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The Meta-game guide to Fort Wayne

I am writing to you for the first time since joining a few months back and am super stoked to share with you my thoughts on the standard format. This article is aimed to help players who are new to the game or are new to the competitive pokemon scene.

11/01/2016 by Andrew Schapp

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Gooooooooodmoooooorrning 60 caaaaaarrrrrddddds!!

I am writing to you for the first time since joining a few months back and am super stoked to share with you my thoughts on the standard format. This article is aimed to help players who are new to the game or are new to the competitive pokemon scene.

Alright guys, let's dissect the information about this format to see what has been doing well. I am going to show you how I gather my thoughts on the state of the meta. Going into what will be my first regional tournament of the season, I like to prepare my information in this order:

  1. First I gather the previous results from the most recent events then analyze what has done well.
  2. Second I break down why the decks are doing so well.
  3. Lastly I try to plan what will be an upcoming contender or counter to the meta.


Looking at the most recent Events we stumble upon a regional tournament held a few weeks back in Orlando,Fl. Now we can look at the Top 32 decks to try and plan a deck from there, but lets narrow this down to the Top 8. In doing so we are going to able to see what kind of decks & players did exceptionally well.

Orlando,FL (10/15-10/16)

1. Azul Garcia Greigo – Yveltal EX/Garbodor BPT
2. Alex Schemanske – Vileplume Toolbox
3. Brad Curcio – Darkrai EX/Giratina EX/Garbodor BPT
4. Ryan Sabelhaus – Darkrai EX/Giratina EX/Garbodor BPT
5. Rahul Reddy – Darkrai EX/Giratina EX/Garbodor BPT
6. Igor Costa – M Mewtwo EX (Y)/Garbodor BPT
7. Daniel Lopez – Volcanion EX
8. John Orgel – M Mewtwo EX (Y)/Garbodor BPT

As we can see DARK was half of the top 8 with some Mewtwo sprinkled in. Brad Curcio, Ryan Sablehaus,and Rahul Reddy all played almost identical lists for this tournament which really showcased the power of the deck. I included the top 32 below so we can see the full spectrum of what was played, keeping in mind what we will have to prepare for after choosing a deck.

9. Alex Hill – Vileplume Toolbox
10. Jorge Feliciano – Yveltal EX
11. Sam Chen – Greninja BREAK
12. Jimmy Pendarvis – M Mewtwo EX (Y)/Garbodor BPT
13. Justin Bokhari – Greninja BREAK
14. Sean Foisy – Vileplume Toolbox
15. Juan Santiago – Greninja BREAK
16. Addison Powell – Gyarados AOR/Meowstic EX
17. Rith Ke – M Gardevoir EX STS
18. Kyle Warden – Yveltal EX/Hammers
19. Ahmed Ali – Volcanion EX
20. Brit Pybas – M Gardevoir EX STS
21. Russell LaParre – Darkrai EX/Giratina EX/Garbodor BPT
22. James Hart – M Gardevoir EX STS
23. David Richard – M Gardevoir EX STS
24. Evan Mitchell – M Mewtwo EX (Y)/Garbodor BPT
25. Christian Velazquez – Darkrai EX/Giratina EX/Garbodor BPT
26. Christian Ortiz – Rainbow Road
27. Michael Catron – Rainbow Road
28. Andrew Delao – M Mewtwo EX (Y)/Garbodor BPT
29. Matthew Brower – Raichu XY/Golbat PHF
30. Nelson Cuevas – M Rayquaza EX/Water
31. Conner LaVelle – M Mewtwo EX (Y)/Garbodor BPT
32. Franklin Arrarte – Gyarados AOR/Octillery BKT

This deck has quite a few strengths that really help it gain the edge in many matchups. Let's start with Yveltal BKT; starting with it should be your goal. Its ability to shut off tool cards is amazing when faced with decks that rely on Float Stone to get out of a bad start or Spirit links to speed up the process of Mega evolving. Another strength of the card is its attack Pitch-Black Spear, which does 60 amage to that active and 60 damage to a benched EX. Yveltal EX is the main attacker in this deck. Evil balls +20 base damage is what sets it a part from any other "amount of energy" based attacker, causing your opponent to constantly think about how many energies are on their pokemon. Y Cyclone is a great attack because it allows you to conserve energy while potentially taking a knockout. Shaymin EX is your set-up pokemon, allowing you to draw up to 6 cards when played from your hand. Fighting fury belt helps Yveltal the most by giving it +10 damage and also +40 more HP, making your basic pokemon signifigantly harder to knockout. Max elixir gives you speed where you lack it. It allows you to look at the top 6 cards of your deck to find one of your 9-10 dark energies, then accelerates it to a benched basic pokemon helping you explode early in the game and also stay energized later on when the energy on the board is scarce. Garbodor is in an interesting position right now in this format, because of the lack of tool removal and the increased amount of useful abilities that keep popping up. The prefered tool for Garbordor is Float stone but if you need that quick lock on abilities a Fighting Fury Belt should not be overlooked as a viable option. Keep in mind you do play Olympia which can get you out of a sticky situation.

Yveltal now has won two regional tournaments and has been a huge presence this season so far. I expect it to be widely played because of how strong it is overall.  

Darkrai EX and Giratina EX have quite the complementary relationship. Giratina stops stadiums, special energies, and tools from being played when he attacks. Its ability also prevents Mega pokemon from damaging him. Double Dragon Energy counts as dark when attached to a dragon pokemon which is why Giratina is so impactful. Fighting Fury Belt helps Giratina & Darkrai because they can not hit easily odd numbered HP pokemon like Baby Yveltal, Baby Volcanion, and Baby Hoopa, the last of which is rising in popularity in Mewtwo decks. Hoopa EX is one of your set up pokemon complementing Shaymin EX, whose Scoundrel Ring ability allows you to grab up to three Ex pokemon from your deck.


This deck goes fast, hits like a truck, and is especially disruptive becuse it is also paired with garbodor. I expect these guys to stay around and be a popular play all season.


So looking at just these two decks we noticed a pattern of strong cards. Fighting Fury Belt, Max Elixir, Garbodor and dark attackers all seem to have dominated this regionals. Now there are some other decks that have different strengths that I will go over in the next tournaments results.

SPIEL Special (dates)

1. Steffen E - Yveltal/Mew
2. Philip S. - Yveltal/Garbodor
3. Robin S. - Giratina/Garbodor
4. Philipp L. - Mewtwo EX (Y)
5. Sandro P. - Mewtwo (Y)
6. Mees B. - Gardevoir
7. Marcos M. - Volcanion
8. Tomas J. - Volcanion

We see that "DARK" and Mewtwo EX make up most of the top spots again and Volcanion had more of a presence.


This deck operates similiarly to the other dark decks in this format, but has quite a few more tricks up its sleeve. The first trick: Mew not only abuses the variety of attackers in here but also hits Mewtwo for weakness, which is another huge deck in the format. The second trick: Umbreon EX's Endgame attack really puts pressure on Mega pokemon the moment this guy hits the field. Taking four prizes off a knockout from a mega pokemon is such an amazing way to End the Game.Ninja boy has such an intergral part in this deck. It allows you to swap out any basic in the field with one in your deck, giving you access to whatever trickster you need it hence the two inclusions of this card.


Mega Mewtwo EX has so much potential and power already built into its core strategy. By using Psychic Infinity you can knock out almost every pokemon with ease. Beyond the inherent strength of Mega Mewtwo, basic Mewtwo has a backup plan when damage is being thrown around. Damage Swap & Shrine of Memories allows the mewtwo player to punish the opponent for not achieving a one hit knockout (OHKO) on your mewtwo.  Garbodor is beautiful in here because it helps with less favorable matchups. It shuts off Mew, Volcanion EX, Greninja, Shaymin EX, and Giratina. His presence in this game can be devastating nad with no way to turn abilities back on makes him a force to be reckonded with. I expect this deck to hold firm as one of the best decks in the format because of its ability to adapt. 

Volacnion's strength lies in its to power up its fellow bretherns attacks. Volcainon EX's abillity allows you to set up some exceptional energy acceleration when paired with baby Volcanions Power Heater attack. Volcanion EX's Steam up ability allows you to not only get useful fire energy into the discard but to charge his own attack up. Included in this list are cards that are helpful to stream its attack. Be mindful that Garbodor is still a huge threat and with no reliable way to deal with him, I expect Volcanions presence in the meta to remain the same.

Now lets get into the nityy gritty of what decks and techs i have in mind for this coming Regionals.

Mega Gardevoir

This deck abuses Hoppa EX to fill up the bench with pokemon that later get discarded with Despiar Ray, eliminating your more vulnerable pokemon. Despair Ray has a base damamge of 110+ 10 for each pokemon you discard on your bench. Sky field increases your bench to 8 which in turn raises the max damage to 190 assuming you do not keep a back up attacker on the board. Gardevoir's dual typing gives it a very strong position seeing the top decks in the format. Being both Fairy and Psychic it makes the Mewtwo and Giratina matchups more favorable. Gardevoir also has Dark resistance further helping it out. Beware of how detrimental Garbodor and Parallel City are to this deck, especially when paired together.

Gardevioir has a great spot in this meta. With the inclusion of Evolutions, this deck gets some really helpful tools at its disposal.


A form of tool discarding has not been around for quite some time. The inclusion of this guy grants you the ability to finally be able to discard those pesky Fighting Fury Belts and Float Stones, allowing you to take knockouts on any basic Pokemon. Yes he is another abiliy but he is our Obi-Wan for the moment.

Dragonite EX

This card is really strong in here; being able to get Hoopa EX, Shaymin EX, or even Rattata back before playing super rod is a force to be reckoned with.

Brocks Guts

The only reason I am including this card in here is because of it ability to be played around Vileplume. Which as we saw from Orlando has had some success this season. Being able to recover 6 energies and or Pokemon is an impressive effect when you play a deck that discards thems both quickly.

Here is where I am starting on the testing for this deck idea. The three empty spot are:

  • 1 Dragonite EX
  • 1/2 Rattata
  • 1 Brocks Guts or Karen

{deck 2341}

Here are some other options for Fort Wayne that i am still working on lists for. I see them as being very good plays as well for this meta.

Zygarde EX/Carbink BREAK/Garbodor

Rainbow Road W/Dragonite EX and basic friends

Well friends these are my thought on the meta and i hope these notes help out you guys out!!! Till we see each other on the battlefield!!! If you have any further questions or feedback for me please do not hesistate to let me know:)

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