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Why You Shouldn't Mix Electricity and Elephants

An overview of the decks Zapdos-Manectric and Yveltal-Manectric

01/14/2015 by Blaine Hill

Hello 60card readers, my name is Blaine Hill and this will be my first article here. I will sharing some thoughts and experience of the two decks: Zapdos-Manectric (Zaptric) and Yveltal-Manetric

To start off, I want to note that both decks have Manetric in them. This leads you to ask: Why? Well, let's look at the cards in figure 1.


                                                                        Fig. 1

Now you as you can see for simply two energy, Mega Manectric can attach two energy to any pokemon. And the non-Mega Manectric has a pretty good attack as well for the same amount of energy it takes to Turbo Bolt, you can do 120 damage providing the Defending pokemon has a tool attached (which is now most of the time). Add Laserbank and a previous Overrun and you have two prizes.  But without this card (Fig 2) this deck would be in shambles.


                                                                 Fig. 2

Ah yes, that pesky Mega Evolution rule "Your turn ends when this pokemon becomes M Manectric" Anyway, Pokemon decided to make this card much better when they created the Spirit Links. With a Skyla, you can get a T2 Turbo Bolt off and steamroll with multiple Mega Manes. 

Now let's look at what makes these decks unique. First off, Zapdos LTR (Fig. 3)


                                                          Fig. 3

See that right there? That little resistance above this sentence? It's what makes this card so good. Pair this with Manectric, Hard Charm, Jynx, and its first attack, and you've got a Donphan Sniping Machine!(Also for lucky people out there, its second attack isn't half bad!) Also if you decide to include Pokemon Center Lady, or Super Potion; a Donphan can't kill you unless they Wreck. (which you play Enhanced Hammer for) Though Zapdos isn't much good against anything else, you simply Turbo Bolt them to death.


Now, onto Yveltal-Manectric. So, you ask, why Yveltal? Why not Mewtwo or something else to accelerate energy to? Well, Yveltal-Manectric has virtually no bad matchups due to Shadow Circle and Spiritomb (Fig. 4)


                                                                        Fig. 4

Shadow Circle takes out Donphan and Manectric, while Spiritomb takes out VirGen. Pyroar you sweep and Metal loses unless they OHKO you.(for which you have Hard Charm) You almost always get a T2 attack off, which makes the deck super consistent. TDK is your worst matchup because of the prize trade, but if you want to run a tech Aegislash, it helps a lot vs this MU. Seismitoad-Garb is an autowin because you have massive HP, and only take two energy to attack


Mega Manectric


The idea of Zaptric is to get a Mega Manectric out turn 2. Also by Letter/Ultra Ball or Battle Compressor, you can get a T3 Zapdos or another Mega Manectric out and running. The only meta bad matchup for Mega Manectric was Donphan. By adding Zapdos's resistance, Hard Charm, Jynx, and Random Spark, you get a Pokemon that uses Lightning Energy to counter Donphan. So for day 1, I decided to run Zaptric  

So the decklist I played for day 1 was:

So you are probably wondering "why wouldnt you just play a 4-4 line of Mane?" My answer: you almost never need 4 Mega Manetrics out in play, and if you do, then you can Trump Card ones back in. With Zapdos's resistance to fighting and Hard Charm, all Donphans will then rely on strongs and muscles to do damage. Add Jynx, and you now see why this deck can destroy donphan; it is simply too hard to knock out a 1-prize Zapdos. Vs nearly everything else, you simply take two hits to kill an EX and you can Max Potion off the damage and energy and simply turbo bolt them right back with a fresh Manectric. The few bad matchups are: TDK(from the prize trade) and VirGen(With Deoxys, G Booster does 210). So, you ask, why Dimension Valley? I'm sure there is another stadium, right? NOPE, believe me, I have scoured the Internet looking for any other stadium. The only ones that would help are: Virbank City Gym, and Dimension Valley, and maybe Champions Festival. There is no use for Virbank as it would take up 6 spots in your deck for Laserbank (which I don't have) and Champions Festival would help Donphan better than me. Dimension Valley would be the best choice.


I had predicited a Donphan heavy meta, so that was why I had used this deck for the first day. Sure enough, I faced a Donphan R1. I got two Zapdos set up, and my opponent could do nothing about it. I easily swept him. 1-0

R2- I was against a Gengar deck. Now I didn't know how to beat Gengar, so I just did two Random Sparks and then Lysandred and Turbo Bolted each Gengar he had. 2-0

R3 Now I was against TDK, my worst matchup, and he had Plasma Eevees so I couldn't take more than 3 prizes. 2-1

R4 I faced an Aromatisse-Manetric deck and simply got set up faster. 3-1

R5 Now I was against a VirGen, another bad matchup, he was able to get a T3 G Booster off for 210 with Deoxys to ohko my Fully Powered Mega Mane. He simply murdered after that. At the end I went 3-2 making 6th and bubbling top 4 but I was able to trade and borrow some Yveltals to play for the next day.



The idea of Yveltal-Mane is to get a T2 attack off; a Turbo Bolt, an Evil Ball, etc.  This deck strikes fast and can use many attackers. Keeping still a good Donphan matchup, and other Manetric variants due to Shadow Circle's awesome no weakness, bringing even the hardest decks to their knees. Add Pokemon Center Lady and Max Potion, and you have a untouchable Yveltal. BUT I forget one very important card: Spiritomb. I facepalmed myself after I realized, but by then, I had already registered. Oh, how did that come back to haunt me.

So for Day 2 my deck was: 



R1- VS Gengar- I simply destroyed this guy by lysandring and evil balling. 1-0

R2 VS seismitoad Get a horrible start with jirachi and going second and no supporters 1-1

R3- VS -Yveltal with Zoroark- simply do not play shadow circle down and turbo bolt him to death 2-1

R4 -VS Aromatisse with Manetric- steamroll w/garb and Yveltal 3-1

R5-VS VirGen- he gets T3 G Booster and lysandre when he needed it. 3-2

Top 4

Now I need the two 2-2-1s to tie to get in top 4. By pure luck the 2-2-1s tie. Because I am playing against VirGen, I have an autoloss because he can ohko me while I two-shot him back.

So G1 of top 4 I go first and get a T2 Y Cyclone off to a benched Yveltal. He gets a crap hand of my N and scoops.

G2 I start crap, but he Ns! he then attaches and passes, but I get a god hand: Lightning, Juniper, Muscle, Letter, Ultra Ball, Float, and Spirit Link. I have a Manectric active and a Yveltal on the bench. I attach the Lightning and Link to Mane and Letter-Ultra ball away two Darks for a Trubbish, attach the Muscle and Float and Juniper, I then Overrun to the Genesect on the bench. He passes. I have crap so I Overrun his Genesect.  He attaches a topdecked energy and Emerald Slashes; I noticed he didnt play a supporter so I mega evolved, attached a dark, evolved trubbish and pokemon centered my damage off so he would have to get a deoxys and G Booster to kill me. I then Turbo Bolted to Yveltal.  He then topdecked a Juniper and junipered for a Deoxys and G Booster. I though to myself "I'm screwed", but I get a DCE off a topdecked N and was able to kill it with an Evil Ball due to 2 previous Overruns. He doesn't have a supporter and I was able to sweep after that.

Top 2

Top 2 was against Seismitoad.

G1 I sweep him with Mega Manectric and all he could do was Head Ringer me.

G2  He gets 10 mulligans and we have to ask the judge to pull a basic out of his deck. But unfortunately he N'ed my 16 card hand back into my deck. I get a T3 Mega Manetric out and he can't touch it. GG


 Both decks are great for a Donphan-heavy meta, which I predicte will be at Winter Regionals. Also both are cheap to build and easy to play, which makes them good for Juniors. Any thoughts on these decks would be helpful as I am going to play one or the other for Regionals.

Until next time,

Blaine (Scrub) Hill 



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