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Coincidence? My worlds 2015 top 8 article

I’m Jesper Eriksen - and I’m a player from Denmark...

09/19/2015 by Jesper Eriksen

Many of you know me for putting up spiderman memes on virbank. But for those of you who do not know me; I’m Jesper Eriksen - and I’m a player from Denmark. Located in northern Europe. Today I’m going to give you a review of my worlds 2015 experience. Let’s go!

A few weeks before worlds I began my testing for the event. I ended the season with 812 CP, which was only enough for a 26th place on the european rankings list, which meant no day 2 invite. This obviously meant I had to go through the day 1 swiss rounds! I started the testing for the event a few weeks before worlds when I went ''LC hunting'' in the Netherlands, in order to gather me some points for the 2016 season. I played 4 LC’s there and I got 57 CP, which was quite good. I tested 3 decks for worlds: Night March, Klingklang, and my final choice Toad / Manectric / Bats. In most of the tournaments I played Klingklang, but for some reason I started liking the Toad / Bats deck. Coincidence?

Well, I flew to Boston via Amsterdam the monday before the tournament was starting. As always, I was ready to show the world that ''I can be the very best like no one ever was!''

My list for the tournament.




So let’s start with day 1!


R1 ????(US) Mirror Match W/L/L = Loss


Round 1 started out with a mirror match. What a way to start the day! I had a good start in game 1 and won it - but in the other games he head ringer'd all of my Seismitoads and got too big of an advantage from that.

W / L / L = Loss


R2 ???? (AU) M Manectric / Tool Drop

So, when you look at the matchup in general it can be close, but i have to be drawing well. During game 1 I got steamrolled because of dead drawing and due to the fact that i didn’t put a head ringer on any of his Manectric EX before he got a Spirit Link attached.

In game 2 my opponent dead drew and he scooped during my 5th turn.

In game 3 it gets REALLY close. We both had good starts and we exchanged KO's until we were 1-1 in prizes. As it usually goes, I played an N and hoped that my opponent wouldn’t hit a lysandre for game. He actually didn’t hit it! And the turn after I top-decked a VS Seeker for my own Lysandre for game.

L / W / W = Win


R3 ???? (US) Hippowdon / Stuff

Well, as you now can see I hit a Hippowdon deck round. I have never played that matchup before that exact match, so I didn’t know what to actually do against it.

Game 1 we played a really close game, with me hitting heads on Laser and Super Scoop Up multiple times. The Super Scoop Ups picked up my Crobats to deal more damage, and heads on Laser to prevent the Hippowdon from using resistance dessert to damage my Pokemon. I ended up winning the game in the end by top-decking a VS Seeker. This time it was for an AZ, though.

Game 2 was kinda the same, but this game he used a Bunnelby against me to make me deck out. I didn’t deck out, but on the last turn I was able to secure the victory by flipping heads on Super Scoop Up. (I really love my Team Plasma coin!)

W / W = Win


I’m 2-1! I was one win away from day 2 and still 2 losses from being eliminated from the tournament.

R4 ???? (US) Primal Groudon

I playtested this matchup a bit and it ended up being a 60-40 in Groudons favour. I simply can’t do anything if I don’t get damage on the Primal Groudon before he gets it active and starts taking prizes.

Game 1 I didn’t draw too well, and it ended up with my opponent starting to take prizes from turn 3, which meant I lost the game already at that point.

Game 2 was really close! I KO'd one Primal Groudon and was only a lysandre away from game, in order to KO other Groudon which wasn’t evolved yet.

L / L = Loss

So from this point on, it was win or go home.



R5 ???? (US) Hippowdon

Game 1 was similar to my first game from round three. I got heads on Super Scoop Ups and Lasers which ended up winning my game 1.

Game 2 wasn’t close at all. Unfortunately for my opponent I hit heads on EVERYTHING. Which gave me the win. With 4 Super Scoop Up heads you can’t lose.

W / W = Win

I’m in day 2 now!

At this point before the 2nd day of the tournament I actually wanted to change my deck. I didn’t feel comfortable at this point with the deck. The same night I had a fortune cookie which said: ''A wise friend will give you great advice'' - which my brother really did! He said I had to stick with the deck, coincidence?


Day 2

I ended up playing the same deck. The exact same 60-cards (pun intended) - which would eventually do me good.


R1 Jeffrey Cheng (US) Donphan (Finalist at worlds and former Team C member)

This is a good matchup on paper, but you can never be sure what happens at the table when you’re sitting there and playing it.

That happened to me....

Game 1 was a close game, but it didn’t go that well for me. I played a Super Scoop Up that would decide if I would win or not. I really regretted that i gave him so much time to load his Donphans to use wreck. I ended up flipping tails and losing the game.

Game 2 was also close but it ended in the same way. The day before, Super Scoop Up was my hero, but now it had turned against me. I didn’t get the heads that I needed to scoop up my Seismitoad, and i didn’t draw my Lysandre either, so I lost again.

L / L = Loss.

0-1 A bad way to start the worlds championships, but soon the flips will be in my favour.

R2 Justin Kulas (US) M Manectric / Genesect

I know that usually the M Manectric decks are close matchups and this was, too.

Game 1 we both started poorly and I ended up top-decking a Professor Juniper and was able to take the game from there since I could Head Ringer his M Manectric AND his Genesect.

Game 2 ended up sooo close. We both got average starts, but I had the edge. It ended up with him prizing his G-Booster so he couldn’t KO my Manectric EX for the game.

W / W = Win.

1-1 We were playing 8 rounds. One more round than masters.


R3 Gustavo Wada (BR) Landorus / Crobat.

Gustavo is one of my great friends and we have always had amazing matches.

Game 1: We sat down and were allowed to start. When I see he flips a Landorus EX I got so happy. This matchup was a really good one and it ended up playing out as usual.

I could KO all the Hawluchas he sent up and in the end it was just too much for him.

Game 2: This game was a lot closer. I didn’t start that well and he started getting damage on my board. This time Super Scoop Up turned out to be my hero yet again. I removed about 160 damage from my Seismitoad and started using Quaking Punch, and from there on, he tried and tried, but in the end he couldn’t draw anything but items and I ended up winning.

W / W = Win.


R4 Alex Krekeler (US) Landorus EX / Manectric EX / Hawlucha / Seismitoad / Garbodor

I know that was a lot of big pokemon and I don’t how he could fit them and their energies into the deck.

Game 1: I tried to see as many things in his deck but ended up conceding when he Head Ringered my Seismitoad EXes and I couldn’t attack until turn 4.

Game 2: We played it out close. I ended up winning because he couldn’t keep up with my Seismitoads and when he promoted Hawlucha and tried to attack, I flipped heads on Super Scoop Up.

Game 3: This game was really bad. He started Jirachi EX and draw passed. I was really happy at that point since it was like I’d already won. But the game played out a bit further, alas I managed to take all my prizes before he really got going. Those games were really great!

L / W / W = Win.



R5 Troy Obernolte (US) Seismitoad / Garbodor

This matchup is really a 50/50. It can get into to his favour if I don’t get my energies after he removes them with Team Flare Grunt and Xerosic.

Game 1 was close. I won the coin flip and immediately I slammed down 2 Head Ringers and got a clear advantage. This game ended with me as winner because I could keep my energies on board and I still got the first Quaking Punch, even though I went first.


Game 2 was the same, but in his favour this time, so I ended up scooping early to preserve some time for the next game.

Game 3 Was just like the first game. I used Head Ringer to my advantage and it still ended up being close. I ran out of Seismitoad at one point so i had to use Manectric EX to hopefully get through his Seismitoad, which I ended up doing and i won the series.

W / L / W = Win.

This was really the closest and best game I had all weekend.


R6 Alex Smetana (US) Landorus / Crobat / Primal Groudon

This match was really weird and something really wrong happened in game 1.

Well, we get into game 1, and i started out slow, by getting my quaking punch kinda late. It didn’t matter that much - I just had to get it. But he gave me a lot of damage early on, and I played Super Scoop Up 3 times in like 5 turns to negate the damage, which it did all the 3 times. The problem was just that my opponent was uncomfortable about me flipping with my plasma coin, and I was like: ''I can use it if I want to'' - but after the third time it was enough for him. He called a judge and the first judge just said that I can use it if I want to, since it’s a legal coin. He called head jugde, and I ended up saying: ''if you don’t want to use my coin I'll just use my dice then”. I ended up doing that and after that I kept flipping heads and won the game by Crobat damage.

Game 2 was pretty bad for me. He benched a Groudon in his first turn and attached to it. I got pretty scared at that point, because you don’t want to see a Primal Groudon coming at you. I got my setup too late and I ended up scooping to preserve time for the third and final game.

Game 3 was kinda easy. I got a perfect setup and got Quaking Punch early. My opponent didn’t draw anything but items and it took me like 10 turns to win the game.

W / L / W = Win.

R7 Jacob ?? (US) Virizion / Genesect

At first when he flipped a Virizion EX I got really happy.

Game 1: I went first with a Head Ringer on Virizion EX and an attachment to a Manectric EX, which is what you want to do against that deck. The game ran as it should, and my opponent scooped just a few turns later to save some time.

Game 2 he went first, got a good setup, and I didn’t get any of the things I wanted. So this time I was the person scooping.

Game 3 got interesting. I got the setup and such. I got my Head Ringers down and he got Emerald Slash in turn 4. This meant he was a long way behind. It ended up being critical that he benched a Jirachi EX because I could, in combination with another Golbat, use Lysandre to bring out the Jirachi EX and Laser it and use Swoop Across for the game.

W / L / W = Win


I was so excited after that game, because I knew I had a really big chance to make cut now.

Also my brother Steffen Eriksen proposed to his girlfriend and he got a yes!


So next round was the deciding round, because once I knew i was playing one of my teammates we would just have make an ''ID''.


The last swiss round I was at table 1! (I’m the guy in that awesome pink shirt).

Both table 1 and 2 ID'ed into top 8.

Round 8 Colter Decker (US) and Team C! Donphan

We both agreed that a tie would make us both eligible for cut. So we set up and when the timer got started we signed our slip and then we were in top 8!

? / ? / ? = Tie.


Now I made it through day 1 and 2. I’m now heading into the third day of worlds!


Top 8 Brent Tonisson (Au) M Manetric / Keldeo

This matchup was the worst I could get in the top 8 :(

Well, we started game 1. Surprisingly he didn’t get anything the first few turns, which meant that I could do some early damage, but it shouldn’t go that well. I got 5 prizes but then he got the setup which meant I wouldn’t be able to tale a single KO at all. I lost that game because I ran out of resources.

Game 2 was basically the same all over. The game 1 just repeated itself. And once again I took 5 prizes, and then I missed a crucial vs seeker in the late game so I lost the series.

L / L = Loss.


Well, I lost my top 8, and yeah I was kinda bummed out because I was so close to hitting top 4. But I’m now the second Danish player ever to make top 8, and that is a big accomplishment for me.

Before all my shoutouts I want to thank Team C for teaching me how to play Marco Polo in the swimmingpool, supporting me and watching my matches during day 1, and for being the best friends ever!

If you liked this article please give it a like, and I'll be seeing you all in San Francisco next year.



All my shoutouts will go to Team C for being so fantastic and giving me a great time by hanging out in the pool, and all the other great stuff we did - and of course supporting me all throughout the tournament from day 1 till day 3 (Alex Snape left sunday morning):

Shoutout to Nicklas Danielsen for helping me with the article!

Shoutout to Jon Eng for playing the almighty Computer Search!

The last shoutout goes to Yasin Balela for being a nice guy and being a great testing partner and also for getting top 16.

Best regards,

Jesper Eriksen


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