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The Great Melting Pot

Decks with only EXs are a thing of the past. See how to mesh the strengths and weaknesses of EXs and Non-EXs with these decks on the rise.

07/01/2015 by Kamber Kirchmeier

Hello fellow Pokemon players. This is my article for the Finals of Write Your Way to Worlds and I would love to talk about some decks that favor both EXs and non-EXs. I once played a Plasma deck that was nothing but heavy-hitting EXs, but once Pyroar took over I looked to humbler decklists with no EXs in sight. This article is here to say there is a way to have both and be right there in the Meta game.



Night March is another deck to be resurrected once Lysandre’s Trump Card was banned. Without fear of losing all our hard work of discarding those worthless Lampents, this deck has become quite the threat. You still must be careful though as milling through your deck early on can backfire when you run out of Night March Pokemon completely and are left with Mews that don’t know what to do (and are worth two prizes). Also watch out for that pesky Toad that wants nothing more than to shut down your Battle Compressors and Ultra Balls.



I’m sure I don’t have to say much about why Seismitoad is so playable. Drop a DCE on that thing and you’re stopping your opponent’s momentum by denying their use of items. The downfall is that measly 30 damage output (50 with a Muscle Band). How can this be solved? Lasers and Virbank are always a good fallback when damage is needed, but Bats have become the new favorite as a tech in several decks. Toad shuts down Night March and Flareon which are seeing a lot of play after Trump’s ban, and with the added damage output from Bats, I don’t think he’s going anywhere in the current format.



Trevanent saw some play when it first came out as it was another Pokemon that prevented your opponent from playing Items. The problem was it had to be your active and benched Pokemon could easily be Lysandre’d up to break the lock. Seismitoad came along and did a much better job by attacking for a simple DCE and it’s a basic Pokemon. Trevanent seemed futile until some new cards from Roaring Skies flew in to save the day. With Wally allowing you to evolve first turn, the lock can be made before your opponent even has the chance to use their Items right off the bat. Then here comes our EX for this deck – Shaymin EX. Attacking with Shaymin returns it to your deck, creating a new Accelgor for this new Trevanent deck that is seeing a lot of play and a lot of tears shed from its competitors.



Landorus EX came out strong when Fighting types got their extra power with Strong Energy and Fighting Stadium. This guy can dish out 30 to the active and 30 to the bench for just one energy, and that’s without all the add-ons. Those Strong Energies and Muscle Bands start to add up and can deal serious damage early on. A great asset to this deck has been the addition of Bats to snipe extra damage to the bench, allowing for multiple knockouts in one turn. This deck isn’t anything new, but has continued to win matches with its fears being Toad and the mirror match. You can always tech in the Mr. Mime to eliminate Landorus’s bench damage, but unfortunately it does nothing to slow down the Bats.



 Pokemon Playing Cards


When I first got into Pokemon, I was all about the rogue decks and trying something completely off the wall. I was never a fan of playing EXs and I’m still not really today, so when Roaring Skies was released, I wanted to play Leafeon/Raichu, maybe even throw in some Bats. This deck idea wasn’t so Farfetch’d as it has serious type advantage against some heavy hitters in the Meta without losing so many prizes. It’s a personal favorite for me since I have been trying to make an Eevee deck successful since Plasma Freeze. Flareon itself may even still see some play after Trump’s ban. Either way, I’m excited to try out some non-EX decks.


With Nationals on the horizon, there are so many decks that have potential to be winners. I couldn’t cover them all in one article and no one really wants to read an article that long anyway. I am eager to see what shows up and what throws down. Until then, have fun with any deck that suits your fancy and never feel trapped into making an all EX or non-EX deck. They all have their pros and cons and can work well together to achieve greatness.

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