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Nino Kunz

Jet Draft to the Win

Aerodactyl/Omastar --a Fun Deck in the Expandet Format

12/14/2016 by Nino Kunz

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Hello 60Cards and welcome to another short article from myself. Today I'm going to write about Aerodactyl and Omastar from the set XY Fates Collide. Because these cards aren't really competitive, you’ll rarely see them being played. To be honest, this isn't a Deck you should play if you want to get far in a tournament. But it's a lot of fun to play this Online or maybe at your local league.

As already mentioned the main card of the Deck is Aerodactyl. That's a fossil Pokemon which does 120 damage for 2 colorless Energy. The strategy of the Deck is very simple: Your aim is to start the game with Talonflame or Mew as your active pokemon, then set up Omastar with the help of the supporter card Archie's Ace in the Hole in your turn one. With its effect you can search your Deck for a fossil Pokemon (Aerodactyl) and bench it. This is the only attacker in your Deck.


 I've played many games, changing some cards and ended up with this list:


Card explanations:

4 Talonflame + 1 Mew

I play this Card because Aerodactyl is not a Basic Pokémon. So unless you play Talonflame and Mew, you have to start the game with Shaymin EX, Jirachi EX or Exeggcute.

Both Pokémon (Talonflame and Mew) have 0 retreat cost, so you can straight up start dealing damage with Aerodactyl. If you’re stuck with a bad hand or have some trouble getting a good set up you can just start attacking with Talonflame and search your deck for any 2 cards you want.

If you have to start with Shaymin EX you can attach a DCE and use Sky Return to get it back in your hand, which isn’t actually that bad.

4 Aerodactyl

This is your only attacker in the whole Deck (Shaymin-EX, Mew or Talonflame might be used in certain special situations). You can get it on the field either with Omastar, Old Amber Aerodactyl or Twist Mountain. With Super Rod, Town Map and Puzzle of time, there are many options to secure that you have this cards as fast as possible on your field, and you are able to recycle them even in the late-game. 120 damage is enough to OHKO your Opponent's Shaymin EX and 2HKO almost every pokemon in the game.

2 Shaymin EX

As in almost every Deck, you’ll use Shaymin-EX to draw enough cards. In some situations, for example if you're forced to discard your hand or try to reduce the hand size down to 1 for using Archie's Ace in the Hole, it's great to attach the DCE to Shaymin, and use the attack Sky Return in the next turn to have the energy back in your hand.


With the use of Battle Compressor, Ultra Ball and Computer Search, you should be able to discard in Exeggcute your first turn. It helps you to play Archie's as soon as possible and saves you some resources by playing as many cards as you can during your first couple of turns.


As already mentioned you try to set up Omastar during your first turn with the supporter Archie's, to stream your Aerodactyls all over the field.

Omastar Break

The Main Use of this card is to snipe your opponent's Shaymin-EX to take some easy prizes or just OHKO some damaged EX Pokémon on your opponent’s Bench, without using Lysandre.

2 Prof. Juniper / 2 N

They are in your deck to have some draw, next to Archie. With VS Seeker + Battle Compressor, Shaymin EX and Archie's, you don't really need more than a 2-2 line from those Supporters.


I think there's no explanation needed for Lysandre. I only play 1 copy because I just do 120 damage every turn, so I often use the Lysandre for fast prizes or to knock a Pokemon on my opponent's Bench out, which he retreated.

Archie's Ace in the Hole

Your goal is to be able to play this card on your first turn. There are so many items and options in the Deck to raise the chance that this happens most of your games.

Tool Scrapper

You can use this card for example to get rid of a tool on your opponent's Garbodor and the ability-lock, or any other tool in the game.

Computer Search

This is, in my view, the best Ace Spec for this deck. You can also try to play Life Dew for a better Prize trade, because you are able to reuse this card with Puzzle of Time. But Computer Search is just too good not to use, because you can play this card in almost every Situation of the game.

4 Ultra Ball

This Card is mainly used to reduce your hand or to search Shaymin-EX or Jirachi-EX for the set-up. Sometimes it's great to use ultra Ball to get Omastar and discard it with another ultra ball to get the turn one Archie's.

4 VS Seeker

This is a standard in almost every deck and this deck proves impossible to play with if you use less than four copies.

4 Battle Compressor

There are so many cards in your deck which you have to discard. Omastar, Archie's ace in the hole, Exeggcute, the Talonflame and also supporters to get them back to VS Seeker.

Special Charge

This Card is extremely good and also a reason why this deck is playable. I often use Puzzle of Time for a DCE and a Special Charge in the late Game.

Super Rod

Super Rod is tricky at some points of the game, because you have to shuffle 3 Pokemon back in your Deck if you can. Sometimes, I had to shuffle fire back, because I was forced to play Super Rod to get the turn One Omastar on the bench. But, despite this point, Super Rod is just too good to secure that you have enough usable Aerodactyls.


Switch is a good tech in every Deck. On the one hand against special conditions, like Sleep or Paralyze; or on the other, just to retreat Shaymin-EX, Jirachi-EX or Omastar if you get stalled.

4 Trainers' Mail

Trainers' Mail helps you to get all the cards which you need very early.

2 Maintenance

Sometimes you have some cards in your hand which you would not like to discard. Then you are very happy to have the opportunity to shuffle them back in your Deck. It also helps you to get the necessary amount of cards in your hand for an early Archie's.

4 Puzzle of Time

I personally really love this card. The option to get any 2 cards from your Discard back in your hand is amazing. This gives you the chance to play multiple DCE, Aerodactyl or Supporters.

2 Twist Mountain

I play this card to counter the opponent's Stadium. It also helps you in the first turn against item lock, just to have the chance for setting up severals Aerodactyl on your first turn.

2 Old Amber Aerodactyl

Also like the Stadium,  I use this Card early against item lock or if i just am not able to set up Omastar. Due to the high count of cards that discard resources I often hit an Aerodactyl.

1 Head Ringer + 1 Muscle Band

Head Ringer helps you against many EX Cards. For example Seismitoad-EX, Giratina-EX, Jolteon-EX, Volcanion-EX, etc. I tested with play 2 Head Ringer over an 1-1 split, but there were some bad situations were I was stuck with Head Ringer in my hand which I couldn't play. The Muscle Band also helps you if you have to attack with Talonflame for 40 damage, you are able to search a Muscle Band and attach it the next turn on Aerodactyl for 20 more damage. 40+120+20=180. This is enough for the most Pokemon EX in the game.

4 Double Colorless Energy

This is the only Energy in your Deck. At the beginning of testing I was thinking about adding some Basic Energy for Talonflame but I ditched it very soon.


Other options to add


Hex Maniac

I was thinking about this card, because unless you play this, you can do nothing against Aegislash-EX, Vileplume or Trevenant. But because I play this deck only online and there are so many different decks being played, I cut the card to get a more consistent list to get a higher chance to hit the turn one Archie's.

Team Flare Grunt

It would help to play one copy of this card against decks like M Rayquaza-EX, Yveltal-EX or Giratina-EX to discard not only an Special Energy like DCE or Double Dragon Energy, but also a basic Energy. But for the same reason as Hex Maniac, to get a better opportunity to regulate my hand card size, I cut the supporter in my list.


I was thinking about playing one copy of this card to have another option to set up Omastar, if i miss the turn one Archie's. But, there were so many different things required to do this. You need to have the stadium in play, flip heads, and have Omanyte in your hand. If you miss the coin flip, the stadium may get changed or Omanyte gets N'd away. In addition, you can straight forget about this option if Omanyte is prized. Because this was even harder than Archie's, I just abandoned it.


You can also Bench this Pokémon with the effect from your stadium. This might help you against lightning Pokemon like:

  • Jolteon-EX
  • Manectric-EX
  • Thundurus-EX
  • Zebrastrika
  • Joltik
  • Galvantula
  • Raikou
  • Raichu

But 120 HP isn't very much. The chance that your Aerodactyl is gonna be OHKO'd is just too high, which means it's really worth it to play this card. And as already mentioned, there aren't that many lighting Pokemons.


With Mew-EX you could use “Jet Draft“ without losing an Aerodactyl. It can also be helpful against things like Seismitoad-EX, Raichu etc. But because it gives your opponent 2 prizes and I never had really trouble to set up Aerodactyl, I cut this card. For sure, you use Shaymin-EX and Jirachi-EX, which gives your opponent also 2 prizes, but he has to use Lysandre for them, which sometimes can be a hard decision.

Town Map

It can be useful, if there are for example Puzzle of Time, Aerodactyl or DCE prized. But I just don't have enough space to use it. If you're able to change one or two cards from the list, this might be a good option to play.


I'm sure you will find some other options to play in the Deck or cards to tech specific Match-ups.


Dangerous cards for the deck

Because this isn't a top tier deck and there are just too many decks being played in the expanded format, I don't want to write something about specific Match-ups. But there are some cards which are a pain for the deck and which i want to mention.

With a total of 30 Items the deck has obviously some big struggles against any Item-locking deck.

Seismitoad-EX (FFI)

From every Pokemon with the possibility to item-lock you, Seismitoad-EX is the best Match-up. Seismitoad has to attach a DCE for “Quaking Punch“, which you can discard with “Jet Draft“ from Aerodactyl. You have guaranteed one turn in which you can play items. It also can't OHKO you. And even if it has Muscle Band attached, it don't OHK you with some additional damage like Hypnotoxic Laser.

Trevenant and Vileplume

These are both Match-Ups which are very hard to deal with. As long as you can go first and you're able to set up Omastar or bench 1-2 Aerodactyl you can still win this. Due to the fact that you can OHKO Trevenant with “Jet Draft“ or Lysandre some other benched Pokemon to deny the lock, you can get some turns to play items. Against Vileplume it's much harder, because you can’t OHKO this Pokemon (unless you've attached the Muscle Band to an Aerodactyl already). I've tested playing a Hex Maniac against Vileplume, but then you only have the option to play Old Amber Aerodactyl or flip Heads with Twist Mountain, if you have an Aerodactyl in your hand, which doesn't help you very much without an additional supporter card.


If your opponent is able to set-up Giratina-EX and attack with “Chaos Wheel“ you can't attach special Energy anymore. If this is the case you can just quit the game, unless you already have some Aerodactyl ready. Because Giratina-EX can't OHKO you, unless they have a Muscle Band attached, you can trade well and still have a good prize trade. Your goal is to attach your Head Ringer to the opponent Giratina, to make their set up even harder and slow them down. With the attack “Jet Draft“ you are able to discard the Double Dragon energy from your opponent's active Pokemon. As soon as they bench a Giratina-EX you should use Lysandre and start to do some damage.


Due to the fact you can't damage that Pokemon unless you play Hex Maniac you can quit the Match.

Jirachi Promo

You see this Card in some Decks, for example sometimes in Greninja Break, as a tech. This is very annoying, because if he attacks you, you often can just pass without an Energy attachment in your turn, what really slows you down.



I think Aerodactyl is a really cool card. It was hard to think about and test a list that’s consistent. I’m sure you can optimize it if you invest some time. It would be great to see different kinds of Aerodactyl Decks in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. Let me know if you also tried to make this deck work and which cards you used to make it playable in the comments below.

Thank you very much for your time and reading my article. I hope you were entertained and the article was interesting to read. I would appreciate if you write a comment or even like the article if you enjoyed the read and maybe give me some suggestions on what to do better in other articles.


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