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Hello guys, Caballero is back again for another review, now we are going to review some of te most powerful decks...

06/27/2017 by Gerardo Caballero

Hello guys, Caballero is back again for another review, now we are going to review some of te most powerful decks in the actual metagame, as we may know most of this decks show a lot of potential in last tournaments, winning tournaments, or just in top8 .... right now there are a lot of decks that are winning in the metagame and this makes this format one of the most competitive format.

Hello everyone,

I´m back with an analysis of what´s been the metagame in the past weeks, we’ve seen a lot of different decks and strategies arround the world, and there is no clear favorite deck right now, as you remember a few weeks earlier we have seen the potential of Garbordor /Drampa, Vikabolt/Tapu Bulu GX, Decidueye/Vileplume and Turbo Dark decks, but now we have a lot of decks winning in the standard game, we have seen how good Metagross GX can be, also we saw a Zoroark / Drampa GX excelent deck, this last deck won the Mexico Regional Champinship 2 weeks ago.


And with all of these decks going in the current format we have a very rich deck types right now making no one knows who's going to be the next regional champion and of course we can´t even know whos favorite for the world championship this year, so why don´t take a look to some of the most playable decks from the current format.

Vikabolt / Tapu Bulu GX

This one recently has shown all of his potential, the excelent attacks of Bulu GX in a combination with Vikabolts' Ability make this deck a pretty good one option in the current game, lets remember with a single count of 3 energies Bulu GX can make up to 180 dmg to the defending pkmn, this even without any dgm modification, we can add +30 with choice band, +20 with Lurantis promo and also +20 with Professor Kukui, I know these are to much cards but with the right combination we can take out PKM of 250 HP with 3 energy and a Basic PKMN!! Thas simple crazy. Let’s remmeber theability fo Vikabolt to put 2 energy each turns means that we can full charge a Tapu Bulu GX each turn, and we have not to be worried about energy discard because we have energy recycle in current standard format, even Brock is a good option to recycle both pkmn and energies in this deck. 

Metagross GX

What can I say of this deck?, one of the most powerful decks in the current metagame, 150 dmg for 3 energy, very cool hability, the potential to full restore HP with Tapu Lele, charge 1 aditional energy per turn from discard pile for each Metagross in play its simply good, I’ve been watching a lot of Metagross decks in TCGO and I have to say the have response to a lot of different situations, and the inclution of Max Potion makes this pkmn a very hard to kill one. I´ve seen another variants with Solgaleo GX but in my opinion have 2 different stage 2 pkmn make this deck even slower that it actually is, but once they have in playe at least 2 Metagross it become almost unbeatable and very hard to stop it.

Zoroark / Drampa GX

This has been a very big supprise for me, when I think Zoroark I think it as a support pkmn and not as thay main pkmn of a deck, But I have to say with all the new GX pkmn in format, Zoroark became a pretty good one pkmn agains almost every deck, and adding Drampa GX as the support pkmn make this a very fast and powerful deck in the first turns, the version I like most is the one with Team Magma secret base and rainbow energy to help Drampa’s Berserk attack. Another thing I like of this deck is Zoroark’s Stand in Ability, this is perfect against sleep, paralize, and many other effects that can be affecting your pkmn by your oponent’s attacks. And finally the Zoroark Break attack is simply broken in the current format, copy any attack with a single dark energy!!! What can I say, copy Tapu Bulu GX, Metagross GX, Lapras GX, even Greninja´s Attack to prevent the giant shuriken next turn!!! We never seen playing Zoroark Break in XY that much as now, It’s a shame that is going to rotate in September.

Garbordor Variants

This deck became very good during the first weeks that Guardinas rising was able to play in tournaments and we saw it in two versions, I mean, there might be more but the most common versions of this decks are the Drampa GX version and the Espeon GX Version. The first version use Drampa GX as the main pkmn f the deck for the first turns and with Tapu Lele and Garbordor as supporter pkmn this Deck is a very good one to consider. The second version with Espeon GX is one that I´ve like a lot, when I saw Espeon for the first time in Sun and Moon I thought it as one of the most playable GX of the expnasion, but with the new Garbordor it became a strong combination, both pkmn have good attacks and are strong in the current format, you can easily start with an Espeon GX and finish the game with 2 or 3 Garbordor. 

Finaly I have to say that I don´t play any of the decks previously analized, I want to give a chance to Solgaleo GX, I made this deck thinking that all of 2015 expansions are going to rotate so I made this deck without any card from those expansions (except for Lyssandre but we will a have a better card in SM3, Guzma), I like this Deck a lot, hit 230 (+30 choice band) it can KO every single PKMN in the format, no PKMN can survive to this ATK at all, also the good sinergy with Rayquza, the support you got from Both Drampa GX, normal Solgaleo and Tapu Lele GX, I have to say, this deck have more than one option to attack and beat your opponent strategy.

Thank you very much for Reading my article, I hope you enjoy it and have a good time Reading, I will come back soon with my deck analysis of Solgaleo GX after I tested it more than I do right now. See you next time!

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