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Martin Janouš

1st place Regionals Mödling (Austria)

09/10/2014 by Martin Janouš

One of the first Regionals in Europe took place on 26th October. A lot of players from Czech Republic want to earn an invite for Worlds but the incresed limit scared off some of them. But quite a bit people (including me) accepted the challenge from TPCI.


Immediately after the places of Regionals were posted was clear that the first stop of the hunt for points will be in Mödling in Austria. The limit is really high so I don´t want to leave anything to chance so I had to start preparing. Without successful results at Regionals I can´t earn the invite. I started playtesting with Tomáš Just who is from the same city so it´s not so hard to find some time for testing.


I played my Blastoise/Keldeo worlds deck on some of the local tournaments but Arena Cup in Leipzig showed me that I should give up this deck. I started 3-0 but I finished 3-3. That made me think about other playable and effective deck. I was observing US Regionals and I was quite impressed with Israel Sosa´s two titles. He won both Regionals with Speed Darkrai. So me and Tomáš started testing this deck but I didn´t copy Israel´s list. But some cards obviously had to be the same. Here is the list:



Main differences between my and Israel´s list:


4x Bicycle – We wanted to come up with a build that is really fast and can use Night Spear in the second turn. Bicycle was a big help. I used it a lot to draw two or three cards and sometimes I was able to draw through 15 cards in deck (with Juniper of course).


No Enhanced Hammer – I wanted to play Hammers but than I realised that the junior World Champion Ondřej Kujal didn´t play any and he still was able to beat Plasma decks. The main reason for not playing Hammers is that you have dead cards against mirror or Blastoise.


Only N and Juniper - Israel played Bianca and on the second Regionals Ghetsis. We still kept up with our theory that we want to draw as many card as fast as possible. Bianca can sometimes be useless especially when you have many cards in your hand. And Ghetsis is a bit risky. It was pretty nice to know which Supporter you can draw with Random Receiver because it was very easy to count how many of them you have already played. With other Supporters Receiver wouldn´t be so effective.


Float Stone – I wanted to take Float Stones out but Tomáš convinced me to play them. And it turned out as a great choice. Float Stone can help you in Garbodor match-up when your opponent tries to play defensive Catchers. Float Stone also helps you with T2 Nigh Spear. You can attach an Energy to benched Darkrai in first turn and than on your second you can easily draw a Dark Patch and attach Energy from your hand and thanks to Float Stone you don´t rely to much on second Dark Patch. I think that Israel wanted to use Junk Hunt T1 because he played more Sableys.


There were 37 masters on the tournament so we had 6 rounds and TOP8. Players came from Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Italy. I faced Stephan Weber in the first round. He played Virizion EX/Mewtwo EX. We played BO3 for 50 minutes in swiss rounds. It was 1:1 and three additional turns have ended so it should be a tie because nobody took 6 prizes but the organizer didn´t have the newest version of the software (they didn´t tell it to us before the tournament). I tried to make sure Stephan wouldn´t be able to win it and I knew I wasn´t able to draw 6 prizes. But after game the judge came and said that Stephan won because he took one more prize card. The newest version of the programme was downloaded after a long discussion and whole tournament started again with new pairings and normally with ties as it should be. But because of the time we played only 5 rounds and TOP8.


1st round – Tomáš Just – Speed Darkrai

We both played identical list so we decided to tie. Our deck was perfectly tested so we were sure that both of us can make the top cut.



2nd round – Darkrai

Mirror is always very close but I think that my version of Darkrai is better because I didn´t play any Hammers which would be useless. First game was better for me because I killed opponent´s only Sableye in second turn. Game two was very long and we were still playing it when the time was called. My opponent had to take last prize card but I looked in his discard pile and found out that he had already played all of his Cathcers so I used my full HP Darkrai EX as a wall.



3rd round – Blastoise/Black Kyurem

She wasn´t able to pull out Blastoise during the first game and I also had T2 Night Spear. But I wasn´t able to draw Catchers when I needed to and she was using Rush In a lot so the game was very long but I finally won it. In second game I killed Blastoise very quickly but she managed to twist it. In her second additional turn she had to draw Pokémon Catcher to KO my Darkrai EX but she didn´t.



4th round – Ondřej Kopuletý – Darkrai/Garbodor

First game was very long. I started pretty well but Ondřej was the first one who used Night Spear. I had a chance to win it but Ondřej drew a Laser that won him the first game. Unfortunately for him he wasn´t able to draw anything useful in second and third game so I twisted the score to 2:1.



5th round – Luca Schuster – Virizion/Mewtwo/Bouffalant

Luca is really nice guy so we laughed a lot during our games. Luca won the first game because he showed me very fast set up. On top of that my Darkrai EX was asleep a lot and I couldn´t get Keldeo EX out. I won the second game because Luca didn´t play Mr. Mime. Thanks to this I maneged to double kill EXs or hit Bouffalant for 10 and than KO it while it was active. There was a little time remaining so we both though it will end as a draw but something ridiculous happened. I had only Mr. Mime and even though I drew two cards from his mulligans I wasn´t able to draw any other basic. Luca had Bouffalant but he used Juniper and drew Ultra Ball, DCE and Switch so he found Mewtwo EX and the game was over.



I advanced to TOP8 from fifth place.


TOP8 – Luca Schuster – Virition/Mewtwo/Bouffalant

Thanks to the fact that Luca didn´t play Mr. Mime was the first game developing better for me. Luca used Max Potion which I didn´t want to see. But thanks to hitting Bouffalant for 10 I won game one. Second game was harder thanks to Luca´s Max Potion. In very end of the game Luca hit my Darkrai EX which was now only 10 HP from KO. Luca had Skyla for Pokémon Cathcer in his hand so he would find Catcher in his next turn. But I used Professor Juniper and drew Max Potion which I needed. I hit his Virizion EX and he was only 30 HP from KO so Luca wasn´t able to do anything so he wished me luck in TOP4.


TOP4 – Vlastimil Bokr – Plasma

Vlasta played different Plasma. His build was Absol-based and he teched Heatran EX and Lugia EX. Although this build is better in mirror match it is not the best deck against Darkrai. I had nothing so I had to draw just the card from the top of my deck for three turns. But than I got Juniper and started my set up. Vlasta managed to kill my Darkrai EX with his Lugia and than Sableye with Lugia as well. I than used an N and gave him only useless card which helped me with twisting the game one. In second game Vlasta started with Absol to which he attached Blend Energy used N and passed. Vlasta is my long time friend so I was a bit sorry for what happened next. I had these cards in my hand: Ultra Ball, 2 Darkness Energy, 2 Dark Patch, Professor Juniper and Random Receiver. I discarded both Energie with Ultra Ball. I found Darkrai EX. Than I used both Patches and used Juniper. I was really happy but sad for my friend. I had Float Stone, Darkness Energy, Dark Claw, Dark Patch, Ultra Ball, Tool Scrapper and Bicycle. So I managed to use T1 Night Spear with Dark Claw and killed his only Absol. 


TOP2 – Lukáš Vondruška – Lugia/Thundurus/Deoxys

Lukáš had amazing start in game one. He managed to attach Energy to Thundurus EX, discard DCE, put three Deoxys EX on his bench, use Colress Machine and with Raiden Knuckle power up Lugia and hit my Darkrai EX for 60. Lukáš was in the lead but I managed to return in the game with Max Potion and Nigh Spear. I was able to kill two fully charged Lugias on my next turn but Lukáš used his Max Potion. In game two I charged two Darkrai EXs fastly and with my N Lukáš was unable to draw anything. Lukáš needed to draw Pokémon Catcher to KO my benched Mr. Mime (I started with him) but he didn´t so the games were 1:1. We didn´t have so much time. Last game was weird because nobody was sure who can win this. I managed to charge Darkrai EX quickly and started to spread damage. The most crucial was that I asleeped Lukáš´s Thundurus EX and with Night Spear, Dark Claw and Virbank City Gym (90+20+30). Lukáš didn´t wake up and the time was called. We both had six prizes but Lukáš needed Switch but he draw Max Potion. I killed Thundurus and hit benched Deoxyse for 30 (he was now 80 HP from KO). Lukáš killed my Darkrai with his Lugia EX so he was in the lead but I still had my last round. I needed a Pokémon Catcher and I had a Professor Juniper in my hand. There still were two Catchers and Dowsing Machine in my deck. I drew all this three cards so I won this Regionals!


It is really great to have 150CP. Definitely very good start to the season.


Thank you for reading ;-)


Note: Next weekend I played the same list at Prague regionals again. I made TOP4 (Lost to Lugia/Thundurus/Deoxys). I am now on 255CP after 2 tournaments!!!


Martin „Onix“ Janouš

Translated by Tomáš Just


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