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TOP32 Worlds report

Enjoy Worlds report from Martin Janouš and his unique Blastoise build, which surprised everyone.

09/10/2014 by Martin Janouš

The reason for me and my brother attending Worlds was that Petr won Czech Nationals and I had enough Championschip points to participate. I decided to try my luck in the biggest international tournament this year as well. Both of us were preparing but we weren´t able to come up with any effective rogue deck. We were deciding between Tier 1 decks. To Vancouver we took 4 decks with us: Gothitelle/Accelgor, Blastoise/Keldeo and 2 versions of Plasma Basics. We both hate Plasmas (it doesn´t suit us) so we took it just in case of beeing desperate. Brother was decided to participate with Blastoise because he won our Nats with it and he didn't want to change it. It wasn´t so easy for me because I played GothGor at our Nats and I had great list even though I didn´t play Musharna. Some players might know that I´m a big fan of lock decks. Generally I reached my greatest achievements with locks. But there was a serious fact that I couldn´t overlook. GothGor won US Nationals. I assumed that everybody will play Goths or at least everybody will tech against it. It turned out that my premiss was true when I playtested against some of the players the day before the tournament. Almost everybody had some kind of tech against GothGor in deck (2 Keldeos EX, Audino or Raikou in RayEel). I was surprised that I was losing even though I had really great setup like T2 Gothitelle + Deck and Cover. The very last reason for not playing Goths was the game against Igor Costa where I had the best setup with Gothitelle I have ever had (T2 Gothitelle + Deck and Cover, T3 another Goth). It looked like there was no way I could lose the match. However Igor played 3 Keldeo EX and Raikou EX and this confirmed my opinion that if anybody wants to prepare for the match against Gothitelle he can. So I decided for playing brother´s Blastoise/Keldeo which turned up to be very good after I played a bunch of side events with it. There was no Black Kyurem EX in our deck.

Reasons for not playing Black Kyurem EX?

1.      While playing Black Kyurem EX you have to have Superior Energy Retrieval every single turn otherwise you might not attack.
2.      You don´t rely on Lightning Energy.
3.      After you attack you leave Black Kyurem EX with only one Energy and there is a way for your opponent to turn around whole game by killing your Blastoise. So you have to setup at least 2 Blastoise to be safe. However while playing only Blastoise/Keldeo there is no way for your opponent to kill your Blastoise because he has to deal with Keldeo EX with 6 Energy cards attached to it which is a huge threat. So you need to setup only 1 Blastoise which can survive till the end of the game.
4.      Because of the reason 3. you have better mirror match – you can kill his Blastoise but he can´t kill yours.
5.      You can save a lot of resources because you need only 4 Energies to kill Plasma Kyurem but you don´t have to discard three of them. And your Opponent needs Deoxys+LaserBank to return your KO.

Cards you might be surprised by in the list:
1. Mewtwo EX – Deoxys EX counter
Loaded Deoxys one hits my Keldeo EX and Mewtwo only needs 3 Energies to KO loaded Deoxys EX.For Plasma player is difficult to have prism + colress machine in hand every turn, special when I N him.

2. The Egg
You are able to play way more cards and save a lot of resources thanks to this 30 HP Pokemon. My brother played Superior Energy Retrieval, Ultra Ball and Computer Search in one round at Nationals. There is a chance of having only Exeggcute in your opening hand but you have to take risks when you want to achieve something.

That´s all about my deck choise and now let´s look at my games at 2013 World Championschips:

1. round – Lane Tower – USA – Plasma Basics (finished 3-5, 139. place)

Lane won the flip and opened with Lugia EX, DCE and Colress Machine to my Squirtle. He used Juniper and hoped for second Colress Machine but missed it. I put second Squirtle on my bench than used Rush In to get Keldeo EX to the active spot and drew a few cards with Tropical Beach. I wasn´t glad when I saw Lane´s Frozen City but I managed to get rid of it before attaching 6 Energies to my Keldeo. An interesting fact - I didn´t see a single copy of Prism Energy in his deck. Lane could hardly ever kill my Keldeo EX so I won my first game.


2. round – Shane Chee – Malaysia – Plasma Basics (finished 5-3, 38. place)

We both had poor starts in this game. I didn´t have Energies I needed and Shane couldn´t get Supporter so he mostly used Tornadus EX´s first attack to draw new 6 cards. Key moment of this game was that Shane had 3 Plasma Energy cards in his discard pile and only 1 attached to his Deoxys EX. This gave me a huge advantage so I relatively easily won my second game.


3. round – Patrik Colding – Denmark – Plasma Basics (finished 5-3, 55. place)

The only thing Patrik managed to do was killing my Keldeo EX with his Kyurem but then I put some Energy cards to another Keldeo EX and returned his KO. Patrik wasn´t able to keep up with my speed by charging Deoxys EXs every single turn which makes it 3-0.


4. round – Martin Kläschen – Sweden – Darkrai EX (finished 4-4, 103. place)

Darkrai is my favorable match-up so I wasn´t frightened. I loaded my Keldeo EX quickly and started to control the game. Somewhere in the middle of the game I made a missplay which should cost me the game. I left nondamaged Keldeo EX active instead of using Rush In and replacing him with one that was 30 HP from KO. Than I drew a few cards with Tropical Beach. Martin used Night Spear and KO´d my benched Keldeo EX. This extra 90 dmg on my active Keldeo EX were really painful and on top of that Martin played N three times in a row and gave me just 3 cards. However Martin made a huge missplay by playing Colress for 8 while he had only 7 cards in his deck.


5. round – Simon Narode – USA – Plasma Basics (2. place)

I started pretty well against Simon. I killed his Kyurem then Catchered Lugia EX with DCE and Plasma Energy and killed it. In the end he tried to twist the game by playing N. There still were 2 Skylas, 2 Superior Energy Retrievals, 1 Juniper, 1 N and 1 Tropical Beach left in my 15 card-deck. I had only 1 prize card left and Simon had 5. I had eggs in discard pile and I needed SER. I could draw SER or Skyla to win. However even Beach could be good because I had time to use Beach. I Luckily drew Juniper and than SER.


6. round – James Good – USA – Blastoise/Black kyurem (3. place)

You can watch this match right here:


7. round – Leandro Lopez – Argentina – Klinklang (finished in TOP32, 17. place)

Klinklang is very unfavorable match-up and on top of that Leandro played Mewtwo EX and DCE. I managed to KO 2 of his Klinklangs with my Blastoise with 8 Energies but than he returned those Klinklangs back in the deck with Super Rod and than evolved third Klinklang in one game to keep the lock.


8. round – Gino Lombardi – USA – Blastoise/Black kyurem (finished in TOP16, 9. place)

Gino had dead hand for a couple of turns and I had quick start with Keldeo EX and 7 Energy cards. I started to KO his Squirtles and Wartortle. When he finaly managed to place a Blastoise on the board I was already a lot of prizes ahead so he was unable tu twist the game.


I managed to advance to TOP 32 from 3rd place! And I´m first master player from Czech Republic who has ever managed to reach the TOP 32 at Worlds.

TOP32 – Kerwin Lee – Australia – RayEels (finished in TOP16, 16. place)

I had no clear idea what my opponent plays and I wasn´t glad when I found out that he plays RayEel because Rayquaza EX could be very devastating. But my opponent placed 3 Rayquaza EX, 1 Keldeo EX, 1 Raikou EX and only 1 Tynamo. I felt like he gave me the first game because he wasn´t able to one hit anything. I Catchered Tynamo every turn and Killed it


In the second game Kerwin had T2 3 Eelektriks. He quickly discarded Lightning Energies and very easily won the game. I tried to twist the game by killing his Eelektrik but he always had an Energy in his hand so he could give me for 180.


Third game was very even. Both of us had pretty good starts. But I was a bit slower with getting Energy cards to play which probably cost me the game. Kerwin tried to wipe out all of my Blastoises but whenever he killed one I evolved another. Kerwin had only 2 prize cards (I had 4 prize cards) left so I tried to N him. Then I killed his Rayquza EX with Fire Energy attached to it with my Keldeo EX with 6 Energies and left him with 3 Eels, Keldeo EX with Float Stone and Rayquaza EX with no Energies. From 2+1 cards he drew Juniper and then he drew Fire Energy and finished the game with Rayquaza EX and Dynamotors.


I wasn´t lucky this time but to be honest I had a lot of luck this year at Worlds. I was a bit sadthat Gino didn´t beat me because there were easier matches in his side of bracket. Even though I would beat Kerwin I would face Dustin Zimmerman and his Darkrai/Garbodor in TOP 16. However TOP32 at Worlds is one of my biggest achievements and I hope for even better place next year.

I would like to congratulate our junior World Champion Ondra Kujal who is first champion from our small country. I hope that he made whole world to open google maps and look where Czech Republic is.

Martin „Onix“ Janouš

Translated by Tomáš Just

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