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My 2017 London Internationals report and metagame list

December is upon us, and so is my first article in over a year.

01/04/2018 by Jesper Eriksen

Hello, readers! We’ve recently had the London internationals where Tord Reklev continued his hot streak of tournament performances, getting his second internationals win. I'd like to wish everyone reading a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I hope that everyone gets safely into the new year.

London Tournament Report

I played in the London Internationals with next to no practice but was still able to do well. I played the deck I've been playing for the entire season up until now.

I played this list.

So, for an introduction, I’ve been playing Goli/Garb mostly for the start of the season, and it was a deck that I thought could deal with many situations and had options against all of the meta (Yes, Volcanion too). Here are my rounds:

R1 Gunther Kirchofer AU W/L/L (Buzzwole/Garb)

I came into this matchup very carefully since I knew that many Buzzwole variants beforehand would have Espeon-EX in their decks, which, combined with Po Town, would be really good vs Goli / Garb. I won game 1 by outplaying his Trashalanche options and because he made many small mistakes in the mid-game giving me a big advantage. Game 2, I got the board down very close but ultimately lost to Espeon-EX very late. Game 3, the board got very close and I had a Sycamore in a 20-card deck, if I would have hit one of my three remaining Rainbow Energies, I would have won. Instead I missed and lost my sure winning position.

R2 Keld Juhl DK W/W (Mirror)

One of the Pokedads from Denmark met me in round 2, as soon as I saw my pairings I thought that it would be one of the calmer matches, but it wasn’t. Game 1, the board came down to N and we both drew dead for many turns, where I would tank hits with many different Pokemon and heal with Acerola. On his last turn, he played an N which ultimate made me top deck a Rescue Stretcher and won me the game with my discarded Trashalanche Garbodor.

R3 Pedro Alves PT W/W (Drampa / Garb with Buzzwole)

A friend of mine which I haven’t seen for a long time, Pedro was one of the senior players I met at the ECC 2016. We knew each other and we had a chill match, where I just had the better matchup. I was able to play around the Buzzwole with my Trashalansche Garbodor and just sit and poke at his Drampas before they could touch me with Golisopod-GX. I did the same in game 2 where he just didn’t draw too well and I could get some sort of a lunch break.

R4 Patrick Landis CH L/W/L (Volcanion / Silvally)

So I took out my Tapu Fini the day before the tournament, which kind of destroyed my hopes of ever winning this match. I was able to get down to a really close game 1 but I missed the last crucial pieces, like rescue stretcher, guzmas and a few energy attachments to win. Second game he didn’t draw to well and I was eventually able to sweep with my Celesteela GX. Third game, I started off really poorly. I was playing for the tie all game, but in the end he was able to Guzma for the game.

R 5 Buzzwole / Lycanrock W/L/W

I can’t remember too much from this particular match, but game 1, I got an ok setup, game 2 I dead drew, and game 3 I top decked Sycamore to get going. In this matchup you really want to get a Garbodor against the Buzzwole and Golisopod deals with Lycanrock.

R6 Jeremiah Williams US (Greninja) W/L/W

Came into this matchup knowing that Jeremiah was playing Greninja, therefore I was happy that I had the advantage, but the matchup can still be a hard one, with Tapu Fini and Espeon EX in the mix.

In game 1 we played a very close one, he whiffed a bit in the beginning which led to him being behind. I was also able to hit most of my Acerola in a row to ensure that Espeon wouldn’t appear to lose me the game. Game 2 we also played a very close game where in the end I couldn’t hit my acerolas and because of that, the damage could stick to my Golisopods and since I had 2 Wimpods prized I lost after he used Espeon-EX.

R7 Rasmus Møller DK (Gardevoir) W/L/W

He played a standard Gardevoir list with a few Max Potions and a 1-1 Zoroark-GX. It was one of the best sets of the weekend since we both drew terribly ⅔ games. In game 1 he went for Sylveon early on, where I responded with N every time but one. In game one I prized my Celesteela-GX and I couldn’t get a proper board state to win. Game 2, we played 7 Ns in 4 turns, where we kept N’ing each other time after time, especially since he used Magical Ribbon and I didn’t want him to set up. I managed to set up Celesteela to take 4 prizes, and I then was able to early game take a few prizes on Ralts / Kirlia, so I won by using Moon Blaster. Game 3, we both missed and missed and missed. I set up my Celesteela only needing to draw a single Double Colorless. I finally hit it in the last turn possible and was able to take 4 Prizes with it again after using Guzma, the game ended after my damage sticking onto a Gardevoir-GX and I was then able to Tapu Lele for Guzma, for game. This was the first time I’ve played the matchup during the day, and I would say it would be 60/40 in your favour because of the high tool count for your Garbotoxin, while Celesteela OHKOs Gardevoir-GX and Sylveon-GX.

I could now see the light at the end of the tunnel, I just had to win two more games to get into the top 32 day 2 cut.

Round 8 UK (Gardevoir) W/L/W

This was a weird one. He drew very badly game 1 and I was able to set up my Celesteela-GX and Garbotoxin to pretty much settle the game early. Game 2 I drew very poorly, and I was only one card away from donking him, but I missed. The game came down very close after we both dead drew in the beginning of the game and I lost the second game. In the third game I got a poor set up again. He did too and this time I was the one to set up first and eventually won the game. In the third game he also made a terrible mistake about being to conservative. Had he been more aggressive, I would have lost the set.

Round 9 FI (Metal / Silvally) W/L/L

So, I had never played against this deck, and I never knew the matchup totally. I knew that I had to go for cycling Golisopod-GX and using Garbodor to shut off eventual abilities and make him less consistent. Game one I got a prize penalty in my first turn for drawing a card too many. This game after confusion with the judge and could easily have been avoided, if the game wasn’t on the secondary stream table. I was able to set up pretty well still and was able to stream Acerolas when he attacked too. I kept the big damage off my Pokémon and was after a string of Ns to one with Garbotoxin in play able to win the first game. In the second game I drew very poorly. I wasn’t able to get out Wimpod in the second game and I conceded after a few turns, since I had nothing. In game 3 it came down to time. If I had played my turn out 20 second more, I would have gotten a tie and 500$ for a top 64 spot. I didn’t and lost due to him sitting with Guzma and was able to win before I could the turn after. Overall I was super sad about this being the game deciding my fate in the tournament, and I just seems to be a curse for me to lose all of my win and ins. Just like I did at the US Internationals.

Looking Forward to 2018

Looking over at the format after EUIC and Memphis Regionals I’ve made a little tier list which, I would like to go over. This is based on my opinion of the meta and how I see potential in different decks.

Tier 1
Zoroark Lycanrock
Broken Gardevoir
Zoroark / Golisopod

Zoroark /Lycanrock recently dominated Memphis regionals, and without a doubt it's one of the best decks out there. The ability to play a Lysandre through Lycanrock and keeping your deck consistent with Zoroark just makes your deck set up nearly every single time.

Broken Gardevoir, as it is called, is my current favorite deck to play. I really like so many options with Max Potions and having a bulky Gardevoir is something your opponent never wants to see. I would consider this deck to be the best Gardevoir variant. In my mind, Sylveon doesn’t exist anymore, and I don’t think that it will return within the next couple of regionals and Internationals.

This is my current Brokenvoir list I'll be looking at for Leipzig regionals, at the end of January.

Zoroark / Golisopod won the first internationals of the season piloted by Tord Reklev, and it was a great call for the tournament. I was 50/50 on this being in the tier 1, since it has--in my mind--a really bad Brokenvoir matchup, since Gallade just tears the deck apart. Anyways the deck is really consistent and looks like a good call coming into Leipzig and the Australian Internationals incoming.

Tier 2
Buzzwole / Octillery
Golisopod / Garbodor
Zoroark / Decidueye

Buzzwole / Octillery did great both London Internationals and Memphis regionals. It was a good call. The deck is very consistent and uses Max elixir to charge up Buzzwole GX. The deck is just super consistent with Brooklet Hill and Octillery, while being able to use Lycanrock to pull up opponents benched Pokémon to spread further damage with Buzzwole-GX.

Golisopod / Garb took second in Memphis. It’s in the list because I think it’s a deck with huge potential, but it’s not tier 1 potential. It got second with Azul, who played it fantastically. Golisopod is just good vs Lycanrock / Zoroark, because Golisopod OHKO’s Lycanrock and have more heal cards to keep the Golisopod alive.

Zoroark / Decidueye is a deck I really like too. The deck isn’t as consistent as the other Zoroark variants, but has done very well in the hands of Igor Costa. The deck is very great with Espeon being able to win games vs Gardevoir, and Zoroark-GX being able to do alot of damage onto your opponent’s board. This is one of the decks where I feel it has a lot more potential if the consistency gets a little bit better than it currently is.

Also, one of my sleeper picks for Australia internationals and Leipzig regionals would be the good old Passimian. The deck showed up with the Florida crew playing the deck where Orion Craig got on the official stream after being 4-0 with the deck. With the addition of Sudowoodo with Watch and learn and the Cobalion with Revenge blast, the deck was able to counter Gardevoir-GX and all kinds of Zoroark GX variants, while Passimian is a great attacker, that doesn’t rely on the Counter energy.

I would like to thank everyone who showed up at the London Internationals. Even though my performance wasn’t the greatest, I had a lot of fun and this is one of the experiences that helps me in my fight for my day 1 invite.

Also thank you to Limitless TCG and my sponsors Cardmarket and Cardicuno, who supported me with testing and advice for the tournament. They have been a big help while I’ve been really busy with school.

I hope to see everyone soon, and please give me a thumbs up for support!


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