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Shake and Bake

I recently had the pleasure of Interviewing the second place Liverpool Regional, Karl Blake. He piloted a very cookie cutter list of Mega Gardevoir...

11/11/2016 by Andrew Schapp

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Gooooooooodmoooooorrning 60 caaaaaarrrrrddddds!! 

So I recently had the pleasure of Interviewing the second place Liverpool Regional, Karl Blake. He piloted a very cookie cutter list of Mega Gardevoir, I will be going over his experiance, deck, and furture sight on the list.

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Thanks to the mudkipshore for compiling the top 32 for this event.
Liverpool Regionals 5-6 November (PCR-STS)

1. Cedric G. (FR) – Mega Rayquaza
2. Karl Blake (UK) – Mega Gardevoir (STS)
3. Jindrich N. (CZ) – Mega Gardevoir/Xerneas
4. Robin S. (DE) – Giratina/Garbodor
5. Andrew E. (UK) – Gyarados
6. Luke K. (UK) – Mega Scizor
7. Alex D. (UK) – Mega Scizor
8. Mehdi H. (FR) – Rainbow Force

9. Matthias L (DE) – Yveltal

10. Nilo D. (UK) – Mega Mewtwo
11. Ryan M. (UK) – Volcanion
12. Adam H. (UK) – Mega Gardevoir (STS)
13. Nico A. (DE) – Greninja
14. Magnus H. K. (NO) – Darkrai/Giratina
15. Charles B. (UK) – Yveltal/Garbodor
16. Merlin Q. (DE) – Greninja
17. Philip S. (DE) – Mega Gardevoir/Xerneas
18. Jesper E. (DK) – Yveltal/Zoroark Break
19. Pedro T. (ES) – Volcanion
20. Soong T. (SG) – Rainbow Force
21. Simone S. (IT) – Greninja
22. Jonathan C. (UK) – VileplumeBox
23. Luke W. (UK) – Darkrai/Giratina
24. Michael C. (UK) – Volcanion
25. Tobias T. (DE) – Yveltal
26. Rick V. (NL) – Mega Gardevoir (STS)
27. Sen L. (BE) – Volcanion
28. Joe B. (UK) – Mega Gardevoir (STS)
29. Eduard L. (ES) – Rainbow Force
30. Oliver P. (UK) – Volcanion
31. Goncalo F. (PT) – Mega Gardevoir (STS)
32. Jimmy W. (BE) – Volcanion

Woah!!! We see alot of variety here that previously had not shown up. Why did this happen? Most likely it is because of that enormous presence of Mega Gardevoir. With fairy being so hyped and well represented here it is no wonder that these other contenders did well.


This little photogem goes to Complexity card gaming.

Mega Rayquaza is no stranger to this game, but this season its performance has been very lackluster. With the addition to Parallel city, this deck has been on the edge of the meta. With a drop in the play of this card going into this event it arose from the ashes. Now the real gem for this deck and event is the Magearna Ex; stopping Mega Scizor from discarding the DCEs and Jirachi BW67 from doing the same. whether Cedric planned on the increase in Mega Scizor or what have you it was a great addition for him. Other than that this is a very straight forward Rayquaza deck, fill up bench till you get a knockout. There is no suprise that Rayquaza finally got a placing in top cut, with Lightning decks in an all time low and only a handful of cards that hurt his progress he was destined to make some kind of appearance. 

These are some other lists that made it into the top cut.



As I had said, I interviewed the 2nd place winner, Karl Blake and this is what we talked about.

These are his mtachups and how his top cut went:

  • Round 1 darkrai/yvettal 2-0
  • Round 2 Mewtwo 2-1
  • Round 3 mirror match 2-0
  • Round 4 mirror match 0-2
  • Round 6 giritina/lugia/hammers 2-0
  • Round 7 volcanion tie
  • Round 8 volcanion 2-0
  • Round 9 volcanion 2-1

He finished 7-1-1 in Swiss placing 4th in Swiss

Top 8 - Scizor 2-0 (he got a game loss for an incorrect deck list and got lucky game 2)

Top 4 - Giritina/Lugia/hammers - 2-1

And then he got destroyed by rayquaza 2-0 in the finals

This was his list he used

We also started to look forward into Evoutions and what he thought of after playing such a big event with the deck. No suprise when Dragonte EX, Rattata, and Brocks Grit popped up in the conversation. Some changes he suggested were a complete overhaul of the list because of how the deck functions. Right now Gardevoir discards a lot of EX pokemon and than super rods them back in to them Hoopa EX them back out. With Dragonite added we can now grab viable draw engine EX's before super roding, then use them to grab the cards we want. The tricky part of this deck is how Rattata added to the mix effects the flow.

To add these cards in this is what was dissussed:

  • Hoopa goes to 2 / Dragonite EX gets added
  • Super rod goes to 2/ Rattata or second Dragonite gets added
  • Escape rope should be swtich or a split of them
  • Add in one PRC Gardevoir for the Scizor matchup
  • Repeat ball will probably have to go because of the lack of consitency in our Pokemon. Even though it was busted with his list.

As we can all see gardevoir now has a hust target posted on it. Fort Wayne is coming up as well as some League Challenges before that. Gardevoir is severly hurt by Scizor and the super disruptive list that has appeared, but Gardevoir is far from gone in this meta.

Karl wanted to give a huge shout out to his support team, cataclysm games. Without them his performance at the tournament could not have happened. 

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