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The Chaos Gym, a new organization to the online YouTube and Streaming community comes boasting some of the biggest names in Pokemon to talk to you about their goals and ideas leading up to their launch.

09/08/2016 by The Chaos Gym

Hello there 60cards fans and readers! 

Before I begin I would like to thank 60cards for letting us have this opportunity to talk about ourselves as an organization and get our name out there. So as you may have figured out from the title we are The Chaos Gym. The goal of the Chaos Gym is to bring content that helps grow our community as a whole. Pokemon has been making gigantic leaps and strides to improve the competitive circuit and many of our friends and other people have been asking us for advice on how to get into the game and if this is the right time. I believe that this is the best time for newer players to join and begin their path to the World Championships along side us. We aim to deliver content that is informative and useful to newer players and veterans of the game alike. Our organization is made up of many big name players as well as some names you may not have heard of before. So let me take a few minutes of your time to breifly introduce some of the key players involved in the project. 

Rahul Reddy

Rahul is a prominent member of the Pokemon TCG community and has been for almost 6 years. With no major accomplishments to his name he constantly strives to achieve the success that has been eluding him. He's made numerous Top 8's at Regionals and States and even won multiple Cities. He is a player based in Orlando, FL and attends UCF as a full time student. His hobbies are playing DOTA 2, watching Anime and just relaxing in general. You can reach him on Facebook if you have any questions.

Grafton Roll

Grafton Roll has been playing the game since nearly its inception and has a number of accolades to his name. He has formerly achieved Top 4 at Nationals and Worlds in the same year as a Senior and made multiple Top Cuts at States and Regionals as a Master. He is accredited with creating the Rogue Flareon PLF deck that erupted around cities time last year and became a prominent meta deck. He is a player based in the Sanford, FL area and attends Seminole State College as a full time student. His hobbies include playing Pokemon, he loves to play Board Games of any nature, and he enjoys random facts and watching anime. 

Ryan Sabelhaus

Ryan Sabelhaus has been playing the game since its inception and has many accolades to his name. Ryan is a multi Regional and State Champion and boasts a 2nd place at the US National Championships. He has qualified for the World Championships almost every year since he's been playing. Ryan is currently out of school and waiting to begin his Masters program, he is based out of South Carolina and is widely regarded to be one of the best players on the East Coast if not the US. Ryan's hobbies include playing Overwatch for the Xbox, making cakes, working out and playing Pokemon. 

Jose Marrero

You may already know this swell guy since he writes for 60cards on a monthly basis, but those that may not then let's go more indepth about him. Jose has been playing competitive for the Pokemon Trading Card Game since 2010. He resides in the great state of Florida and some of his better known accomplishments include: State Champion, multiple Regionals Finalist, Professor Cup Champion, top 16 finish at US Nationals, over 10 City Championship wins and a 4x Worlds competitor and counting. Some of his hobbies include playing Xbox, going to theme parks, and overall having a blast with close friends. 


Franco Takahashi

Franco has been playing since 2009. A lot of you guys may know that he is a Japanese player residing in Florida for several years now and he's also a quite known player in the Japanese tcg community as well. He has previously won FL regionals in 2010 and since then he has top cutted several major events along with several cities wins, and competed at worlds as well.  Just like our member Rahul, he is also attending at UCF, and his personal hobbies are generally playing sports, games, and hanging out with friends and have a good time.


Michael Canaves

Michael has been playing the card games into the double digit numbers now, on and off since 2003. Originally known as Miami Mike, he’s relocated to Orlando, FL in the last few years, and has been a known playing with several high placings at major events, such as T4 at this past Florida Regionals, several other T4 and better finishes at past Regionals, many T8 performances at State Championships, and several City Championship wins. He has qualified and played in five TCG world championships,, as well as made it to the top 32 of the US National Championships. Michael’s favorite thing to do is create and pilot innovative deck ideas, using cards like Ninetales from Dragons Exalted and Magnezone from Plasma Storm, and playing as much Pokemon GO as possible. Michael is currently attending Seminole State College and is working at Liberty Mutual Insurance, while enjoying quite a bit of Overwatch on both Xbox One and PC on his downtime.


 Jeremy Jallen

Jeremy is a player from Arizona and has been playing since the 2007-2008 season and has not done so bad for himself. He made top 8 at the 2011 World Championship along with two consecutive top 16’s at the National Championships. While not much of an innovator for decks (he relies on Mike for that), he makes up for it with great in-game skill and decision-making. Jeremy graduated with his Bachelors in May from Arizona State and is looking to pursue a career in food. He also runs with his friends from Arizona. His other hobbies outside of Pokemon include cooking or food in general, board games, watching football, and traveling.


We have many more amazing people on the channel who are supporting us, but I'll let them introduce themselves later. For those of you interested in supporting us and want amazing content then be sure to click this link to take you to our YouTube channel and subscribe if you want to help grow the community along side us.

We will also be streaming every Sunday at 2 PM EST on our twitch stream, The Chaos Gym. So again click the link above to get to know our Twitch and YouTube channel some more!

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