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60Cards Tournament Series - May Results

Results from the biggest PTCGO Tournament Series for May 2017.

06/09/2017 by Cody Kressmann

For anyone who doesn't know me, I've been playing since the 2012-2013 season. At the start of the 2015-2016 season, I noticed a lack of online tournaments for PTCGO, so I started a group myself. With the help of Seth Budrik, we continued to grow the Facebook group to bigger and bigger tournaments every month. In March 2017, we partnered with 60Cards to offer our participants prizes and a more competitive scene from year to year. If you want to check out more information, check the bottom of this article for some helpful links.

May Tournament
Our monthly tournament for May was immediately following the release of the Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising Expansion. Everyone had a few days to test lists online before we started. So while some lists aren't as refined, others got more than enough practice to run to the Top Cut of the new Standard Format. As you can see in the meta breakdown below, the format is all over the place. There is a bit of everything and most lists were fairly different from others of that same archetype.

Garbodor: 13
Sylveon GX: 8
Greninja: 5
Darkrai EX/Yveltal (XY): 4
Yveltal EX: 4
Decidueye GX: 4
Tapu Koko GX: 4
Vespiquen: 4
Volcanion: 3
M Gardevoir EX (STS): 3
Umbreon GX: 2
M Rayquaza EX (ROS 76): 2
M Mewtwo EX: 2
M Gardevoir EX (PRC): 1
Alolan Ninetales GX: 1
Lapras GX: 1
Lurantis GX/Lurantis Promo: 1
Lurantis GX/Solgaleo GX: 1
Gyarados: 1
Xerneas (BKT) [Rainbow Road]: 1
Lycanroc GX: 1
Metagross GX/Genesect EX: 1
Wailord EX/Wobbuffet: 1
Rogue/Random: 3

Hex Maniac Counts:
0 copies: 30/80
1 copies: 25/80
2 copies: 10/80

Lists with Pokémon Ranger: 4/80

May 2017 Top Cut Bracket

As you can see, a majority of Top Cut was composed of Garbodor and Sylveon GX. While this definitely shows an element of control, they weren’t the only decks doing well. Let’s take a look at some of the top lists and what some of the players had to say about them.


Winner: Roel Carlet - Greninja/Talonflame

“Well as it is Greninja, there are only two ways to build the deck at the time. Either with or without Talonflame. I decided to run Greninja/Talonflame because I was more comfortable with it than playing without it at the time I was testing it for Guardians Rising.

As for card choices there are only a couple of things that I can mention which is Professor Kukui, 1-1 split Super Rod and Rescue Stretcher, and Enhanced Hammer. The rest were just standard to have in Ninjas. I thought Professor Kukui would be helpful in some cases but wasn't the majority of the time. The Rescue Stretcher could act like an extra splash in a way or become a Super Rod for Pokémon, which is handy. Super Rod was because of the amount of Sylveon GX being played at that time. Lastly the Enhanced Hammer was also situational that slowed opponents down, but it felt like it wasn't needed.”


Runner-Up: Steve Zhang – Garbodor/Tauros GX

“My list is revised from a successful deck that topped Japan. Removed some cards that are not legal here. I added two Wobbuffet because Vileplume was bigger when the tournament started. Everything else is pretty standard. I picked it for the May Tournament just to see the raw power of new Garbodor from Guardians Rising and due to the limit time we had before the tournament. It is not a well-built list compare to what we have now, and Drampa GX is definitely a much better partner.”


Third Place: James Horvath – Garbodor/Tauros GX

“James here! I chose the Garbodor deck because I thought it would be a strong force in a brand new format. I played the Tauros GX version because nobody had really thought of Drampa GX yet. Some of the counts that were especially helpful included 4 Float Stone, because I could count on drawing into them to be able to get my higher retreat Pokémon out of the active. They also won me games against Sylveon GX by allowing me to play aggressively. Rescue Stretcher was pretty good, but there were times where I wish I had a way to recycle Energy, so if I were to play this deck again I would play Super Rod instead. 3 Tapu Lele GX/2 Shaymin EX was actually pretty solid. There were times when they would clog up, but it really helped with my consistency.”


Fourth Place: Carl Caldwell – Metagross GX/Genesect EX

“I chose this deck because of the huge hype of Garbodor from the recent set, Guardians Rising. With the resistance to Psychic and the huge HP of Metagross GX, in my opinion, I had a good shot of taking damage from Garbodor’s Trashalanche.

4-2-3 Metagross GX for Metagross GX’s Ability, Geotech System (once during your turn before you attack you may attach a Psychic or Steel Energy from your discard pile to your active Pokémon). It puts a lot of pressure on an opponent putting 3 to 4 Energy on the field in 1 turn.

I felt like Genesect EX was solid in the deck because of its attack, Rapid Blaster. Combined with Metagross GX, I can add multiple energy to the Active Genesect EX to do major damage while keeping my Energy in the discard pile.

Techs- 2 field blower 2 max potion 2 nest ball I chose 2 Field Blower because of BREAKpoint Garbodor’s Garbotoxin Ability. 2 Nest Ball to search for Beldum or Genesect EX.

All in all, I feel this deck was consistent for me and I got to do everything I wanted in 2-3 turns. A few changes I would make to the deck would be to add another Metagross GX, take out 1 -2 Genesect EX, add another Field Blower, and add another Hex Maniac. Thank you 60Cards for everything you guys do! I love this group!”


Top 8: Ole Stognief – Sylveon GX

“The May Tournament started just when Guardians Rising was released, so I neither had all the cards nor the testing experience right from the beginning. I decided to play a Sylveon deck which had received some attention prior to its release. I wasn't happy with the list I entered though - playing a suboptimal list with 4 Crushing Hammer and 3 Professor Sycamore instead of a heavier Supporter line and more N. I was expecting hard times vs Garbodor (too many items) and Volcanion (no Vaporeon). In the end, the Hammers really did some work in certain matchups and I managed to find a strategy to beat Garbodor as well. After going 7-0 in Swiss, I beat a Mega Ray in Top 16 before eventually losing my Top 8 match against Steve's Garbodor deck. He was well prepared for that matchup and deserved the win, but I was still happy that I could make it a tough fight at least. Really enjoyed that tournament and can't wait for the season's final!”


Top 16: Rudy Paras – M Rayquaza EX/Volcanion EX

*Sudowoodo from Guardians Rising

“I played mega ray because it can set up fast and I didn't think Sudowoodo would be popular at the beginning of the format. Volcanion EX was in the deck to help get Energy in the discard faster. I opted for 2 Tapu Lele GX for the late game N and it's a good attacker in general. Sudowoodo was there for the mirror.”


Top 16: Sten Carlet – Lycanroc GX

*Sudowoodo from Guardians Rising

“In this tournament I chose to play a deck revolving around Lycanroc GX because of its ability, Bloodthirsty Eyes which is essentially a Lysandre when you evolve to Lycanroc GX. I felt like with an open format and with Guardians Rising just being released people will not have time to test new deck engines, they will fall back on playing a standard deck engine with a couple of Shaymin EX. With Bloodthirsty Eyes I can easily bring a Shaymin EX up front and get two easy prizes. I saw a lot of potential in Dangerous Rogue GX as well, if they don’t play around it, it has the potential to knock out any Pokémon in the game. So my whole game plan revolved around those two things, taking easy prizes on Shaymin EX and taking a big knock out on an EX or GX with Dangerous Rogues.

So onto my list and card choices. So without Korrina in the format I had to find another way to consistently get the right Pokémon and trainer card, I ended up playing two Nest Balls and three Trainer’s Mail. The rest of the trainer cards were your typical deck engine and the only tech cards were a Hex Maniac and three Silent Lab, I felt like with a format relying on abilities to set up those cards can swing the game for me when played at the right time. Silent Lab was really strong against the likes of Mega Rayquaza EX, Tapu Koko GX, Wobbuffet and your consistency Pokémon. Now to the tech Pokémon, I went all out on them by playing four different tech Pokémon and they all did their part in the tournament. First is Drampa GX, this my favorite card in Guardians Rising set, being splash-able in any deck. The main reason it’s in the deck was to combat Decidueye GX. With it not having grass weakness, having the potential to deal 180 and for a single energy, you can discard special energies. Second is Sudowoodo for the Sky Field deck, but is also useful to disrupt other decks bench space so they can’t play Tapu Lele GX or Shaymin EX. Third is Hoopa from Steam Siege. This is my favorite starter in the deck, forcing your opponent to play the seven prize game. With Lycanroc GX hitting awkward numbers, Hoopa can set knockouts with its Hyperspace Punch by sniping 20s on the board, or clean up damaged Pokémon late game. The last tech Pokémon is Oricorio with the attack Super Natural Dance. Mainly a Vespiquen counter, but it can also clean up damaged Pokémon late game.

I would definitely change majority of the list to fit the current meta or going a different route with Lycanroc GX. You can go Drampa GX heavy with Max Elixirs and Team Magma’s Secret base or pair it up with non EX attackers like Zoroark, Vespiquen or Raichu. Thanks again for organizing the tournament, it was fun!”


Top 16: Iain Dexter – Vespiquen/Raichu

“So the deck I chose for the May Tournament was Vespiquen/Raichu. With the release of Guardians Rising, I think that non EX/GX attackers like Vespiquen and Raichu received a huge boost thanks to cards Choice Band and Field Blower. Choice Band allows Raichu to hit the key numbers of 170 and 180 and Vespiquen to hit those numbers earlier. Field Blower is great to get rid of Fighting Fury Belt to keep your opponents' Pokémon in 1-shot range. With Ancient Origins' Vaporeon and Flareon, the deck covers a lot of important weaknesses.

Knowing that Garbodor would probably be a highly played deck, I wanted to play something that gave me at least a 50-50 chance against it. Since both main attackers are such low HP and are generally knocked out in 1 attack, I think the deck is one of the few that doesn't have to worry about playing too many items. It wasn't a hyped deck (yet), so I didn't expect techs for it such as Oricorio or Karen.

For card choices, one of my favorite cards in the deck is Parallel City which seems counterintuitive to a deck using Sky Field. However, there is a point in every game where you want to transition from using Raichu as the primary attacker to Vespiquen, generally in the mid game. With a full bench of 8, you can point the blue side towards yourself to limit you bench to 3. This will put at least 5 Pokémon in your discard pile and potentially more with any evolved Pokémon. The card can also be disruptive to your opponent and allows you to discard Shaymin EX or Tapu Lele GX to keep the prize trade in your favor. I liked playing 2 copies of Rescue Stretcher in favor of any Revitalizer because it gave more versatility to grab any Pikachu, Raichu, Shaymin EX or Tapu Lele GX. If I were to play any Forest of Giant Plants, I would switch 1 Rescue Stretcher for a Revitalizer. Other card changes I'd make would be cutting Mew EX. The card is mostly useful against Glaceon EX and Mega Mewtwo EX. With Mega Mewtwo EX rarely played now and Glaceon EX not a huge threat thanks to Tapu Lele GX, Mew EX is no longer needed.

Overall, I like the list a lot and would consider playing it again. However, it may not be the best Vespiquen variant due to lightning weakness not being nearly as strong as it has been in the past. With Mega Rayquaza EX and Yveltal EX fading from the meta, there are other secondary attackers, such as Zoroark, that may be better.”


Once again, I would like to thank all 80 player who participated in our May Tournament. Our June tournament is currently underway and will be followed by our 60Cards Online Invitational after the North American International Championships. The new season is just around the corner and will be starting at some time in August.

If you want to join for more great tournaments and free prizes, definitely click the group link below, where you can win points towards the 60Cards Online Invitational, PRO Memberships, Playmats and PTCGO CODES. It is free and anyone can participate.


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