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Giratina/Vileplume AOS for XY-on??

Taking a look at Giratina EX/Vileplume from AOS

08/12/2015 by Martin


Hi 60cards! I am Martin, a senior from Singapore (I can't seem to change my birthday). I am really hyped for the newest set, Ancient Origins (AOS) and see a huge potential in the cards being released. I am an especially giant fan (kudos to those who got the pun) of the new vileplume card, which locks item cards for both players with its ability, irritating pollen. Irritating indeed!

So, how can we use it?

The new vileplume is definitely a good card for locking your opponent out of their essential item cards. The success of the item lock can already be seen from the huge splash Seismitoad-EX has made with its item-locking and infamous attack, quaking punch. However, vileplume will be taking this to a whole new level, as it can just sit on the bench and lock items! You may be asking, how will a stage 2 Pokémon ever be consistent enough to be good? And without a decent attack, will it ever see play? Well, I believe that the deck below will answer these questions.

The Strategy

As you can see, vileplume definitely has synergy with the new Giratina EX, also from AOS, and Miltank from FLF. As you lock your opponent's item cards from the bench, you worsen the situation by blocking all damage from megas too, while blocking stadium cards and special energies! Obviously, Giratina's attack cost will be a problem, therefore we play 4 copies of Double Dragon Energy and Double Colorless Energy to help accelerate our energy. 


This deck generally has an ok matchup against other decks, provided we get our item lock set up early, which happens fairly consistently due to the number of consistency cards included. However, one bad matchup will be against Aegislash-EX since we will always have to attach a special energy to Giratina EX for it to attack. This is where Hydreigon EX and Miltank come in. Hydreigon EX not only helps out with the retreat cost, but its attack, Shred, does 80 damage, ignoring all effects on the opposing Pokémon. Since our opponent's start will be slow due to item lock, we can either use Hydreigon EX or Miltank with a muscle band to 2HKO the Aegislash, without much counterplay from our opponent.


To get Vilplume out as quickly as possible, we will be running three of the new stadium card, Forest of Giant Plants, to be able to potentially evolve into Vileplume even on the first turn, which will be our main aim with this deck. To maximise our consistency of the first turn item lock, we will be running a 3-3-3 line of Vileplume, with 3 Forest of Giant Plants. Additionally, we will be running a maximum count of ultra balls and 2 level balls (which will be coming back in AOS). 2 trainer's mail are included in order to find the cards we need to get the cards we need (if that makes sense). You may be wondering why I run 2 vs seeker and a high count of 3 muscle band if we can't play item cards, but I'll get to that later.


For draw support, we run 3 of the new Unown, which are level ball targets and give us card draw. We will also run 2 of Shaymin EX from ROS. For our supporter lineup, we will be running a maximum count of Sycamore to help us cycle through our cards faster, 2 Shauna as we are losing N with the rotation and...WHAT?! Tierno?? Wait up! Before you leave, let me explain, I swear it isn't as bad as it looks. At first, I ran 2 Birch's Observations, but I felt that Tierno was the superior supporter, as shuffling my entire hand into my deck lost me several of my important puzzle pieces like my Vileplumes or stadiums. I feel like Tierno really fits into this deck's general feel as it helps you dig deeper to get more resources, while maintaining those that you already have (I swear if you try it, you will understand). 3 Lysandre are included to stall the early game and to finish off damaged Pokémon on the bench, as Giratina EX's attack generally will not get any OHKOs. Finally, we have 2 AZ, the secret weapon of this deck. AZ allows us to pick up our Vileplume line, use our items, then put it all down again with Forest of Giant Plants. With Giratina EX blocking our opponent from playing stadiums, we usually will have ours.


This will conclude my article on this deck prediction for the new set Ancient Origins, as well as my first ever article on any Pokémon blog. I suggest you give this deck a try, as I feel that it would be powerful.





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