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I have played pokemon for years believe me and I bet I'm not the only one who has noticed something amazing that would be unpredictable but would create a scenario so intense your opponent would go mad trying to find a way out. Plz msg me if you find any thing and it will be here.

12/29/2014 by Gamma Ray

These are seacrets that I or my close friends have discovered that have not yet been used by our knowledge. I have a list currently consisting of four seacrets and if I get a message will also include it with full credit to the messenger.

1: there is truly nothing sweeter than vengeance:

there is a flareon that has the move vengence when you can get it in play. It does 20 damadge plus 10 for each pokemon in your discard pile. and then you can use items to discard pokemon at a rapid pace. It's almost unbelievable. Last time it did 270 for the win.


2: not even MC. Hammer could "touch this":

the recipe is simple. 1 spearow with a hint of trick coin sautéd in a ferrow with fly (you flip a coin if heads you ignore all damadge and effects of atack, but if tails it does nothing) and blended with victory star on a victini and with a bit of pokeballs and discard pile searching cards thrown in (for "flavor :p): Aah, velicimo! I can smell the victory from here!            

Note;  Using this method u have only a 12.5% chance of being hit! yes please! Her is a deck map to get started. You can Change anything you please since i just spilled my seacrets to the community but i dont reccomend changing the ferrow, and sperrow, or trick coin, or victini. This will also be my focus in the next round seeing as the comments gave me some errm criticism for no clear reason.









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