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Consistent luck, my 2016 London internationals article!

Tournament report for the 2016 London Internationals where I played a Rainbow Road deck....

01/19/2017 by Jesper Eriksen

Tournament report for the 2016 London Internationals where I played a Rainbow Road deck. For the tournament, I tested as much as I could. I chose Rainbow Road because it had good matchup areound the board and only really lost to Yveltal / Garbodor and M Scizor.

As you see in every Rainbow Road list, they're all really weak against Yveltal decks. You can say what you want to, but this deck loses to Parallel + N + Garbodor, the only way you win is when they can't create that lock. With this list, I concentrated on the fact that would be able to beat anything but Yveltal and I had a lot of succes with that.

I saw the field to be represented by nearly every deck in the format so I did like I was to by picking a deck which does well against like 90% of the field and has one really bad matchup.

I'll just quickly give you guys an overview of what I think of all of the popular matchups before the tournament.


Rayquaza: As this was one my first matchups of the day, you could see that I had a lot of tools to deal with that matchup and if they play Jolteon EX like my first opponent did you could still deal with it with cards like Xerneas BREAK which can go through Jolteon’s Flash Ray since its an evolution Pokemon. So I would say this is a 65/35.

Yveltal / Garb: In the start of the season it was Yveltal / Mew but that died out after the first couple of Regionals where Greninja was doing really good. But speaking of this matchup it is a bad one. Like in the top of this article where I was talking about the Garbodor + Parallel City and N combo would simply just destroyed the deck in the late game. Even though I went 1/0/1 against the deck during day 1, I would still say it is a 30/70 at the very least.

Pidgeot / Jolteon / Garb: So this deck popped up in a few tournaments here and there and was a try to counter Yveltal decks using Jolteon EX and using Pidgeot EX to have a tank that could deal massive amounts of damage with it’s Mirror Move attack. I won this game though because my opponent was drawing really badly, but if he gets parallel and Garbodor into play it gets really hard to win it. 45/55.

Plumebox: This matchup is really weird. Your goal is to set up up as much as you can in turn 1. If you lose the coinflip and he gets turn 1 Vileplume its really bad. Good luck for me was that he couldn’t set up his Jolteon EX or his Vileplume to lock my items before it was to late. If he sets up and I go first its a 40/60.

Greninja: This matchup is very much about the starting coinflip. Since you play Galvantula you can KO 2 Froakies on the bench if you go first. Then you win otherwise Greninja is a hard matchup if they set up. 60/40.

Volcanion: Depending on their stadium this can go from 60/40 to a 40/60. I lost to Attar Ricco in the 6th round because he suprised me with a really well timed Parallel City or like Patrick Landis played Sky Field which helped me set up a lot. So I would just say 50/50.

Scizor: I don’t see how I can win this matchup since Scizor can OHKO me and discard my Sky Field while they play Parallel City. 20/80.

Raikou / Electrode: Well, this was a deck that got created during the Dortmund Regionals. It was made to win vs Yveltal decks, and I can see why they do that but in this Matchup if I can match the amount of attackers my opponent can set up I just win since I can maybe Lysandre Shaymin EX or gain extra prizes on Electrode.

Rainbow Road mirror: In the mirror I don’t think you should go for the EX Ko’s. I rather think that you should play it like the old Night March mirror and go for the attackers and then go for a late game N.

Tournament Report

R1  Nayla Cirik M Rayquaza

We started off with a pretty good matchup and it was a quick one. Game one: she couldn't set up so that didn't take long before Xerneas could clean up the board.

Game two: she got an all right set up and I found out that she played a copy of Jolteon EX and she said if she set that up she would win, but she didn't know that I played the best counter.

She used Flash Ray with Jolteon-EX and then I slammed down Xerneas BREAK and the game was pretty much over.


R2 Matteo Laici Yveltal / Garb

So I hit the bad matchup already in round 2. Game one: this game was really weird. He was really aggressive with his Fright Night Yveltal and that resulted in a 4-prize lead for him until I used N and got everything I needed off that to sweep his board in 5-6 turns; what a comeback.

Game two: it was my turn to get N'ed. I was in front with 4 prizes and then I got N'ed into a supporter-less hand and he won the second gme after time was called.


R3 Geoffrey Toulmin Pidgeot / Jolteon / Garb

My first and only Pokédad of the tournament. I didn't know anything about this matchup but I knew if he played parallel + Garbodor and N. He didn't draw too well in game 1, but neither did he in the second game, he set up one Jolteon-EX with Flash Ray, but I could quickly answer with Xerneas BREAK and win game 2.



R4   Norwin Amiet  Plumebox

I hadn’t playtested this matchup either, so I just went for an aggressive strategy and it kinda worked. He drew really poorly and I get set up in 2 turns so game 1 was over really fast.

In game 2, to be fair he drew really poorly again, abd my Galvantula was able to snipe all of his board to secure a quick 2-0.


R5  ?? Raikou / Electrode

So this was a good matchup for me since my prize trade was 1 for 1 but he had to KO his own Electrodes to follow me in the prize trade. Game one: He didn’t draw too well and I think that he tried to go for the Jolteon-EX strategy again where my Xerneas was to counter it. Game two: I started out pretty well but I ended with some bad draws which gave him the second game. We started the third game with around 15-17 minutes on the clock so I tried to play as fast as I could, and fortunately this game went really well for me. He didn’t draw too well but this was the best series I had all weekend easily, he was one of the funniest and most chill opponents I’ve had for a really long time!


Me on the left playing vs Attar on the right.

R6 Attar Ricco Volcanion

So I hadn’t tested this matchup at all, but I was thinking that it could be good for me since Volcanion usually only plays either Rough Seas, Scorched Earth or Sky Field. But I was to get burned really hard. I went first in game one and managed to get a Sky Field in play and discard the 2 others. And then in his turn 1 he played a Parallel City. So I lost game 1 as soon as he got one Volcanion EX set up. In the second game I couldn’t set up really well since my Umbreon EX was prized so I lost that series 2-0.


R7 Patrick Landis Volcanion

So once again I hit a Volcanion deck but at least it was easier time since he didn’t play Parallel City in his Volcanion deck, but he played Sky Field so it would be a bit easier for me to set up. He didn’t draw that well in either of the games we played so I was able to win 2-1 after a really bad game 1 from my side.


R8 Juan Martin Bravo Yveltal / Garb

And yes, this is a really bad matchup, but when your opponent decides to give you the game through missplays you take them gladly. Game 1 he was winning really hard with a charged Yveltal-Ex but decides to retreat for a Fright Night Yveltal because he didn’t think I was playing either Switch or Escape Rope in my Rainbow Road deck. In the second game he drew quite poorly but made a mature missplay to give me the chance to KO his only attacker in play with Galvantula by promoting his  Garbodor and then I got a 2-0 I shouldn’t have gotten.


R9 Jonathan Fabrizio Bellucci Lanciano Volcanion

He flashed that he was playing Volcanion before the match, but I just wanted to make top 32 at the very least so we decided to ID.


So I was now in top 32 in one of my first events in the masters division with a 6-1-2 record.

R10 ?? Volcanion

So this is a shaky matchup from my experience, I had a really bad game 1 where I was missing a lot cards to pull off the KO’s that I was needing on the Volcanion EX’es. In the second game I got a really big lead, and as always my opponent played N and I drew really well of it, so I could take the last couple of prizes. In the last game I tried to play for the win. Of course I wanted to make top 8 but game 3 was very difficult and it ended with that I had to top deck an N and N my opponent to 1 to hope that he wouldn’t draw 2 fire energies to KO my Hoopa Ex which I put in the active to stall him out.


R11 Israel Sosa Yveltal / Garb

So yes, we hit the ‘'bad matchup’’ once again and this game was really different from the others. I think Israel is one of the best players in the game and it was a amazing playing against him.  But we opened and we both didn’t get the most amazing starts. In game I got a better set up than he did but it still came down to a close game. You never know what can happen with Fright Night Yveltal. I won by Lysandre on an Yveltal-EX. Game 2 was almost the same story. He couldn’t get the Parallel + Garb + N combo going and when he did use N on my late game I got Vs seeker and Double Colorless for game.



R12 Justin Palmer Yveltal / Garb

Well, for my last three matches I’m not going to say to much. My luck just turned off. I was dead drawing.


R13 Javier Gamboa Yveltal / Garb

Well this wasn’t complete dead drawing, at least I got to take some prizes, but it wasn’t close at all and I still lost.


R14 Brent Tonisson Yveltal / Garb

When you Sycamore turn 1 and discard 3 Vs seeker you know it’s going to be a bad game. And in the second game I got unlucky again.


Overall I was sad that I had to end the tournament this way, but at the least I was happy that I could make top 32. I got 80CP extra and 750 Dollars, which means that I am number 2 in global rankings and number 1 in the European rankings with my Worlds points.

I would like to give a quick shoutout to my brother Simon who’s made my deck for the tournament. And he is kinda the reason why I do good at so many events.

Thank you for reading the article and I’ll see y’all next time!

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