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Reviewing Umbreon GX!

In this article I´m going to review my version for Umbreon GX Deck, I like to play this version without Shaymin Ex and Zoroazrk and I think this is very good option. I hope you will enjoy reeding this article. Don´t forget to leave your comments.

03/10/2017 by Gerardo Caballero

Hi Everyone, I´m back again with my second article and this time I´m going to review my first deck with the Sun and Moon expansion, and I´m talking about Umbreon GX, in my opinion one of the best GX PKMN of the whole expansion.
First of all I will share to you my deck list and after this I will explain why I add those specific cards to the Deck:

Deck Analysis.
I created this deck thinking in a competitive way, in my opinion Umbreon GX can be played in three different ways, can be added to a Yveltal Ex deck, can be played as an energy control deck, or can be the main attacker with some other PKMN as support like this case.
When I saw Umbreon GX the first time I can´t stop remebering one of my favorite decks, I´m talking about Donphan, the first attack, switching to the bench, leaving PKMN with rage or different kind of abbilities is just awesome!
I made this deck trying to addapt it to the standard format beacuse unlike Donphan, Umbreon GX doesn´t have the Robo Substitute Item card, or the muscel band (at least not yet) or strong energy but can be played with Reverse Valley and unlike Donphan the second Attack from Umbreon GX is faster and hits the bench and as everyone knows is the same attack as Darkari´s Night Spear from Dark Explorers.
But, let´s stop talking and ltes reveiw some of the key cards I added to this deck thinking in the actual metagame:



What can I say about Eeveelutions that you don´t know at this point, having Jolteon in this deck will help Umbreon GX to match against Yveltals (both normal and EX) and Shaymin EX (the most played PKMN in STD format). Second we have Flareon to deal with decks like Vespiquen we can OHKO Combee with Umbreon’s first attack or with Kukui we can also OHKO Vespiquen with just one single Enegry, also New cards like Decidueye GX, Lurantis GX and Solgaleo GX, these last two PKMN in the same deck and Decidueye GX with Vileplume. And finally Vaporeon to deal against Volcanion deck´s.
Having the right Eeveelution in game ASAP will help you take advantage against your opponents and put them in a very bad position.

This card was played also in some Donphan´s Deck, is simply awesome and help you loock your opponent PKMN abbilities like Shaymin, Eevee, Vileplume, Decidueye GX, even Greninja that we´re not seeing to much in the last regional competitions. Having Wobbufet as an option will be alwas be good for this deck.

I firts think two play the deck with 2 Tauros GX but this card is very good against Passimia/Mew decks and also works fine against MMewtwo/Espeon GX decks and is good against Giratina EX as well, taking them 2 prices and left this single one Price Mewtwo.

Tauros GX.
This in my opinion can be the most playable GX PKMN of the last set, having three devastating attacks for a single DCE is simply great, opponents hate to hit Tauros if the know they are not going to OHKO him, Rage attack, Horn Attack and Mad bull GX attacks are just great to deal against any deck (except for passimian) .

The safeguard strategy is always good against some decks, Darkrai Ex/Dragons will have a hard time dealing with this Little friend, I think this card can be taken of this deck as PKMN EX.

Assault Vest.
In my opinión a good addition to this deck, It may help Tauros and Espeon to deal with Passimian Decks, a single Passimian (with the other three Passimians in the bench) can easily OHKO both of us GX PKMN in the game, but with assault vest our PKMN can survive one attack, also helps against Dragons deck, other Eeveelutions decks, to put it simple, any deck that use DCE energy will have a bad time against this card.

The good and the bad about Umbreon GX.

I think there are always good and bad things about every single deck, no matter the format, the PKMN, we can´t just get a perfect deck no matter how hard we try we will always going to deal with a Deck that can stop our strategy and Umbreon GX is not the exception.

In my opinion Darkrar EX/Dragons will be a very hard opponent, most of it becasue Giratina´s Attack that will control our DCE, our tools and stadium cards.
Passimian of course In my opinión will be the worst match for this Deck because the can almost OHKO every of our PKMN GX for two prices and we can KO them but take just one Price, to deal against it the Assult Vest/Lysandre strategy will be very important in order to take down 2 Passimians in a single turn (if one of them or both don´t have FFB of course).
But I have to mention, thanks to Eevee’s ability getting Umbreon GX will be like having Umbreon GX like a basic PKMN, the first attack, switch it and put in front any of our anoying options will always be a good strategy, Umbreon´s GX attack to discard 2 energy from our opponent will always good in advance games, aslo if you play the energy control versión of this deck adding hammers to it can be also a good option, a slow one, but a good option as well.


This is my first deck in some time and I´m very proud of it, I´ve seen some other versions, most of them with Zoroark and Shaymin but I think is a very good one as well.
Let me know what do you think about this deck and see you next time guys.

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