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Golduck will let no fire burn

Hello 60 cards this is my first article and hopefully not my last

03/15/2017 by Tom S


Now there are alot of downsides to this deck as well as a lot of good things 

To start, golduck is weak to grass meaning all the popular grass decks are going to kill this thing easily and even with the break 140 hp is not a lot at all most things can hit that damage easily Second is that it is weak to popular upcoming and already good decks like vesvi it only needs 2 things in the discard and 5 on the break not that hard to hit and most of the time it has much mare than that lurantis can kill with a flower supply if that player used a kukui that turn which is insanly bad for this deck but atleast the break dies to a solar blade 

Now the good things

this deck hits a consistent 120 which is ohkoing volcainian baby and ex shaymin ex more than likely mega camuerupt if that thing sees play when it comes out mega zard, incineroar gx if you used kukui and finally the new turtanator gx which will probably use bursting balloon 120 is good damage for 2 hit kos

Second, all of the deck could be gotten with dive ball and most with level ball which is very good because most decks rely on ultra ball to get them there pokemon but this deck just uses level and dive ball

Thrid this deck is extremly consistent i am able to get out 2 and a starmie turn 2 and most of the time I egt out 1 golduck break on turn 3 

Aother thing is rough seas helps a lot lets say a fright night fury beleted yvetal did 70 damage with pitch black spear and they would normally 2 hit you if you coem in clutch with rough seas bam they have to then 3 hit you which could give more time to think and kill them 


2-2 octilery now I was orginally thinking to do this but even with 1-1 and everything to search it out I believe 1-1 is the best way to play becasue it leaves room for other cards that woll help you 

Choice band

Now when this card hits it is going to be amazing this now gives golduck the oportunity to ohko incinerroar gx which wont see much play but who cares 30 more damage is amazing because ex and gx cards are ruling the format also with this card you can 2 hit 250 hp gxs 


Volcainian 80-20 Golducks favor 

Well you hit for weakness and 1 hitting all of there attackers in volcanian ex coems out to attack the break survives by 10 hp giving it a chance to come back and win and since grass decks are rising in popularity this deck will be there to stop grass so golduck comes and says hi to kill volcanian

Rainbow road  70-30 rr

why because the rr is so consistent its not even funny steam siege jsut said hey lets make a really creppy card really good now because of all these kind of good stage one cards 

yveltal Garb just take the L

why garb shuts down everything so starmie cant get energy out of the discard so you have to get the energy yourself which with only 7 hitting it consstantly is very hard

Lurantis/most grass decks 80-20

well weakness just says take the L the only time you might win is if they brick and have a hard time setting up 

Mega ray 60-40 ray

very rarely does ray take a long time to set up but most of the time they have pokemon with a heavey retreat so lysandre up those and slowly kill weak ex cards like shaymin manaphy (if played)

filally Raichu golbat 50-50

why because at time raichu can stack that bench quick but u can also setup quick so if there is rough seas in play they can only hit for 100 until they put in skyfield so with the break bang you aurvive and easily ohko them




I hope you enjoyed my first article and please could you give me some feedback I always like hearing other players oponion



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