament 

I arrived in Arnhem at the Postillion hotel, Friday. After some time I was driven to the Stay Okay, where I met Niklas and the other guys from Bavaria who stayed in my room. They arrived in Arnhem 5 hours earlier than me, but struggled to find the hostel, since it was very well hidden. We met Hampus Erikson and David Sturm there as well. David Sturm was fascinated by the Crobat line and decided to play the same list as me. While I was chilling in the lounge and played some Pokemon VG matches against Tobias Jung, who wasn't sure if he should play VG or TCG, we found out that Hampus is a very strong billiard player. 

After some time Marc Lutz, Lydia and Phillip Hombach arrived and the “testing crew” was reunited. We spent some time in discussing our lists again, but everyone was very comfortable with the way they play the deck, so we played SP mirror matches from the 2011 format until 11 o'clock pm.. 

We had to wake up at 6, because everyone wanted to take a shower and after my infamous alarm clock ringtone (using the song Unanswered from Suicide Silence), everyone was up pretty quickly. We had to walk through the cold morning to get to the location, but it didn't take a lot of time (I recommend the Stay Okay, it has a very fair price and was close to the location, if you didn't have a car). After we arrived we met all the other German people and had some fun before the tournament started.

I don't really know why, but they had problems starting the tournament, so it started with a delay. But after they got our deck lists every thing went very smooth. 

Round 1 VS David Meulenbroeks (NL) Mega Manectric Fairy 

The game started and I had a mulligan with only Supporters, Item cards and a Golbat. I then drew a pretty nice start with Zubat, Ultra Ball and a Supporter card. My opponent started the game and got a decent start with Spritzee and Professor Juniper. I played my Ultra Ball for Virizion EX and played it down with Muscle Band and an Energy card. 

Now my opponent put his Spiritomb on his bench and got his Aromatisse. I wouldn’t be able to play my G- Booster so I had to KO the Spiritomb. But I ran Enhanced Hammer and knocking out Spiritomb would have left me with an uneven amount of prize cards, which is usually what you not want to, so my game plan was to KO his Aromatisse, then the Spiritomb and win with G Booster. I was able to charge 2 Genesect EX and KO one Aromatisse with a Muscle Band boosted Emerald Slash after using Golbat's Ability. Then I was able to knock out another Aromatisse and put 20 damage on Spiritomb. The next turn I evolved my Golbat, put 30 damage on Spiritomb and used Crobat's attack to KO the Spiritomb. My problem was that my opponent had the chance to get a Mega Manectric and he ran a Lighting energy. I was able to KO a Xerneas non EX with the G Booster attack, but after getting N'd to 2 I whiffed the cards to get my last 2 prize cards, my opponent was able to get rid of my G-Booster Genesect EX with Mewtwo EX and I tried to win by attacking with Crobat, Muscle Band and get the last 70 damage with Virizion EX, but my opponent got the Max Potion and was able to win the game a few turns later. 

My opponent played a huge amount of cards, so I was able to guess the whole list. I knew he didn't play Megaphone and I knew he played Spiritomb. 

The second game was very boring since he got no supporter in the first 3 turns and then he forfeited the game. 

Now the last game started and he was setting up his Aromatisse and Mega Manectric. This game I played turn 1 Skyla for G Booster and attached it, I got turn 2 Emerald Slash and this game I didn't try to get rid of Aromatisse, but to get rid of Pokemon my opponent attached energies to. So I knocked out a Mewtwo which had some energy cards on it. Now I faced the problem that my G Booster’d Genesect EX already had some damage and my opponent had a Spiritomb in play. So in order to get my G Booster back later with Shadow Triad I used Red Signal and KO'd the Spiritomb. My opponent got rid of the Genesect, but my field was pretty solid. I knocked  out his Aromatisse now and in the end I got a Shadow Triad and Plasma energy to finish the game. 



Round 2 VS Emanuel da Silva (NL) Fairy Hard Charm Jamming Net

The first game was started by him and we both didn't see a lot of the other player's deck. He dropped his Spiritomb very early and attached a Hard Chm to one of this Pokemon. In that moment I knew that it will be hard to beat that guy and that it is important to find out which cards his deck is running. Similar to the other fairy deck I was trying to KO all of his Armotaisse first, which this time actually worked. I only used a Muscle Banded Virizion to KO a Spritzee and an Aromatisse after using Golbat's ability. So I was left with 2 Genesect EX which had 2 energy cards each, and a Golbat on my bench. I attacked with Megalo Cannon and shot 20 on his Spiritomb. Then he attached a Jamming net onto my Genesect, which caused me some trouble. But with Crobat's Ability and attack combined I was able to get rid of the Spiritomb. Emanuel whiffed to get another Jamming net, so I was able to attach my G Booster and draw 3 prize cards with it. 

He stared the next game and he got Spiritomb in his starting hand. This game he saw a lot of stuff from my deck and was able to guess a few things, like the fact that there is no way for me to get rid of any player's Tools. So he attached a Hard Charm to his Spiritomb. I had a pretty good start too, but I wasn't able to attach a Muscle Band to my Genesect, which became my new game plan after I saw his Jamming Nets and there was so much stuff in his deck that I didn't expect him to run Mega Phones. So he was able to attach a Jamming Net to both of my Genesect EX, which made them literally useless. 

The last game I had a very bad start, but time was called when I had 6 and my opponent 4 prize cards left, so the match ended in a tie. 


Round 3 VS Arthur van Venrooij (NL) Yveltal Garbodor

My opponent won the coin flip and started with Yveltal EX. He was able to attach a Hard Charm and Darkness energy to it and got some Pokemon in play. I had a mediocre start, but no Grass Energy so I had to attach a Plasma Energy to my Virizion EX, which was discarded by my opponent's Enhanced Hammer the next turn. So while I struggled to set up my Virizion EX, he kept attaching energy cards to his Yveltal EX. After I was finally able to attack with Emerald Slash, the Yveltal EX got enough energy to One hit KO my Virizion EX, drawing his 4th prize card. 

My problem was that I just didn't draw my own Enhanced Hammer to get rid of Double Colorless Energy cards, but now I had the advantage of playing an N, and get 6 new cards while leaving my opponent with 2 hand cards. I whiffed my G Booster tho, but I was able to use Red Signal for his Yveltal non EX and put Zubat active. 

Now my opponent didn't get the cards in order to win the game, so he just knocked out my Zubat. I was able to play Skyla for G Booster and with Red Signal able to KO my opponent's Yveltal EX with all the energy cards. Now the situation changed, my opponent was left with 4 hand cards, only one energy in play and no Yveltal EX on his bench he could charge. He whiffed a Supporter again and was forced to charge his Darkrai EX. I used Red Signal, G Booster again after playing another N and Arthur didn't get a benched Pokemon, so I was able to win the next turn. 

Then my opponent started the game and I saw that he is running Garbodor. The game still went fine for me, even though I have no option to beat a Garbodor. I got a nice start followed by some knock outs using Megalo Cannon and Emerald Slash one after another. The problem was that I knocked out a Trubbish in the early game hoping that my opponent wouldn’t be able to get a Garbodor in play and I lost because I didn't draw my G Booster after being N’d 3 times to 1 and playing 2 Sycamore by myself. 

The last game went kinda bad for my opponent, as he got a turn 2 Garbodor, but it was his only benched Pokemon, so I forced it active with Escape Rope. I used my Golbat and then Crobat to invest 3 of my turns in knocking out his benched Trubbish. The reason why I though it could work was that he had a Hard Charm attached to the Garbodor and whiffed energy cards. So I dealt 40 damage with Golbat's attack, which got boosted by Muscle Band and Garbodor's weakness and shot 10 damage on all of my opponent's benched Pokemon. Including Trubbish, which I knocked out with Crobat's attack while discarding a Double Colorless energy my opponent attached to the Garbodor. Then I got rid of the Garbodor by using Crobat's attack to the active Pokemon, which got the weakness and Muscle Band boost. So I was able to draw 2 prize cards, while charging my benched Pokemon with energy cards, but he didn't have a good field and his Garbodors were all gone. Then I used Red Signal, G Booster twice and won the game. 


Round 4 VS Finn Looft (DE) Straight Virizion Genesect

He started the game, but got a Jirachi EX start. Even thought he got a turn 2 Emerald Slash, he wasn't able to get another benched Pokemon, so he had to charge his Jirachi EX. I, on the other hand, got a nice start with 2 Virizion EX 2 Genesect EX and a Zubat, I got a Virizion EX without energy cards active when my opponent used his Emerald Slash and I got a Muscle Band. Then I played an N literally every turn and after we were both down to 2 prize cards, my opponent whiffed his G Booster and I was able to win. 

The second game was very nice for both of us, we got turn 2 Emerald Slash and no one really missed something. I attacked with a 70 damage Emerald Slash and used Megalo Cannon immediately, shooting 20 damage on Finn's Jirachi EX. So Finn was able to KO my Genesect EX. Because he started the game and had a good start I had to go aggressive. After my Genesect EX was knocked out, my opponent had a dominant field, but I played N, attacked with Emerald Slash and charged another Genesect EX after I used Golbat's Ability to bring the Jirachi EX to 40 damage. Now my opponent needed a Plasma Energy and a G Booster to win. Unfortunately for him, he only got the Plasma energy after playing Professor Juniper and dealt some damage on my Genesect EX. But I got my Crobat to bring Jirachi up to 70 damage and won by drawing all my left prize cards with a Megalo Cannon. 


Round 5 VS Alex Dao (UK) Fairy Hard Charm Jamming Net

Yes, that deck again. It turned out that he and Emanuel were the only people running this deck by the way. 

In the first game I realized that my opponent is playing the same deck, but not the same list as Emanuel, since he had cards like Megaphone and I think he played the Pokemon line up a bit different as well. The first game went kinda good actually, I was able to KO the Spiritomb with Crobat and I drew 2 prize cards. The problem now was that I whiffed my G Booster for 4 turns, thus my opponent was able to heal the damage and win the game. 

The second game I had a very bad start, he got all of his Jamming Nets early and I wasn't really able to do anything. 


Round 6 VS Arthur Bicyclette (FR) Straight Yveltal

My opponent started the game and charged the Yveltal EX he put active the first turn. I had a Virizion EX active, but was able to charge a second one on my bench and I got a switch and Muscle Band turn 2. The rest of the game was just using Megalo Cannon to KO the Yveltal EX and then using G Booster to get rid of his hazardous Pokemon. Then he was forced to attach energy cards to his Keldeo ex, I attacked the Keldeo with Emerald Slash and got it with Red Signal in the later game. 

The second game was a bit sad, my opponent played 2 Ultra Balls and it was pretty obvious that he didn't have a supporter card. So I had a decent start and my opponent wasn't able to draw a Supporter the whole game.


Round 7 VS Phillip Schak (DE) Pyroar Seismitoad

My opponent started the first game and got a turn 2  Double Colorless energy, Black Smith, Pyroar hand. I lost this game very fast. 

I started the second game and with Escape Rope I was able to KO one of this Litleos. Then I used Red Signal to KO another Litleo. He evolved both of the Litleos that were left, but one of them evolved into the Phantom Force Pyroar, so after G Boostering the dangerous Pyroar I was able to win. 

In the last game he attached a Head Ringer to my Virizion EX and I whiffed my supporter cards.


Round 8 VS Jelle Kientz (NL) Hydreigon

When he flipped his Deinos, he told me that he has no idea why he was 4-2-1. And the games were actually very boring, I got a good start and he was forced to play down his Shaymin EX, because his only supporter was a Colress. Then I used Red Signal 3 times to G Booster 3 times and the game ended. 

In the second game he didn't got a Supporter card and the game was very similar to the first one... 


Round 9 VS Gonçalo Pereira (PT) Straight Virizion Genesect

I had to win this round to make the cut and it just so happened to be the first time I was able to start the first game. When I saw that this is going to be a mirror match I was even more happy and I had a decent start as well. This time I could just attach energy cards to my active Virizion EX and attack with a Muscle Band boosted Emerald Slash turn 2. My G Booster was prized so I had to KO a Jirachi EX turn 3 to get it in my hand and then I used my G Booster to draw another 2 prize cards. After my Genesect EX was Knocked out by my opponent I was able to 2 hit KO his G Booster Genesect EX with Emerald Slash and Crobat, Golbat damage, because he got rid of my next Genesect EX. 

The next game I only had one Genesect in play and my opponent played turn 2 Jirachi for Lysandre to get 70 damage on it. It turned out that his G Booster was prized, but my start and drawing were so bad that he still won the game. Even though it was a very close game. 

In the 3rd game I started with 2 Professor Sycamore, 2 Energy cards, 2 Energy Switch and a Genesect EX, I thought that I need to get a turn 1 energy to Virizion EX, because I will have to discard 2 of my Energy Switch, but I didn't get a Virizion EX, neither did I get an energy card. My opponent got an energy to his Virizion EX and was able to attack with Emerald Slash turn 2. I got an Emerald Slash the next turn and he was forced to attach 4 energy cards to one of his Genesect EX. Then I was able to Red Signal and G Booster the Genesect EX and then I used G Booster again. He got rid of my G Booster Genesect EX, but I used Megalo Cannon to Shoot 20 on his Virizion Ex which already had 70 damage, bringing it to 90. So now he had to retreat and hope I whiff the plasma energy card. But I evolved into Crobat and Golbat, dealing 50 damage to the Virizion and won by attacking it with Crobat.


The Germans had 7 people in Top 32 this year, including David Sturm (Virizion Genesect Crobat), Steven Mao (Landorus Crobat), Tobias Thesing (Yveltal Garbodor), Marc Lutz (Straight Virizion Genesect) and Niklas Lehnert Rappel of course (Virizion Genesect Golbat), which is a very good result in my opinion. 

So as far as I know, everyone with 19 match points made top 32. It was 23:00 and we were very tired. They collected the decks and Niklas and me had to go to our room by foot again. We were very happy that we both made the cut, but we didn't expect to make top 8 since we had to get 11 more match points in 5 rounds the next day. We wanted to search for something to eat, but it was too late and we just slept straight away.
That morning, no one really cared about the alarm, it was starting at 6:10, but until 6:40 no one wanted to wake up. Then Niklas and me finally managed to wake up and go to the location again. The only thing we got to eat within the 2 days were the hostel's breakfast and Kinder Riegel, so being hungry was another problem we faced during day 2. 

After we arrived, it took another 1.5 h for the second Swiss round to start.

Round 10 VS Tord Reklev (NO) Straight Yveltal

He got a game loss due to deck check, so he decided to start the first game. 

I started with Zubat and my opponent knocked it out with Yveltal non Ex in his second turn. This wasn't bad, since the Golbat and Crobat are nice on the one hand, but playing the 7 prize game is very good as well. 

So I attacked with Emerald Slash and then I used Red Signal and Megalo Cannon to get some damage on my opponent's Yveltal EX and shoot 20 damage on my opponent's Spiritomb. The next turn I used Escape Rope and then Red Signal to get the Spiritomb active and knock it out with Emerald Slash. Then I calculated what my opponent would be able to do in theory during his next turn and there was no way to knock out a Genesect EX with 2 Energy cards left, so I used G Booster to KO my opponent's active Yveltal non EX. He knew that there was no way to KO Genesect EX so he got his non EX Yveltal active and attacked with it.

I knocked the non EX Yveltal out, after playing Enhanced Hammer and was left with only one prize card. Because of the Enhanced Hammer there was again no way to get rid of my Genesect EX, so he played an N, but I got an Ultra Ball for Jirachi for Shadow Triad for a Plasma Energy to use Red Signal and knocked out the last Pokemon with G Booster.


Round 11 VS Tim van Heuven (NL) Seismitoad Garbodor

The first game I started and opened Virizion EX, a Grass energy card and Muscle Band, so that was the best start I could have. But my opponent flipped Crushing Hammer heads and I only had a Plasma 

Energy card, so he was able to get rid of it using Enhanced Hammer. Then I whiffed my energy cards cards and later he got another Crushing Hammer heads leading to a loss on my side. 

I started the second game of course and was able to get a turn one Grass energy to my Virizion EX and both of my opponent's Crushing Hammer he played turn one were tails so I was able to attack and due to Seismitoad EX' weakness I won the game. 

Then I had a very bad start actually and he got 2 Head Ringer to 2 of my Virizion EX. I sacrificed both of them and then I got an N. I had the last Virizion EX on my hand for 3 turns then, because I didn't want my opponent to attach a Head Ringer to it, so I put it down, played an N and I got an energy card. My active Virizion EX was poisoned already and I already sacrificed a Zubat as well, so I had to put the Virizion with the energy card active. I knew that he didn't run N nor did he play Flare Grunt, because he had Random Receiver in his deck. So he played another Hypnotoxic Laser to my Virizion EX and got a Professor Juniper, but no Crushing Hammer. So I was able to attack finally and after my opponent attacked again, my Virizion EX had 150 damage due to Poison already, I retreated and attacked with Megalo Cannon. He still didn't drew anything he could use and I won the game after it started 6-1 for my opponent. 


Round 12 VS Bert Wolters (NL) Yveltal Garbodor Super Scoop Up

He started the game and got turn 2 Garbodor. As I mentioned before there is no way for me to KO a Garbodor once it has a Tool, so the game was already lost. He got some Hypnotoxic Laser and he got 2 Super Scoop Up heads, so the game was very dominated by him, but it still took a long time. 

The second game, I started with Virizion EX, a Grass energy, a Muscle Band and I got a Professor Sycamore and my Escape Rope. He only had one Pokemon in play, so I hoped that he had a bad start and is only able to play down a Trubbish. So I didn't play a Supporter card which made him not play down his own N, he played Professor Juniper, Ultra Ball for Trubbish and that was the only Pokemon he got on his bench. So I played my Escape Rope, played the Professor Sycamore and got another energy card and Genesect EX. The next turn I was able to use Red Signal and KO his second Trubbish. So I got rid of the Garbodor. Then I was able to use G Booster on a Yveltal EX and Red Signal for a Jirachi EX and won the second game. 

The last game, I had a very bad start and my opponent got a very nice one. But the first games took so long that the match ended in a tie


Round 13 VS Marc Lutz (DE) Straight Virizion Genesect

So I faced another well known player who just so happens to be the former ECC champion with the stylish hat. I already mentioned that I tested with him and Niklas the weekend before, so he was one of the last people I want to knock out of the tournament. 

Well, I won the coin flip and got turn 2 Emerald Slash with Muscle Band on his only Virizion EX. So he attacked with the Virizion EX which got the damage and I just added another 70 damage to have 2 charged Genesect EX in play. After he damaged my Virizion EX again I used Red Signal and G Booster to knock out one of his Genesect EX. He was able to G Booster it as well though, but I got Red Signal for Jirachi EX and Golbat to bring the Virizion EX up to 160 damage. Then I drew 4 prize cards at once. 

The second game Marc had a Shaymin EX start. He didn’t have a Virizion EX either so he attached a Grass energy to Shaymin EX and ended his turn. I played Escape Rope to force him putting his Genesect EX active, while hoping that he whiffs the switching card and the Energy Switch and hand attachment to his Virizion EX. I know Marc Lutz for a long time now, so I betted he only has Escape Rope as a switching card, so I put my Virizion EX active, since there was a better chance for him to get Escape Rope than Colress Machine to retreat. So he whiffed the Emerald Slash and attacked with Synthesis. I attacked with Emerald Slash and attached 2 grass energy cards to my benched Genesect EX. Then he got Emerald Slash and I was stuck in an uncomfortable situation: 

My G Booster was prized and I had a low amount of hand cards. So I used Red Signal for his Jirachi EX, and Skyla for Ultra Ball, discarding all of my hand cards, in order to get a Golbat. So I evolved into Golbat, using the Ability to bring Shaymin EX to 90 damage and draw 4 prize cards at once, but I didn't got my G Booster.

Nevertheless Marc only has one Genesect EX to attack with and I had Golbat plus Emerald Slash to bring it to 100 damage again. With this play I prevented him from wining the game after knocking out my only Genesect EX on my bench with G Booster. So he was forced to retreat and play his Max Potion. But this removed pretty much every grass energy and with it his chances of winning.


Round 14 VS Emanuel da Silva (NL) Fairy Hard Charm Jamming Net

We intentionally drew.


Niklas was able to tie against Tobias Thesing during the last Round which brought us both to 30 match points, enough to play Top 8.The best thing was that we were both in different brackets after the Swiss rounds. So the dream of becoming 1st and 2nd wasn't dead yet. 

Top 8 VS Thomas Wojcik (NL) Pyroar Flareon

Yes. Pyroar and Flareon in one deck. So I thought it couldn't get any worse - until I started with Jirachi EX. I somehow won the first game!

I got Virizion EX with an energy card in my first turn and a Genesect EX. So my start turned out be better than expected. My opponent opened the game with Eevee and had to go for Jirachi EX to get a supporter card. He put down a Litleo on his bench but didn't attach any energy card. I had the option to knock out the Eevee, but I played Escape Rope instead of Switch, to have my opponent think about the risk of losing Litleo. Of course he put his Jirachi EX active and I didn't have a Muscle Band. He retreated his Jirachi EX for Mewtwo EX and ended his turn. I used Red Signal for Eevee and knocked it out with Emerald Slash. Now my opponent was able to attack with his Pyroar, but I got a Genesect EX with a lot of energy cards and a G Booster. I used G Booster to KO the Pyroar. Then my opponent didn't have any strong Pokemon to attack with in play and I just used G Booster to KO the Mewtwo EX. Now he got another Pyroar and knocked out my Genesect EX. I played down Golbat and another Zubat. I shot the 20 damage on his Jirachi EX. My opponent wasn't able to play Lysandre and I won by knocking out his Jirachi EX with the second Golbat. 

Then he started and flipped an Eevee. He didn't play anything but a fire energy to use Eevee's Ability. I attached an energy card to my benched Virizion EX and ended my turn. My opponent had a Double Colorless energy card and a Professor Juniper. So he Knocked out my active Genesect EX with Heat Tackle. I got Skyla for Enhanced Hammer and attacked with Emerald Slash, hoping he isn't able to attack, or at least isn't able to charge another Pokemon. But he was able to attack with Heat Tackle again. I played N, so he only had 2 hand cards left. I attacked Flareon with Megalo Cannon and got a prize card. I shot 20 damage on his benched Litleo which evolved into Pyroar, but it wasn't able to attack. I used Red Signal for another Litleo and played another N. After putting 20 additional damage to his Pyroar. And knocked out the Litleo. He still wasn't able to attack with Pyroar, so I saw a chance. I evolved my second Zubat into Golbat, bringing his Pyroar up to 90 damage and I shot it with Crobat. So now my opponent had pretty much nothing in play and I was able to KO an Eevee I shot 20 damage to with my Crobat as well. The last turn I used Red Signal and G Booster to KO his Mewtwo EX and won the game. 


Top 4 VS Emanuel da Silva (NL) Fairy Hard Charm Jamming Net

This guy was pursuing me... 

Well, the first game he got a Spiritomb with Hard Charm in play. I whiffed my Muscle Bands and he got a Jamming Net to each of my Genesect EX. My game-plan, to attach a Muscle Band to one of my Genesect EX in the early game and KO Spiritomb with it, didn't work out and so I lost. 

Then I had a Genesect EX and only energy cards in my starting hand. I manually charged the Genesect EX and used Red Signal for his Aromatisse, which he wasn't able to retreat. I drew an Ultra Ball for Jirachi for Professor Sycamore and got a Virizion EX, energy and Energy Switch. I was able to attach a G Booster after knocking out his Spiritomb and I would have won the game, If I would have drew a Plasma Energy or VS Seeker in the last turn after receiving an N for 2.


Even though I lost in Top 4 again, I was still very happy that I made it that far and that Niklas was still in the tournament, and actually won against Emanuel due to the fact he was playing Tool Retriever. 

Final Standings

Final Thoughts

The ECC is a very nice experience every year and beside nationals, the only way to prove your skill on a big stage. 

The atmosphere is very nice and it's a great way to meet new people from other countries. I am glad that Niklas, Marc and my effort led to a good result and I am very happy that the Germans were the biggest group from the top 32 player (to compensate our failure at worlds I suppose). 

I can only say, if you have never been at the ECC you should definitely make the experience as it is totally worth it! And like Karl Peters said "It's all about the fun, kinds". 

Thank you very much for reading and I would like to hear some feedback.

David “OverPowered” Hochmann 


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