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Dark Void - Darkrai in Standard

Breakpoint is out, people want to use the EX's - here is a way to use Darkrai EX in Standard.

02/17/2016 by Andrew Wood

Let me start by saying, this deck is building around Darkrai's attack, but perhaps not the one you think. I've seen ideas with Hypno and Malamar EX with All Night Party to use Dark Head and take OHKO on most Pokemon EX.

I think building a deck around this isn't fantastic, it feels too hit and miss, you need so much to go right and things to be in play it just doesn't seem to work half the time. I mean a Darkness and DCE means it can do 80, 100 with Muscle Band anyway, so it's an ok secondary attack.

So we are going to be using Dark Pulse. In Yveltal you are aiming to pile energy onto your Pokemon using Max Elixir, manual attachments and baby Yveltal so this just offers an attacker in that scenario. We slap a DCE onto Darkrai and he can attack for the same effect, but with all your energy safe on the bench! So let's look at the deck...


2 Darkrai (BRP 74)

You may notice it's a small line of Darkrai, I don't think it's fair to call this a Darkrai deck, because frankly I don't think he works great as the main attacker – much better in Expanded with Dark Patch, but still not as good as Yveltal EX.

I've already spoken on why he's included so we'll move onto the second attacker. Darkrai also offers a different resistance and weakness to Yveltal to help with match ups.

3 Yveltal EX (BW8)

These are the guys we want to be stacking the Dark energy onto, once Darkrai falls they're then ready to go themselves. Basically by using Darkrai we're getting good damage for a while, whilst having all our energy safe, which we wouldn't stacking it all onto a Yveltal EX.

3 Yveltal (XY78)

Three is the right amount, we only run the one Battle Compressor, but can also discard energy with Ultra Balls and Sycamore's. We don't want to discard many, 1-2 tops most of the time, getting rid of too many will make Max Elixir less effective.

2-2 Garbodor (BRP57)

We had a lot of deck space and a small Pokemon line, I think adding a Maxie's engine would probably make it too clunky and getting rid of abilities helps with a lot of match ups. We have all seen Garbodor before, and since this deck doesn't run many abilities it seems a good inclusion.


4 Max Elixir

These are some of the most important cards in the deck really, they give it speed and more power attacking by getting Dark energy into play. They have to attach to the bench which is perfect as we don't necessarily need them on Darkrai.

2 Shadow Circle

We need to run a stadium, this one helps our weakness, both of which are somewhat popular with Manectric and Lucario. Reverse Valley is another option, and I can definitely see why you would pick that over Shadow Circle, it can help hugely with the math!

2 Float Stone

Whilst these are essential for Garbodor, we can also use them to get Pokemon out of the active, example Yveltal after he is done powering energy onto the bench via Oblivion Wing.


Night March

None of their Pokemon hit for weakness on Darkrai, who can pick up a couple of Kos, but ideally we take knock outs with baby Yveltal, as he hits for weakness on Pumpkaboo and can OHKO Zoltik for one energy. I would avoid putting down Yveltal EX and utilise Shaymin EX if necessary.


There are variants, but most run either Zoroark or Gallade and Garbodor definitely gives us the advantage in those match ups. Because we only have 2 energy on Darkrai we can hit there Yveltal hard, and still not allow them to hit back too hard. You should find they run through there energy faster than you.


Use Darkrai to attack to avoid weakness, and their bats become useless if we can get Garbodor setup quick enough. Mega Manectric is a tougher match up, as you're normally 2HKOing and they obviously heal via Rough Seas too.


The opposite this time, attack with Yveltal, who has resistance and again, depending on the variant Garbodor shuts down bats or stops Hawlucha from ignoring resistance.

[+4] ok


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