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60Cards Tournament Series - October 2017 Results

Results for our Third Monthly Tournament of the 2017-18 Season

11/22/2017 by Cody Kressmann


This was our first tournament with the BREAKthrough-Shining Legends format.  Crimson Invasion was not released until the start of Top Cut, so that obviously was not included in eligibility.

Top Cut Bracket:

Swiss Rounds:



Like normal, we strive to provide the most comprehensive tournament results as possible.  This includes a complete list of how many of each deck were played and what counts were being played of certain cards.

Meta Breakdown

Volcanion EX/Turtonator GX: 9
Drampa GX/Garbodor: 9
Tapu Bulu GX/Vikavolt: 6
Alolan Ninetales: 6
Gardevoir GX: 5
Golisopod GX/Garbodor : 4
Xerneas BREAK: 2
Greninja BREAK: 1
Metagross GX: 1
Espeon GX/Garbodor: 1
Rainbow Road: 1
Decidueye GX/Alolan Ninetales: 1
Crabominable: 1

Rogue/Other: 9

Guzma counts
0: 1
1: 0
2: 7
3: 30
4: 18

Sudowoodo counts
0: 56
1: 0

Mr. Mime counts
0: 56
1: 0

Field Blower counts
0: 3
1: 12
2: 31
3: 9

The format was very diverse, but fairly straightforward.  This left us completely guessing what would win.  Let's take a look at the Top 4 decks, in addition to a few more.

"I think the list is near perfect. Sylveon is one of those cards that I was skeptical on, but once I tried it I really feel like it's a game changer. 2 Brigette is solid, never have to worry about prizing issues. Obviously this is the Mike Fouchet list/Tablemon list."

"I picked Golisopod/Garb because it’s kind of what just clicks with me and it’s what I’m comfortable with. I got T64 at Hartford and won a League Cup with it and I just feel like I’m at my best with it. With a blind meta you can’t really make a meta call so I just went with what’s comfortable.

1 Trashalanche was enough, more would just clunk up the deck. Trashalanche is pretty situational and really ends up mattering only in the late game so having more of them wouldn’t do too much. I was able to get it out when I needed it bar a couple random times.

I never used Fini for its intended purpose out of all the times I faced Gardy. Never once did I Tapu Storm GX a Gardy back in, I always felt I had to Crossing Cut a Gardy for KO or OHKO a Lele with Crossing Cut. However, it was the deciding factor in my top cut match against Ole Stognief’s Volcanion - I would’ve hard lost if it weren’t for Fini.

I’d like to test out a Lusamine in place of an Acerola, as Lusamine can grab a Guzma or an Acerola or really anything. I’m also starting to try out the baby Golisopod - it can hit for the magic 180 as a 1 prize attacker. Cutting Fini is an option, but with the new “broken deck” version of Gardy it might be needed, plus it makes your volc matchup at least somewhat winnable."

Jordan was playing a pretty standard version of Gardevoir GX, just without the Octillery.  Making it this far, it's worth questioning if Octillery is still needed or if Sylveon GX is enough to carry the deck.

"I had played against Greninja in almost every other tournament so i decided to add Giratina, and of course, it’s the first time I play against 0. It is worth playing if Greninja is likely to see play but, it is always hard to tell.

3 Kirlia and 3 Candy was an attempt to not only avoid devolve, but also to have a more consistent evolution method. Candy is stronger for sure, but it’s very often that you find Ultra Ball and no Candy and that’s when Kirlia shines. In all honesty, I would love to play 4 Candy and 3 Kirlia if possible.

Stretcher is a more powerful card in general than Super Rod, so unless I am playing a couple Max Potion, I would rather just play Stretcher.

One Brigette was fine. In big events the second Brigette is a much safer play but sometimes the extra slot you gain from not playing it is worth the risk."

While we've all seen Drampa GX/Garbodor before, it's always a strong play.  Hunter's list includes Hala, which provides a lot of consistency if you're using Big Wheel GX/Divide GX early in games often.

"I felt that Drampa/Garb could go toe to toe with anything in the format, and I also wanted to see if the deck would be something that I would be willing to play for upcoming League Cups. The 1-1 Espeon GX line was fine, as this deck is based more around Drampa GX and Garbodor. It was somewhat inconsistent to set up, so I would probably either add more support for the line or cut it entirely.

I feel the rainbow energy and the Po Town are at perfect counts (being 3 of each), as they both provide unique outs to acquiring the necessary damage. I was able to use Berserk early in most of my games.

I would probably alter the Espeon GX line in some way, or change Hala to a Lillie, as Hala did not seem to be that effective. I will be testing Shining Jirachi and Latios to see how they could fit into the deck, but I am hesitant to cut cards for them. Overall, I feel this deck is in good position going forward and I am satisfied with how it ran throughout the tournament."

Vlad had probably the closest thing to a rogue deck to make the Top 8.  While people know that of the deck concept, I'm considering it rogue as nearly everyone has written it off due to Volcanion being so popular.  Might be something to consider if your meta is basically anything that isn't Fire.

Volcanion is still proving difficult to write off.  The pace and consistency keep it at the top tables.  Most card counts being "4-of" mean you'll hit what you need most matches, eliminating some of the variance that can cripple any Evolution deck.  Until a Water deck can outpace Volcanion, expect it to stay.

This is a bonus add I wanted to throw in only because it's fun to play.  Seth and I worked a bit on the list and he joined the tournament this month only to avoid giving out a Round 1 Bye.  Watching/playing most of his games with him, I can say there it's incredibly fun and satisfying to get 1-2 Vikavolt and the Venusaur line going at the same time.  If you can get both out, not much stops you.  Would I use this if I were relying on a tournament for points?  Probably not.  But if I was jumping into a nearly useless League Challenge, I would definitely bust this out.


Once again, I would like to thank all 56 players who participated in our October Tournament. If you want to join us for more great tournaments and free prizes, definitely click the group link below, where you can win points towards the 60Cards Online Invitational, Playmats and PTCGO CODES. It is free and anyone can participate.

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