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Results from the first Regionals in AUT & DE: Standings, winning lists and more!

A review of the first three Regionals held in Austria & Germany, with the winning decklists, final standings, a short tournament report and a look at future Regionals in AUT & DE.

11/17/2015 by Luca Schuster

Hey people, Luca here again with my second article/blog for 60cards.

This time we´re going to have a look at the first three Autumn Regional Championships which took place this weekend in Weiz (Austria, Hannover and Leipzig (Germany).
Interestingly, these tournaments were held in expanded format, unlike other countries like the Netherlands, Portugal or the UK, but there are some hints that Spring Regionals are going to be in standard format though, we´ll see soon enough!



1. Results by Event


Weiz, Austria, 25 Masters


1. Kristian H. - Speed Mega Rayquaza

2. Sandro P. - Yveltal

3. Luca S. - Tyrantrum/Giratina/Bronzong

4. Michelle Z. - Seismitoad/Giratina

5. Simone Z. - Seismitoad/Giratina

6. Matthias M. - Yveltal

7. Daniel F. - Vespiquen/Flareon

8. Manuele T. - Sableye/Bunnelby/Garbodor


Hannover, Germany, 39 Masters


1) Robin S. - Vespiquen/Flareon

2) Daniel B. - Vespiquen/Flareon

3) Paulo M. - Seismitoad/Giratina

4) Karl P. - Night March

5) Friedrich I. - Yveltal

6) Fiete S. - Tyrantrum/Giratina/Bronzong

7) Matthias L. - Seismitoad/Bats

8) Tobias T. - Yveltal


Leipizig, Germany, 39 Masters


1. Tobias S. - Vespiquen/Flareon

2. Philipp L. - Vespiquen/Flareon

3. Karl P. - Night March

4. Martin B. - Tyrantrum/Giratina/Bronzong

5. Stefan B. -  Latios/Bats

6. Fiete S. - Vespiquen/Flareon

7. Manuel J. - Seismitoad/Giratina

8. Lutz R. -  Sableye/Bunnelby/Garbodor


2. Specific Tier List per Event


As we´re having a look at the tops of each specific event, we see, that they are very similar to each other. We can see at least one Vespiquen/Flareon, one Tyrantrum, and one Seismitoad/Giratina in each of them. Then there are some odd placements, like the Latios/Bats in Leipzig or the Speed Mega Rayuqaza which won the Regionals in Weiz in the end. So, what does this tell us about the tier list? Here I´ll try to provide the best possible tier lists per event:



Tier 1 (Expect to play against this deck multiple times)

- Seismitoad/Giratina

- Sableye/Bunnelby/Garbodor

Tier 2 (Expect to play against this deck at least once)

- Tyrantrum/Giratina/Bronzong

- Yveltal

Tier 3 (Don't be surprised to play against this deck once or twice)

- Night March

- Vespiquen/Flareon

- Mega Manectric/Wobuffet/Garbodor

- Speed Mega Rayquaza


With many Italien Players attending this tournament, it was interesting how the Meta Game changed from a heavy Yveltal and Seismitoad/Giratina Meta Game, to a heavy Sableye/Bunnelby/Garbodor and Seismitoad/Giratina Meta, because more than 50% of the Italian players decided to run this deck. In the end, just one managed to get into tops, but lost to Speed Mega Rayquaza there. 

Interestingly just one person played Speed Mega Rayquaza, which is definitely a risky choice if you ask me. In a Meta Game, where nearly every deck plays at least one Hex Maniac and the deck to beat is Seismitoad/Giratina, I wouldn´t have trusted in Mega Rayquaza, but Kristian H. decided to run it, no matter what, and ended up in winning the whole thing. Crazy!



Tier 1 (Expect to play against this deck multiple times)

- Yveltal

- Vespiquen/Flareon

Tier 2 (Expect to play against this deck at least once)

- Tyrantrum/Giratina/Bronzong

- Seismitoad/Giratina

Tier 3 (Don't be surprised to play against this deck once or twice)

- Night March

- Seismitoad/Bats


Vespiquen/Flareon and Yveltal definitely were the decks to beat at this tournament.  In the end, two Vespiquen/Flareon decks ended up in finals, where Robin S., who already did achieve quite a lot in this very young season, managed to pull of the tournament win. 


Tier 1 (Expect to play against this deck multiple times)

- Vespiquen/Flareon

- Seismitoad/Giratina

Tier 2 (Expect to play against this deck at least once)

- Tyrantrum/Giratina/Bronzong

- Yveltal

Tier 3 (Don't be surprised to play against this deck once or twice)

- Night March

- Speed Mega Rayquaza

- Landorus/Bats

- Sableye/Bunnelby/Garbodor

- Latios/Bats


It seems like Leipzig had more Seismitoad/Giratina decks than Hannover, but still quite a lot of Vespiquen/Flareon variants. Also like Hannover, two Vespiquen/Flareon decks ended up playing in finals. The only difference to Hannover: Tobias and Philipp are good friends, who built the deck together and played the same 60 cards. Oh boy, this definitely was MIRROR match! 

 3. Winning Deck Profiles


Bling Bling!

-This is what Bling Blink looks like-


This deck has so much power, it´s able to one hit knock out absolutely everything (except for Wailord EX, but I´m not counting that) on its first turn, if your opponent starts, which is just sick. But this deck has one big downside: If your opponent manages to play a Hex Maniac and attack with Quacking Punch on his first turn and you don´t get one of your two draw supporters in this deck, it´s pretty much over, because you´ll just deaddraw for the rest of the game. But if your opponent doesn´t manage to get that setup, you´re pretty much steamrolling everything. Raw power!



One of the two Vespiquen/Flareons, that managed to win two of three Regionals! It looks like a pretty solid standard build, but it has some amazing cards in it, which can turn the game into your favour. For Example, Entei is one of these cards. You can set it up pretty easily with just one Blacksmith and get your knockouts, depending on the size of your opponents bench. It also seems like Robin expected some Bats Variants, because he decided to play one Mr. Mime, which certainly is amazing in some matchups. I also really like the Town Map and two Silver Bangle, but personally, I wouldn´t have found the space for it.



Aaaaaaaalright, here we got a very interesting Vespiquen/Flareon build! It seems, that Philipp and Tobias (who, by the way, both played the same 60 cards deck and managed to get into finals) were expecting a LOT of Seismitoad/Giratina decks, so they tried to max out their Fire energy and Blacksmith count, so they could always get a hit with Flareon, altough they were unter the Giratina lock. And because it´s expanded and a certain card named Hypnotoxic Laser still exists, this list runs 2 Audino - just to wake up in the right time and not to miss the attack. They really overthought the meta game, teched the right cards and with these simple changes, they got the exact results they wanted.


4. A short Top 4 Tournament Report

 As you know, I´m from Austria, Weiz is 2 hours away from my hometown and therefore we always visit tournaments at this location. It´s always fun, the TO is doing a great job and I have some amazing memories regarding some tournaments at this place.

This tournament report is just a small addition I decided to make, for me, because I love to write tournament reports and for you, to get a better impression of this tournament!

As you maybe already have seen, I decided to play Tyrantrum, just because I love the mechanics of this deck so much and it certainly has many pretty good matchups.


Round 1 vs Matthias M. - Yveltal

First round against a very good friend of me, that´s always one annoying part during tournaments, but what can you do. Actually the Yveltal matchup is quite good for me, but I had some horrible hands in combination with dead draws, in the end we both managed to win one game each - timeout was called, so we tied. I could´ve had a worse start for this tournament!



Round 2 vs Martina C. - Seismitoad Giratina w Silent Lab

Seismitoad/Giratina is definitely not a bad matchup, if you play a combination of Aegislash and Cobalion ex. What I didn´t know, is that she played a combination of 2 Silent Lab and 2 Virbanks as her stadiums, I can´t describe how annoing these cards were. But I still 2-0ed her, because the classic strategy with Cobalion and Aegislash always works out in the end hehe



Round 3 vs Stefan W. - Sabley/Bunnelby/Garbodor w Robo Sub

This is by far the most horrible deck I´ve ever played against. I nearly managed to pull off a win, but he flipped 80% heads on his Crushing Hammers, which was why I lost the first game. In the second game, i managed to build up a biiiiig Aegislash with around six energies attached to it and drew four price cards, but then time was called and he had the winning life dew for his shaymin ex - no way how I could end this game in a Tie. What can you do.


From now on, I had to win every game to make it into topcut, therefore I was kinda stressed but focused.

Round 4 vs ??? - Wailord

Seriously, who the hell still plays Wailord? It´s a worse Sabley/Bunnelby/Garbodor, I really wondered how he managed to win one game till he faced me. Same mill strategy on his side, same Aegislash strategy on my side. We played for a good 30 minutes, until i drew my last price card, after that he decided to scoop the series because he knew that he had no chance to end the second game, without timeout being called.


One more win to go!

Round 5 vs ??? - Mega Manetric/Wobuffet/Garbodor

Oh come on. It´s the last, all deciding round and of course, I have to face my worst matchup ever. Incredible. In the first game, he starts with a lone shaymin, I start, DDE and Muscle Band to my Giratina, Float Stone to my Keldeo and pass. He looks at his hand, looks kinda desperate, plays a Tool scrapper to the Float attached to my Keldeo and...passes? Well, he didn´t discard my muscle band, that was the reason why i was able to deal 120 damage to his shaymin, which won me the first game. He flipped over his topdeck card and it was a N. Close one!

The second game was more critical, because he managed to set up quite perfectly and dealt a lot of damage to my EX´s. In the end, I just needed a winning Lysandre, but one VS-Seeker was priced, I drew 5 price cards, and of course it was the last card. Yay. He attacked with Manectric Ex, and all of my Ex Pokemon on the bench were in sniping range after that. I drew my last card of the deck (Yes, i quite drew through my whole deck), which was a super rod, played the super rod for my fighting energy and two other cards, played my last juniper to get the last three deck cards, and attack with a heavily damaged Tyrantrum EX for the win. YES!



Tops were announced, I placed 4th seed after swiss rounds and had to face Simone Z. with his Seismitoad/Giratina deck.


Top 8 vs Simone Z. - Seismitoad/Giratina

We both knew that just top 4 would be rewarded with important Championship Points for Worlds, so it was a real intense game.

First game, he had to discard 2 of his 7 Energies in early game, which I took advantage of and attacked with cobalion ex as often as possible - he scooped after 6 energies or so were already discarded.

Second game, I had a great opening hand with battle compressor and vs seeker, which would´ve granted me an amazing T1, but he played Jirachi ex for his...Ghetsis. Amazing. Altough these were only 2 cards, it hurt me way to much, because I didn´t have anything else on my hand. He passed and I topdecked the same Battle Compressor again, whaaat? Fortunately, it seemed like he didn´thave too much on his side either, so we played some games of draw and pass, where I was kinda afraid that my Keldeo would be knocked out by poison. I finally topdecked a Hoopa ex and realized, that my Cobalion ex was priced. Mhm. It was quite an intense game, which I managed to win in the end because of a great Play with Cobalion Ex (which I finally got from my price cards) and Enhanced hammer, which left him nothing than a single Giratina in the active spot.

Pokemon TCG Austria featured this match and uploaded it to their Youtube Channel, you can check it out here: Top 8 Match


Top 4 vs Sandro P. - Yveltal

I can´t write too much about these games, because they were just horrible. I atually whiffed everything I could whiff and therefore lost this series, quite annoying but what can you do, Pokemon is like that, sometimes you win and sometimes you just whiff.



 5. Expectations for upcoming Regionals 

I personally don´t think, that we´ll see a great deck diversity in upcoming expanded Regionals, not even with the latest addition Breakthrough being released last week. Yveltal, Seismitoad/Giratina, Vespiquen/Flareon and Tyrantrum are still the strongest decks and just one set, with fairly good cards in it, is not going to change that. 

Buuuuuuuuuut luckily, there are not just expanded Regionals, there are also standard Regionals, where Breakthrough definitely is going to have an impact! Cards like Octillery (Draw Power) or Zoroark (Rush in) are very important for some decks and this additional set allows players, to play a bigger variety of different decks, which is definitely one thing I´m totally looking forward to. 


Thanks for reading my second article and hopefully, you´ll read a lot more from me in future!



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