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Top 10 Breakpoint Cards

Hi all, Andrew here and I'm going to be taking a look at what cards I think will have the most impact moving on from Breakpoint.

02/12/2016 by Andrew Wood

This article is going to be breaking down the latest set, Breakpoint, and give some of my thoughts on how I think certain cards may impact the Standard game, and a little on expanded. My bias may play some part, and I may have different thoughts to other lists you may have read, but just hear me out…

Honourable Mentions

Golduck BREAK has not seen much hype, but it's basically a Aromatisse for every and any type. Which means, with Max Potion back, you can potentially run that strategy with any type you like. If that wasn't enough, Golduck himself actually has an ok attack, Derail, which allows you to discard a special energy from your opponent (this would require you to run Water energy).

Greninja BREAK was also another one, which I put in my list a number of times before removing. I think it's good, and the fact Frogadier's attack effectively makes it a Stage 2 is great, but it's also slow for that reason, and requires a lot of energy in hand to discard twice and then attack - also it relies solely on abilities, and Garbodor is back.

Puzzle of Time is my final honourable mention, in the right deck it's so important, again like Night March it's able to recycle cards you need, but it's so clunky. You don't really want to play one alone, so you're most likely running 4 which hurts your deck space as well.

10 Sudowoodo

This may be a surprise inclusion, and honestly you could perhaps include any of the above instead, but I think as a tech for fighting decks it could be fantastic. He has the attack Watch and Learn, which basically mimics your opponents last attack, so for example M Mewtwo knocks you out with Physic Infinity, you can then bring in Sudowoodo and do the same attack back, and if you have strong energies on him, for even more damage!

9 Ho-oh EX

I want this Pokemon to work so bad, and have had some success with Smeargle and Max Elixir to get him powered up by turn 2 but I don't know. He isn't strong enough to OHKO most things and lets be honest, you're dedicating your whole deck to get that weird energy requirement going - I love it, think it can be fun, but not sure it will be more than that.

8 Garchomp

Another great fighting Pokemon. Now you can run him as Stage 2 and have a deck somewhat built around him, or you can use him with Maxie's. Get a strong energy, stadium OR muscle band on him and he is KOing the majority of EX Pokemon.

7 Fighting Belt

Any card that can rival Muscle Band deserves a mention, I don't think it will see anywhere near as much play, but it offers similar damage but with +40HP which can make it appealing for smaller Pokemon.

6 Max Elixir

Energy acceleration is always important, and having a trainer card that can potentially do this is huge. As long as you're running a reasonable amount of energies, and don't focus on discarding them via battle compressor and attach with another strategy, Elixirs are so important for the speed of your deck.

5 Deliquent

Much to the annoyance of some players disruption is a popular strategy these days, with hammers, item and ability locks and mill decks being popular Deliquent is a fantastic supporter for those. You can not only discard their Stadium, which hampers there strategy, but you can then make them discard 3 cards - combo this with things like Red Card and you can destroy your opponents hand.

4 Trevenant BREAK

So you already have the item lock, you get a ton of HP and his attack is actually pretty good. It does 30 damage to all of your opponents Pokemon which is so strong, especially against none EX decks. Other uses are just making Trevenant even more of a wall in Gengar decks etc.

3 Garbodor

He's back! I don't think he holds quite the importance he once did, but it's still a huge ability. Every deck runs Shaymin, most also run some kind of ability, whether it's to move energy around or Zoroark's Stand In it halts so many key parts of players decks. I would expect to see a few variants appear with him, mainly Lucario, Yveltal and M Mewtwo.

2 Darkrai EX

This is where my bias may show slightly, but I also do think he's a fantastic card. Darkrai is my favourite Pokemon, so there is that, but he also has two great attacks. His second attack for Expanded is unbelievable, combo'd with Hypnotoxic Laser it can one shot most EX which for 3 energy (or two attachments) is huge. 

His first attack is what I've put him second for though. So in an Yveltal deck, you can bench an Yveltal and power him up via Max Elixir, attaching and baby Yveltal and by turn 2-3 your bench should be stacked with Dark energy. Then throw a DCE on Darkrai and start swinging for big damage. The best part is, your energy is still safe!

1 Max Potion

I wanted my list to show the impact of cards on the game, and most so far have changed decks, and maybe introduced variants but I think this card actually allows decks to be viable. Things like Fairy immediately spring to mind using Aromatisse and Max Potion to great effect, but as I've said with Golduck BREAK any type can now take advantage of the strategy which is what I think tipped Max Potion as my favourite. Expect to see Fairy make a small comeback, M Mewtwo Fairy decks and Golduck variants!

If you have made it to the end, thank you, and if you disagree with any choices or like a pick you may not have chosen let me know in the comments!

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