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Underestimated techs

09/10/2014 by Martin Janouš

Greetings to all fans of Pokémon. My name is Martin Janouš but in my country I´m known as Onix. I play Pokémon for a couple of years and I have some pretty good results. In my opinion the greatest are: three times National Champion (2006, 2007 and 2012), I managed to get through LCQ to compete at Worlds in 2009 and this year I finished in TOP 32 at Worlds.


My opponents can find me as a threat because I build my decks alone and in most cases I don´t copy standart lists. Example could be my Blastoise/Keldeo EX that brought me great achievement   at Worlds this year. I didn´t play Black Kyurem EX which was the major advantage of it. Last year I built a ReshiPlosion deck with Crasselia/Darkrai LEGEND which was really good (almost an autowin) against popular Ross deck (The Truth) and Gothitelle/Reuniclus. Sometimes I have a completely crazy idea that works (e.g. I won Cities with RayEel where I played Landorus EX). A lot of people just laugh at me and they can´t believe that my builds actually work.


I´m a great fan of various rogue decks and crazy techs that seem like they cannot work. However, in the first place in my heart will always be lock decks.


Today I will show you some techs that might be used in the metagame nowadays. If we gave them a chance. (You can always find a spot in your deck if you really want to.)


Weavile (Next Destinies)

This Pokémon can hit for 90 but opponent´s active Pokémon has to have a Pokémon Tool attached to it. There are tools like Float Stone, Silver Bangle or other tools in almost every deck nowadays. We could have seen Sneasel as a tech against Gothitelles (e.g. in Dustin Zimmermans list) and I think that it could be good in our metagame while Keldeo EX/Float Stone is still very popular. So if I teched Sneasel I would definitely add a Weavile as well. Of course it´s more tech to play in Darkrai than anywhere else. You can deal a 120 damage with Hypnotoxic Laser and that´s quite a hit. And only for 1 Energy. On top of that Weavile wouldn´t be so expected. Your opponent can just safely KO your Darkrai EX but you can easily return this KO with Weavile (I don´t expect your opponent would try to wipe out your Sneasels).


Roserade (Dragons exalted)

Roserade was very popular in Empire deck (Empoleon/Mewtwo/Dusknoir). Roserade was sometimes seen in Blastoise or Darkrai EX decks too. Why is not Roserade so popular nowadays? I think that we can fit it in our decks very easily. To find one card in the right moment could be crucial. If you play a lot of types of cards you can try to think about Roserade. I would really like to see it in Blastoise or Flareon decks where you really need some cards at some point of the game (Pokémon Catcher, Superior Energy Retrieval etc.).


Gold potion (Boundaries Crossed)

In every set there are some new Ace Spec. cards so some of the good old ones can be pushed away. That´s exactly Gold Potion´s case. It was very popular in Darkrai EX decks and I think there is still a possibility of come back. Darkrai is very fragile deck (mainly becouse of the absence of Energy Switch) so powering up Darkrai EX isn´t so easy at it was before rotation. Gold potion can help you with saving Darkrai EX. You need a surprise factor here. When you are really brave you can add some Potions to make your Darkrai EX indestructible.


Magnezone (Plasma storm)

My favourite card. If you can get it on the board you have a clear advantage. I playtested this card a lot in Blastoise and it really paid off. To play two Professor Junipers in one round or in late game Juniper plus Skyla means that you have pretty much everything you could need. The main problem is it´s retreat cost. That is a thing that really is no pain in Blastoise. Give it a chance (especially in Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Mewtwo).


Lieapard (Plasma storm)

Another tech that might be playable in Darkrai EX (but I can attack for only one colorless energy so it is possible to play it anywhere else). Darkrai/Garbodor is very popular nowadays. But not everybody shall like this concept. Another way of locking your opponent is Liepard. In combination with Ghetsis you can easily know when to attack with Silent Claw. A lot of players have only 1 Supporter in their hand and when you discard it your oppenent might get in troubles. Liepard can be your bench sitter and find it´s place in late game or it can decide the game right at the begining (in might be crucial to take away Professor Juniper in second turn of the game). As we all know – our game relies on playing Supporter every turn. A lot of people are „crying“ because they missed Supporter in the entire game. Make them cry.


Plasma Frigate (Plasma storm)

How would you feel if you made a spot for Victini EX just to beat Genesects but your opponent would show you a Plasma Frigate? Your tactic would be completely ruined. It would be pretty bad if my Keldeo EX with 6 energies would be KO´d by opponent´s Deoxys EX and I wouldn´t be able to return this KO with my Mewtwo EX because of opponents Plasma Frigate. I would need 7 energies to return that KO! Of course you can have a counter Stadium in your hand but it´s normal to waste Tropical Beaches when there is already one in play. You can disagree and say that Frozen City beats Blastoise even easier but that´s not true. Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Mewtwo EX has harder time against Plasma Frigate.


Heatran ex (Plasma freeze)

This card offers a possibility for Plasma how to deal with VirGen match-up. But you need to make some changes in your list. I would say that if Heatran has to work properly whole deck should be more Absol based than Kyurem. You have to play both kinds of Blend Energies there. In my opinion the version with Absol is way better than the one with Kyurem (I know that Kyurem + Silver Bangle + 3 Deoxys EXs in play seems very good but to be honest – How often can you get this combination?)


Electrode (Plasma freeze)

Consistency is very important and playing Bicycle can help you. Especially in situations when you are forced to draw just a small number of cards with an N. You can easily find Electrode with Level Ball. I would definitely think about Electrode because it may come in handy.


I hope you liked this article and watch out because some of these cards might be used at upcoming Regionals.


Good luck to all of you at Regionals!


Martin „Onix“ Janouš


Translated by Tomáš Just


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