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Mega Aromatisse!

Get some info on different Aromatisse-variants BCR-PHF!

12/24/2014 by Jonathan Bastesen

Mega Aromatisse!

Greetings, 60cards readers! This is my first pokemon related article, so I hope you like it!

First of all, no, Mega Aromatisse does not exist. However, in this article, I will show you three Aromatisse variants, that includes three different Mega Pokemon! At the end you can read a brief tournament report from my regionals, where I used one of these decks.


Aromatisse/M Kangaskhan EX

If you are not familiar with the strategy of this kind of a deck, it is very simple. Aromatisse has an ability that allows you to move fairy energies around as often as you like, wherever you like. Since rainbow energy also provides fairy energy while it is in play, you can practically use any pokemon you like in the deck! When one of your pokemon gets heavily damaged, you simply move the energy away, heal all the damage off with Max Potion, and then you move the energy where you need it. In other words: If your opponent can't knock out your pokemon in one hit, they are going to have a really hard time beating you!

I am going to explain this first list in detail, and the others more briefly, as they have a lot in common. This is the decklist I have made for the M Kangaskhan variant:

This is not the most typical "AromaKhan" list, so I will explain some of the choises I made.

1-1 M Kangaskhan. This big fellow is a Mega Pokemon. That means your turn ends when you evolve it! The attack is nothing mutch either, 100 + 30 damage for each heads, using three energy. It also takes three energy to retreat, which is really bad. Well, you are right, but there is some things that makes it worth running in this deck. First of all, it has a whopping 230 HP! That is ridiculous! Very few cards in the format can do that much damage without hitting for weakness. So when your Mega Kangaskhan takes a hit, you just heal it of, and he will never die (Exept when you run out of max potions though). It also uses only colorless energies. That means we can attack by only using basic fairy energies. The retreat cost is almost irrelevant, as the stadium Fairy Garden gives all pokemon with fairy energy attached, free retreat.

3-2 Aromatisse. The third Spritzee is to ashure you get aromatisse out. A common strategy against this deck is to lysandre or pokemon catcher out your spritzee or Aromatisse, and knock them out. By running a 3-2 line, your opponent has to catch spritzee or Aromatisse three times to prevent you from using them. It is also good to have the third Spritzee if one of them is prized, or discarded.

2 Suicune. Donphan is extremely populair at the moment, and in those matchups you don not even bench Kangaskhan. Therefore I compansate with two Suicune. For one water and two colorless it does 70 damage times 2 on Donphan because of the water weakness. This is the perfect number to knock out Donphan. VS Seeker is also helping you stream lysandre to catch out Donphan. With Suicune having 100 HP, our pour Donphan player more than likely needs to hit it twice to knock it out. The safeguard ability is also amazingly good with all the EXs around. Many decks can struggle just to knock out one, so by having two, you can give a lot of decks a lot of trouble. It is also worth mentioning that with a muscle band, Suicune can knock out any normal EX in two hits.

1 Manectric EX. This is a new pokemon from the Phantom Forces expansion. Manectric can snipe the bench for only one colorless. He also does 60+60 more damage if the defending pokemon has a pokemon tool attached, for one lightning and one colorless energy. This deals nicely with Yveltal EX and Lugia EX. 120 damage for two energy is also very good, considering most deck use pokemon tools.

1 Jirachi EX. This pokemon is not much used in fairy box decks. The bench space is so crutial because of all the different pokemon you use. After all, the whole idea with the deck is to deny prizes with big pokemon, and healing. I tried this deck a lot without it, and It just did not work for me. Without Jirachi, you have three less cards that can give you a draw supporter turn one. That may not seem like much, but it gives you about 10% less chance of getting a draw supporter on your first turn, and that is a huge difference. Jirachi is also the best late-game assistant, when you only need a Lysandre to win.

0 Malamar EX!? Many players consider Malamar as a staple in fairy box decks. However, with the tight bench space, I feel like it is either Malamar, or Jirachi. In this deck, I chose Jirachi for the consistency boost. If you like Malamar, take out 1 Jirachi EX, and 1 AZ, for 1 Malamar EX, and 1 Colress.

0 Double Colorless Energy!? I like it this way. When I put an energy down, I want to be able to use it on any pokemon whenever I want. DCE is convinient in certain situations, but in the long run, fairy and rainbow is the best. Many players also use enhanced hammer, so I want to limit their options.

4 Pokemon Fan Club. This part of the deck is inspired by Kyle's list from TheTopCut. This supporter is sooo good in this deck, and that is because you can grab almost any pokemon you need. The reason I run four, is to start with it as often as possible. The deck just runs a lot smoother when you get this in one of your first turns, and it allows you to lower the Ultra Ball count.

4 Fairy Garden. I also have to give credit to Kyle for this. Most people only run 2-3 stadiums. In this deck, however, you really need the free retreat throughout the whole game. With four copies, you also win the stadium war most of the times, and you can counter any stadium that disrupts you.

1 AZ. What? AZ in a competetive deck? Yes! This is one of my favourite cards in this deck. I opted to use this card mainly to pick up Jirachi when I need to use it again next turn, need the bench spot, or because I am afraid of a lysandre KO. AZ has so many uses! If I dont have any Max potion, I can AZ any pokemon, and put it down again, as good as new. If my active pokemon is asleep, or paralyzed, I simply use AZ, and the problem is gone. AZ is a underrated card in my opinion, but it is extra usefull in this kind of a deck.

1 Startling Megaphone. This is kind of a meta call to be honest. I feel like garbodor is played less and less, with more focus on consistency, and therefore only the single copy. Dowsing machine also helps getting it the second time, if you need it again. If Garbodor is going rampant in your area, take out Evo Soda, or Sacred Ash for one more Startling Megaphone, or a Xerosic.

1 Sacred ash. Many players don't run this card in Aromatisse decks, but I feel that it is necessary. Say one spritzee is prized, and your opponent catches the other two and knocks them out, you have a big problem. You may also be forced to discard an Aromatisse at some point. However, by just including one Sacred Ash, your opponent just wasted important recources taking only two prizes, and you can smile and be happy! Sacred ash also gets any pokemon you may need again back into your deck. Decking out is also harder when you can save yourself by using Sacred ash.


Aromatisse/M Heracross EX

Mega Heracross EX is not as common as the Kangaskhan variant, but it is by far my favourite! So what are the pros and cons, compered to Mega Kangaskhan EX?


-If Mega Heracross is at full HP, it hits for 180 damage, knocking out all non-mega pokemon in the format. The attack is fairly cheap, with the convenient cost of two grass and one colorless energy.

-It is not weak to one of the biggest archetypes at the moment.

-The regulair EX and the Mega can hit popular water pokemon, such as Seismitoad EX and Keldeo EX, for weakness.


-It has 10 less HP.

-It needs at least two rainbow energy to attack.

-Decks that play several copies of enhanced hammer stops Heracross.

-It does not deal well with Pyroar because of weakness.

-It deals 10 less damage for each damage counter on it.

The big thing here is that Heracross can knock out all non-megas in one hit. If you get him going, you can easily sweep the table with Big Bang Horn! Now here is the decklist:

This list only has six different cards that the first one, so I will only explain those six.

-1-1 M Kangaskhan EX +1-1 M Heracross EX. How do I put this... When you get this guy going, you basically win. A 220 HP monster that deals 180 damage turn after turn, healing off all damage done to him. This can make even the toughest men pee a little.

-1 Suicune +1 Xerneas EX. When your main attacker relies on using a lot of rainbow energy, you need more backup-attackers that don't. Xerneas can snipe, and it deals solid damage for only basic fairy energy. Perfect!

-2 Muscle Band +2 Herbal Energy. Yes, it is kind of awkward considering you can't move it around with Aromatisse. The reason I use it is for Heracross when he gets sniped. If your opponent tries to lower your damage output by sniping Heracross, Herbal Energy is your best friend to just get rid of it, and hit for 180 damage again without wasting a max potion.

-1 Fairy Energy +1 Max potion. Since Heracross needs to be at full HP to get KO's, I am convinced that you need four copies to be able to heal him when you need to.


Aromatisse/M Manectric EX

This is the last, and least common version I will go into. To be honest, this is the only version I have not tested out, but it is very interesting.

The idea behind using Manectric is his ability to recover basic energy. Fairy decks often run out of "gas" in long games, and Manectric is perfect for bringing back up discarded energies. This really benefits pokemon as Mewtwo EX and Yveltal EX, which do more damage the more energy you use. 

Manectric also has a Spirit Link card, which allows him to evolve without ending your turn, if it is attached to Manectric. He does not have the same raw power that the previous Megas has, and he "only" has 210 HP, but he is great for long games. Here is the decklist:

This list only has five different cards from the first list, and here is the explenation.

-1-1 M Kangaskhan EX +1-1 M Manectric EX. As I said, This change is mainly to recover energy in the late game. Manectric also knocks out Yveltal and Lugia in one hit, which is always a nice bonus.

-1 Jirachi EX +1 Malamar EX. Malamar is very good in fairy decks. The reason I don't use him in the other versions is because of the bench space, but Malamar may be better in this deck. Attaching an energy to malamar makes your opponents active pokemon fall asleep, and then Aromatisse can move the energy where you need it. 50% of the time, the active pokemon stays asleep, and if your opponent doesn't have switch or escape rope, it can give you a big advantage. The attack can also be good when you need to do a lot of damage at the end of the game. Malamar takes good advantage of the energy recovery Manectric offers.

-1 AZ +1 Colress. AZ is less needed when you do not use Jirachi, so I replaced it with some more draw power to compensate for the consistency loss.

-1 Suicune +1 Manectric Spirit Link. Not ending your turn when mega evolving is just too good not to use.

-1 Manectric EX +1 Xerneas EX. Takes advantage of Manectrics basic energy acceleration.


Regionals tournament report

You probably already guessed which of these decks I used. It was the one and only, Mega Heracross! I live in Norway, so my regionals took place the 15. and 16. November. Phantom forces was not legal until a week or so later, so my list was a bit different from the one I posted here. The only new cards really, is VS Seeker and Manectric EX. So, how did the tournament go?

0-0 Match 1 VS Speed Lugia

Game 1: This is a scary matchup, because my deck is slow, and my opponents deck is really fast! She takes three prizes really early, but I manage to set up Heracross turn 3, and after knocking out Lugia, she ran out of steam, and I won pretty easily. 1-0

Game 2: We both get a perfect start, she uses plasma gale for three prizes turn 2, and if I remember correctly, she was down to one or two prizes on turn 3. However, with the power of Heracross, I knocked out Lugia, and N'd her to one (or 2). From here I managed to knock out the rest, though I was lucky she did not topdeck a Lysandre. It was a really close game! 2-0


1-0 Match 2 VS Yveltal/Garbodor

Game 1: I am facing a very good player, that I know. As soon as I see the trubbish hit the table, I know it is going to be hard to win. Sadly, I did not draw any supporters the first 3-5 turns, and Yveltal just out-speeded me, and with Garbodor on his side, it was impossible for me to come back. 0-1

Game 2: I get a perfect setup, and he has a little trouble. I used both my startling megaphones at the right time, and everything went my way. 1-1

Game 3: Both of us knew that we did not have much time left, and neither of us wanted a draw, so we started playing faster. Both of us are drawing bad, and we are passing turn after turn. He gets a few prizes with the laserbank combo, but not much else happened. Almost everyone was finished, but then he topdecks a Juniper! From there he gets set up, and time was called! Unfortunately, he manages to take his last prizes one of the last turns, and I loose. 1-2


1-1 Match 3 VS Aromatisse/M Kangaskhan EX

Game 1: This game was no match at all really. I think he took two prizes, but I dominated, and won pretty fast. 1-0

Game 2: This game is very similar to the first one. Knowing that Mega Kangaskhan is the only thing I can't knock out in one hit, I lysandre Kangaskhan before it evolves, and KO it. After that I just sweep the game with Mega Heracross! 2-0


2-1 Match 4 VS Yveltal/Garbodor

Game 1: Another Garbodor deck is not what I wanted to see. With a total of 6 matches, I knew that I had to have at least 12 points, aka. 4-2-0 or 3-0-3, to place in the top 8. Therefore I really wanted to win this match. It is one of the most intense games I have ever played. Both of us sets up perfectly, and we started trading KO's. My opponent is a slow player naturally, so the game drags out pretty long. I do not remember details, just that is was very even. At one point, though, I have a clear advantage. I think we are both at two prizes I N'd him a few turns ago, and he draws poorly. He has 5 or 6 cards left in his deck, and he has 4 cards in hand. He has an Yveltal EX active with 3 energy and a muscle band, and I have my Mega Heracross active with 3 energy, both with full HP. It is his turn, and I feel confident, as I have everything I need to win in hand and on the field, regardless of what he does. He looks through his discard pile, and thinks a lot. And then he plays a professor juniper! He is decking himself out! But then he attaches a DCE to his Yveltal, and drops a laser! With virbank city gym, it adds up to 230 damage! It is safe to say that my jaw dropped! 0-1

Game 2: We have very little time left, and I draw dead cards. When I finally topdeck an ultra ball, I search my deck for Jirachi, but of course it is prized! I get really salty, and scoop the game, knowing that it was lost. 0-2

At this point I knew I had to win my last two matches, but even if I do, I was not guaranteed top 8. I was very determined to win those two.


2-2 Match 5 VS Plasma Kyurem

Game 1: We both get a good setup. His Kyurems only giving up one prize is hard for me to handle, but after a long and even battle, I manage to get my last prizes. 1-0

Time was called while setting up for game 2


3-2 Match 6 VS VirGen

Game 1: This is a player I know very well, and he is very good, and much more expirienced than me. Anyway, we both set up nicely, and it is a very even game. I win the first one after a while, pretty shocked! 1-0

Game 2: We knew the winner had a chance to reach top 8, so both of us where very stressed out. I only remember this game as extremely close, and intense, but somehow, I managed to win that too! 2-0


Final score: 4-2!

As the final list is revealed, the dissepointment was big. I got 11th place, bubbled out of the top cut. Looking back, I am actually satisfied, as it is my best tournament result so far. Some of the more experienced players thought it was cool that I used such a unusual deck, and I had a lot of fun!



If you like decks that uses big tanks, and hard-hitting pokemon of all kinds, then one of these Aromatisse variants may fit you! These decks also has very good matchups across the board, and they can deal with most strategies. You have to know your opponents deck, and you have to use your bench spaces wisely. Conserving energy is also very important! On a scale from 1 to 10, the difficulty of these decks is around 7/10, I would say.

I hope you liked the article, and I will see you all soon!


Jonathan Bastesen


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